10 Best Types of Coffee Beans


Rather than tasting countless cups of coffee to figure which would be your preferred bean, check our list of 10 best types of coffee beans to get you started. Travel the world of coffee and experience it right out of your kitchen.

Picking a perfect, delicious cup of coffee will have you running far away from fast-serving baristas. Instead, you need to embark on a journey to find the finest beans, and then carefully, delicately, brew the coffee yourself. Aroma and depth of flavor are two main ways that you can differentiate between coffee beans. The more you drink coffee, the more apparent it will become to you which coffee bean is your favorite.

To get started, you need to know how to pick a coffee bean. There are three main types, and those are Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. Arabica caters for around 80% of all the coffee around the globe. Robusta is recognized for having a higher caffeine content than all other beans. Liberica is less popular since it has a low yield. The depth and notes of flavor from these beans are affected by where and how the coffee is grown.

10 Best Types of Coffee Beans

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Types of Coffee Beans

Yemeni Al Mokha Coffee Beans

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Touted as the World’s First Coffee, the beans from this region are said to be the best in the world. They have a complexity of flavors that include spice notes from cinnamon and cardamom, as well as sweetness as that in raisins. It also has an aftertaste that is chocolatey in nature and a musky aroma. These beans will produce a coffee that will take you into the heart of Arabia.

Indian Monsooned Malabar Beans

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This is one coffee bean that thrives in windy India during the monsoon season. They are different from other beans as they pack in lots of moisture from the humidity in their environment. The result is an intense bean, with tasting notes of dark cocoa and chocolate. This will hit your nose buds hard, as the aroma is pungent and spicy.

Ethiopian Yirgaceffe Coffee Beansh

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From Ethiopia, comes this rare and specially grown coffee been that has a mocha flavor. It also has a hint of blueberry in the taste as well as other fruity overtones. These beans produce a coffee that is rich in flavor, but light in body. Ideally, a lighter roast brings out the best in this coffee, though for a little kick and espresso flavor, then a darker roast is better.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Beans “Extra Fancy”

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A premium coffee bean from the largest Hawaiian Island, Kona. These beans are a little pricey and tough to find as their production is limited since they are grown in one specific area on Kona. It is the climate, volcanic soil, and ideal sunlight that make these coffee beans distinctive with a smooth taste and mild aroma. The tasting notes feature floral and sweet herbs, as well as overtones of nuts.

Brazilian Bourbon Santos Coffee Beans

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As one of the largest exporters of coffee in the world, there are some wonderful beans that you can get from Brazil. The Bourbon Santos coffee bean has a flavor that is both sweet and nutty, and at the end, a chocolaty note that is bittersweet. It has low acidity and is much more aromatic than other beans. This is ideal for a dark roast as it does not become too bitter.

Sulawesi Toraja Coffee Beans

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From the tropical island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, this is a coffee bean carefully grown by a group of families. This means that the bean is not commonly found, though it does have a highly unique flavor. There is a combination of complexity and sweetness with these beans, as well as herbal and earthy notes. A whiff of the aroma will bring out woodsy, spicy and musty notes.

Colombian Castillo Coffee

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These coffee beans have one main characteristic that helps them stand out from the rest, and that is the high acidity. Though it is an Arabica bean, it also has Robusta bean heritage which leads to some controversy when it comes to its quality. What cannot be disputed is its smooth flavor with fruity notes and citric acidity. It is also uniquely resistant to leaf rust, making it a hardy plant to grow. The beans are of good quality too

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

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The extreme elevation is what affects the flavor of these coffee beans. To fully savor a rich, and exceptionally smooth cup of coffee, these are an excellent choice as they have a clean taste with close to no bitterness. Like other great beans, the production is limited. The flavor of these beans is like Kona, and it is full-bodied with medium acidity.

Kenyan AA Coffee Beans

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The AA beans from Kenya are larger-than-average and have sweet fruity notes. It is grown with incredible care, which is why these medium-bodied beans produce such a fantastic cup. These beans are grown slowly, since they are grown at elevations exceeding 6000 feet. Growing slower allows for a higher concentration of nutrients in the beans, and deeper complexities of flavor too. Kenya AA Coffee has a reputation as a top quality coffee producer that is unsurpassed.

Sumatran Mandheling Beans

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Offering a wide range of flavor, this coffee is ideal for a dark roast. This is due to its taste that marries spiciness and sweetness for perfect balance. Its aroma is funky and mossy, with a distinct earthiness to it. Due to its distinct flavor, it is a coffee that one will either love or have no taste for at all. Flavor is affected by the way the beans are processed, which is through a hybrid method that is like wet hulling. The beans are also of high quality.

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