4 Coffee Subscription Boxes You Have To Check Out


For any coffee connoisseur, one of the most exciting things to do is to explore new coffee types and tastes. The mere thrill that they get from discovering a unique flavor or a new aroma within their favorite drink is unsurpassable by anything else. That is why those who love coffee are always on the lookout for trying out new ways to make and consume their coffee.

From cold drinks to sweetened cakes, and from sharp liqueur to mellow ice cream, they get their hands on anything they can to enjoy the one thing that matters the most: coffee – plain and simple. 

Exploring new flavors through trying new types of coffee beans has always been a popular activity among coffee aficionados. If you identify as a coffee enthusiast yourself, then you could also find common ground with this little hobby. 

The more types of coffee you try, the more personal satisfaction you get. Along the way, you also find what you may eventually call your signature coffee flavor, which you could always go back to for a comforting drink that defines your tastes to a T. 

Coffee Subscription Box

All in all, the act of learning about new coffee types and consuming them in your favorite way could bring you unbridled joy. This is especially true if you lead a busy life, where little things like enjoying a cup of coffee are the exact sense of serenity you need from time to time. That’s why, for those who fit the bill of being a coffee connoisseur, coffee subscription boxes are nothing short of a blessing from food heaven itself.

While they have been around for a long time, these subscription boxes have caught on as a trend in the last few years. As more and more people show their interest in finding new types of coffee beans for their collection, these subscription boxes have risen in popularity. It’s because, like any other subscription box service, a coffee subscription box saves you from the hassle of hunting new coffee types on your own. Instead, you receive new and exciting flavors that have been curated by the experts delivered right to your doorstep. It couldn’t get any easier, could it?

But seeing that so many different types of coffee subscription boxes have come to the surface in the past couple of years alone, choosing the right subscription box is nothing short of a task itself. 

How to Choose a CoffeSubscription Box

Are you paying the right price? Can you trust the curators with your money? What does their track record say in choosing new coffee types? 

All of these questions and then some more thoughts start roaming your mind – and the decision to zero down on a single subscription box seems like a huge feat. 

Keeping that in mind, we are here to provide some recommendations on some of the best coffee subscription boxes that you can safely select for new types of coffee beans and flavors. This way, you could make this critical decision without stressing yourself out. 

Going with one of these subscription boxes will provide you with months and months of exciting new coffee types to try and enjoy – all without the stress of thinking whether you made the right decision or not (you can thank us later).

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1. Atlas Coffee Club

For starters, the name tells you all you need to know about this coffee subscription box. As a service that curates exciting and new types of coffee beans from all over the world, Atlas Coffee Club has obtained quite some recognition in the past few years. 

From year-end present lists to individual reviews, coffee aficionados from different walks of life have vouched for how authentic and truly does the subscription box stay to its name. 

There are quite a few things that set Atlas Coffee Club apart from other coffee subscription boxes. The subscription box hasn’t only become famous for curating and sending over new coffee types to its customers over their chosen frequency. But its packaging, informative postcards, and the overall level of quality in its service have all contributed to its respected status among coffee enthusiasts.

To summarize, the holistic experience that you get by receiving an Atlas Coffee Club box is difficult to find anywhere else.

Most of all, what has made Atlas Coffee Club so sought after among coffee connoisseurs is the fact that it delivers superior taste with each of its coffee subscription boxes. 

Coffee origin

From Brazil to Costa Rica, and from Ethiopia to Indonesia, the company selects the highest quality of single-origin coffee beans from select locations all over the world. It then roasts these beans to a grade that brings out the most flavor from them and ships them over to the subscribers. 

Each package also contains a postcard describing the coffee’s home, descriptive tasting notes, as well as specific brewing advice

This provides an overall experience that lets you feel like you have traveled to another part of the world to get your fresh new types of coffee beans. The company also ensures that it’s the sourcing of new coffee types is sustainable. For that, it pays the farmers a fair price and complies with other fair trade practices as well. 

As a result, you get ethically sourced coffee that delivers a punch of flavor, all under a simple subscription mechanism.

Subscription details

Atlas Coffee Club offers different delivery frequencies so they could easily suit your lifestyle and preference for having your cup of joe. At the time of writing, the coffee subscription box comes in fortnightly and monthly frequencies, which translates to 2 and 4 weeks, respectively. 

The company also sends its bags in three different size variations, where you can opt to receive a half bag of 6oz for $9, a single bag of 12oz for $14, or a double bag of combined 24oz for $28. If you are gifting the subscription box to a loved one, then you could pay for the whole year with a monthly subscription model.

