4 Best Coffee Makers for Home


Oh Coffee, I can’t espresso how much you bean to me!

Before we begin, is this you every morning? Your day does not officially begin until you’re surrounded by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans. Whether you sleepwalk to your coffee machine and turn it on with your eyes closed, or you incoherently ramble your order at your go-to coffee shop, the feeling is the same. You are not yourself until you get that bitter-sweet taste in your mouth.

It might be a pot of steaming, sugar-free, black coffee that shakes you up or a grande macchiato to get you going, or even perhaps the latest trend of Nitrogen Cold Brew for that extra kick.

Whatever your preference, we can bet you have considered getting a coffee maker for your home, that’s if you don’t already have one. Unless, of course, you fancy a sugar-free, non-fat, soy vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso and 2 pumps of caramel, then we suggest you keep supporting your barista!

Maybe your calculations for your morning take-out coffee are becoming too much on the budget and it’s time to make a change. Picking the best coffee maker for your favorite brew is not as simple as it sounds, and you do not want to get stuck with a machine you hate. There are certain things to consider before picking out your coffee maker and we’re here to outline that for you!

4 Best Coffee Makers for Home

What Makes a Great Coffee Maker?

Coffee Capacity

You might be the person who prefers one cup in the morning to jog your memory. A single- cup coffee maker would be the best option. On the other hand, if your family enjoys a coffee bonding session, then you might want to consider a drip coffee maker that produces 10 to 12 cups. Size matters on this one.

Capabilities for Different Types of Coffee

Are you picky about your coffee? Does a solid mug sort you out or do you revel in an espresso shot or cappuccino? These drinks involve two different coffee makers and depending on your budget, you might opt to get one or the other. There are hybrid machines available that have both options.

Fun Fact: Beethoven was such a devoted coffee lover that he’d count 60 beans per cup before making his brew. Talk about exact measurements!

Counter Space Usage

It would be such a waste to get a grande coffee maker, and then realize that you cannot refill your coffee beans because the lid doesn’t have enough clearance from the cupboards. Sometimes it might be too big to fit close to a power outlet. It is better to plan ahead and visualize your Kitchen counter space, because a coffee machine in the living room is just bad bragging.

Convenience Factor

Do you have the time to stand in front of the coffee maker and take in all the scents as your coffee brews, or do you want to wake up and find your coffee ready? A programmable, electric coffee maker would work best for the get-up-and-go coffee lover. On the other hand, if you love your coffee ritual, a French Press might work better for you. A Pod machine is ideal if the style of coffee you’re having depends on your mood.

Budget for Coffee Makers

Upfront and long term costs are important to consider before getting the best coffee maker for your home. Will the cost of buying pods, filters or exotic coffee beans affect your budget down the line? In the same way that you must be able to fuel a V8 guzzler, your coffee maker has to be affordable 6 months after you purchase it.

Now that you have an idea of what you are looking for, here are some of our top choices of coffee makers and their features for your home to help with your decision.

[lasso ref=”bonavita-bv1900ts-8-cup-one-touch-coffee-maker-featuring-thermal-carafe-stainless-steel” id=”13320″ link_id=”20080″]

Do you have high coffee standards but limited Kitchen counter space? The compact and efficient design of the Bonavita 1900TS will satisfy your taste buds while fitting in any nook and cranny in your kitchen. Here are some of it’s features

The Bonavita has a built-in, pre-infusion mechanism with a showerhead design, that wets the coffee grounds in a uniform manner a few minutes before brewing. This ensures perfect saturation with no dry spots, thus extracting an even and consistent brew.

The device comes with an 8-cup thermal carafe that is lined with steel for maximum heat retention and can maintain your coffee at 150°F for up to four hours. It has a vacuum walled chamber that prevents spilling and is dishwasher friendly. It is also easy to clean. 

What We Liked

  • Easy to clean and use
  • Does not take away flavor from coffee

What We Didn’t Like

  • Did not last very long
[lasso ref=”oxo-brew-9-cup-coffee-maker” id=”13321″ link_id=”20081″]

Sleek, smooth to the touch and simple to use, the OXO Barista Brain’s intuitive design and stainless steel components are brilliant for those who want to wake up to a fresh pot brewing, with little energy required. Let us see some of it’s features

Barista Brain eliminates the clutter of various program settings and options and instead offers you a single dial fed into a backlit LED display, with a 24-hour timer for you to set before you sleep. This coffee maker is fitted with a microprocessor that will self-adjust the timings, based on your brewing settings and living up to the intelligence of its name.

The Barista Brain has a steady temperature control of 197.6°F – 204.8°F, ensuring the perfect cup of coffee that’s not too hot or too cold. It has automated technology to replicate handmade pouring techniques, making this coffee maker your personal barista at your service.

What We Liked

  • Easy to use
  • Temperature control features

What We Didn’t Like

  • Cheap material used
  • Reports of brew basket defection
[lasso ref=”bodum-1928-57-matte-chrome-chambord-8-cup-coffee-maker” id=”13322″ link_id=”20082″]

Using a French Press may seem like a daunting task to a coffee novice, but the Bodum Chambord will make coffee brewing not only easy but also magical to watch. Below are some of it’s features

Looking stunning on a Kitchen countertop, the Bodum Chambord comprises of a stainless steel frame with a borosilicate glass carafe, a heat resistant handle, and base. The borosilicate glass is heat resistant, extremely durable and dishwasher friendly.

The Bodum Chambord has a 3-part stainless steel plunger with a mesh filter to extract the aromatic oils and subtle flavor, creating a clean, robust taste that is unattainable with drip coffee makers.

This outstanding coffee maker for your home is available in three different sizes and the prices are just right for any wallet. It allows you to make a perfect cup of coffee in 4 minutes

What We Liked

  • Great blending power
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Quick to clean

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not render very much
[lasso ref=”delonghi-bco430-combination-pump-espresso-and-10-cup-drip-coffee-machine” id=”13324″ link_id=”20083″]

When looking for the ultimate all-in-one coffee maker, the DeLonghi BC0430 by far surpasses most other coffee makers for your home in the market. This combination appliance is a cappuccino and espresso machine as well as a drip coffee maker.

For features, This beast coffee maker is easy to clean. This coffee machine has separate reservoirs allowing you to create your favorite espresso drink while a pot of coffee brews to your preferred strength. It comes equipped with an advanced filter to keep water fresh and clean, a special indicator to help you avoid stale coffee and an integrated cup storage tray to keep your cup consistently warm. It also has a section where you can use easy- serve- espresso (E.S.E) pods which are small, self-contained packets filled with espresso grounds.

The DeLonghi isn’t particularly compact, but it’s the silver and black casing, shiny buttons and attractive design will have you feeling like a professional barista, even when your knowledge extends only as far as boiling water. It also has a removable water reservoir for easy filling, 

Good things, however, do not come cheap. The DeLonghi will set you back, with prices starting from $250, but for coffee enthusiasts, it is a worthwhile investment in the long run!

What We Liked

  • Easy to clean
  • Plenty of blending power

What We Didn’t Like

  • Reports of overall poor machine

There is a wide variety of coffee makers for your home out there and it may take some time to find the one that’s just right for you. Take into consideration the factors and features mentioned in the article to make it easier to know what you are looking for. It is also advisable to go window shopping in an actual store and see the make and model of the coffee maker you are interested in before ordering it online.

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