How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home


There comes a time in everyone’s life when you must decide between starting to make your own coffee-shop quality coffee at home or keep buying your coffee outside forever. Here at coffee sesh, we made that decision long ago, and we’re gonna help you too make the transition from Starbucks to homemade. Here, we re going to show you how to make a perfect cup of coffee at home.

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12 Essentials to Make Your Perfect Cup of Coffee

1. An Awesome Coffee Grinder

When buying coffee, whole coffee beans instead of grounded or instant always seem like the best choice. And they are! However, you’ll need a grinder for that. Coffee tastes better when freshly grounded; that’s a sensation that can best be appreciated at home.

You can try a manual grinder if you are the kind of person who likes to feel the process, although it can be tricky at first. And then, the best choice for achieving a precise, consistent grind is always a burr grinder.

Still haven’t made your choice on what the best grinder is? Don’t worry, we’ll do all that research for you here, read all that we found about the best coffee grinders clicking here.

2. Shaker & Stencil Templates

Decorating the coffee is probably my favorite part of the process. When I discovered these little toys I couldn’t stop using for each and every coffee I made.

It goes great when sprinkling on top on mochaccino and babyccino, or even when combining it with latte art!

3. Milk Pitcher

When it comes to private use, I prefer using more resistant pitchers- not the usual plain, stainless steel pitchers.

There’s a lot of different models out there; you can’t go wrong with a pitcher with measurement markings (either on the inside or the outside, depending on the material and how hard it is for you to read the markings) so you can follow recipes easily.

4. Stylish Coffee Containers

Whatever your material of choice, getting good-quality containers to store your coffee and tea is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It keeps your coffee fresh and it looks really cool on the kitchen counter.

5. Espresso Machine

When considering buying an espresso machine, I always say go small. And, you can go around this in a million ways and make an infinite excuse but, there’s nothing like having your own espresso machine.

Learn everything you need to know about espresso machines here.

6. Great-Tasting Coffee Creamer

I usually like my coffee black. But then there are some times when I crave really sweet, creamy drinks that would make a unicorn vomit. For these occasions, I keep at home either extra-thick oat milk or a barista blend that’s special for frothing. Depending on your taste, you can also use powdered creamers (I go through these in a matter of days) or whole milk, too.

The Ripple Barista Blend is One of My Favorites. Read more about coffee creamers here.

7. Sweet Sweet Sweetener

Sometimes creamers aren’t enough for your homemade coffee, obviously. Sometimes we like to have a bit of a sweet tone to our coffee right? Insert the best sweetener you can buy for your coffee. Some popular sweeteners are honey, cane sugar and a few more.

What’s your favorite sweetener?

8. A Cocktail Shaker

And then, for the weekends, you’re gonna want to have one of these. I like alcohol as much as the next guy, and there are some coffee drinks that you just have to try.

There’s a story about the espresso martini: A famous club in London: A girl approached the bar and asked for the bartender to make her a drink that would “wake me up, then fuck me up”. The espresso martini was born!

9. Coffee Cup Mats

I’m a messy guy, believe it or not. I’ve received endless scoldings for leaving coffee-colored, ring-shaped stains on top of every conceivable surface around the house.

I finally admitted to having a problem and came up with a solution: Coffee cup mats! Practically the same as the ones that are usually used for beer. Check the material so you’re sure it will absorb the coffee instead of just leaving a different shaped stain on the table.

10. The Coffee Apron

They do say that the clothes make the man. There’s nothing better than putting on your apron to get into a coffee making mood. I have two aprons in my kitchen: One for baking, and one for making coffee. Guess which one is covered with coffee stains?

Following instructions is especially important when we’re talking coffee. There’s no better tool for you to equip yourself with than a good set of measuring spoons.

One thing that I do and recommend you do, too, is having a bigger set, separate, only to measure coffee beans and grounded coffee.

11. Tumbler

A good tumbler is the best vessel for your coffee if you’re at home drinking coffee while you’re either reading or working on something. Whenever I have to write a paper for a class I make a ton of coffee and get to writing on my laptop with my trusty tumbler at my side.

It’s ideal for people who like to wake up early and take their own coffee to work, too.

12. Press, Moka or Instant?

The holy trinity of easy-to-make coffee. Now, while this is more of a plan B, it’s always good to have another option for making coffee at home beside the good old espresso machine.

Both the French press and the Moka pot are good for making more than one cup of coffee at a time, and they do the job in under ten minutes. Instant coffee is the choice of cowards. Just kidding: I like to use instant coffee for smoothies and other drinks plus, it’s saved me at times where I just don’t have the time to make coffee.

Ready to Get Started?

And that’s our list for essential things to have in your home for making your own perfect cup of coffee. Because it tastes better when you’re the one who made it!

Did we miss anything? Tell us what’s essential to you for making coffee at home! Lastly, if you’re a coffee-lover, become a part of our exclusive Coffee Sesh Facebook Group at Daily Coffee Talk, and join our growing coffee community.

If you still want to read some articles with us, check out this article about every espresso drink there is (explained).

Brew you later everyone! ☕️☕️

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