You could also select your roast preference to make sure you are not stuck with new types of coffee beans that don’t go in line with your palate. If you choose light to medium roast, you could expect coffee that has hints of fruit, berries, citrus, and chocolate singing throughout the pack. 

If you go with a medium to dark roast, then you can expect a full-bodied flavor with notes of chocolate imbibed within it. With it, you could choose whether to receive whole coffee beans or ground coffee for your brew. This level of customization is another reason why Atlas Coffee Club ranks on top of the best coffee subscription boxes. 

If you are looking for new coffee types under a subscription that delivers an exceptional experience, then Atlas Coffee Club is going to be the perfect fit for you.

2. MistoBox

When it comes to customization, MistoBox stands apart from many other coffee subscription boxes. With 50 different coffee roasters working under its umbrella to bring out the most flavor from high-quality coffee beans, the company has risen to the top of the coffee flavor game.

The coffee collection at MistoBox is so vast that it boasts over 500 flavorful and new types of coffee beans to select from. Based upon your tastes, you are paired with an expert coffee connoisseur in the company who acts as your coffee curator.

With a coffee tasting expert handpicking your coffee based on its notes, flavor, and aroma to fit your palate, you are bound to receive coffee beans that bring you the satisfaction you need. From there, it is all a matter of kicking back and relaxing with your cup of joe, while patting yourself on the back for making such a wonderful decision on selecting this coffee subscription box.

With literally hundreds of new coffee types to choose from, you can rest assured that you will receive coffee beans that don’t only suit your palate but which you have never tasted before.


The customization offering from MistoBox doesn’t stop there. With the aforementioned 50+ coffee roasters, you are also able to enjoy your new types of coffee beans with the perfect roasting grade according to your preference. 

The coffee for each of MistoBox coffee subscription boxes is roasted fresh for each box. This means that you are not only enjoying the services of your very own coffee connoisseur and roaster, but each batch that is being sent to you is being roasted just for you. This adds a sense of bespoke and customized services that goes beyond the simple curation of different coffee beans. 

The sign-up process at MistoBox that eventually matches you to your coffee expert is quite fun by itself. You start by answering a few questions about your coffee habits and preferences. To give you an idea, the questions range from selecting between whole coffee beans and ground coffee, while extending to whether you like taking sugar with your coffee or not. 

Once the questionnaire is completed, your assigned expert can determine precisely what new types of coffee beans you would love to receive in your coffee subscription box.

This way, you are not only able to receive new coffee types each month, but do so in a manner that is a perfect fit for your palate and expectations. 

This particular distinction keeps any bad surprises at bay, and you can confidently expect that any coffee subscription boxes you receive from MistoBox are curated just for you. 

Subscription details

MistoBox delivers each subscription box with a single 12oz bag. You can select between different delivery frequencies, including one week; 2 weeks; 3 weeks; and four weeks. 

A “Basic” subscription box starts from a little over $10/bag, with the “Deluxe” subscription box starting at over $12.70/bag. These prices refer to the model where you sign up for 12 coffee bags or subscription boxes to receive them over a frequency of your choice. 

If you only buy a single bag to try once, then it’s going to cost you some additional amount to receive your new types of coffee beans. You can also select gift subscriptions to present premium coffee to a loved one.

Another thing that sets MistoBox apart is how it is integrated for Amazon Alexa updates. Once you have signed up, ask your Alexa about your delivery schedule, change in preferences, or modification to order frequency, and you will be able to do that without even having to go online.  

Overall, the MistoBox coffee subscription boxes would be an excellent fit for you if you don’t mind paying a little extra for your coffee in the name of getting your coffee selected through an assigned expert, roasted via artisan roasters, and delivered with superior quality service. 

3. Driftaway Coffee

When you are talking about a modern coffee subscription box, no discussion can be completed without the mention of Driftaway Coffee. Taking a more hands-on approach to the coffee curation process, Driftaway Coffee changes the name of the game for how new coffee types are selected for each coffee enthusiast. 

While selecting your coffee through a questionnaire is a fascinating process and plays with the sense of perception, Driftaway goes a step beyond and lets you choose your new types of coffee beans through the power of taste.

Instead of taking down your answers and curating your new coffee beans according to the written word, the company sends over four different types of coffee beans as soon as you intend to order its coffee subscription boxes. 

You are free to brew, taste, and consume from this tasting kit, and then let the company know about your preference of flavor. This way, the curators at Driftaway Coffee know through experience what kind of coffee you like. 

As a result, the next new coffee types you receive are curated precisely according to what you genuinely regard as quality coffee, judging by your experience of the four flavor profiles that have been curated by Driftaway Coffee for its tasting kit. This prevents any possibility of mishaps in terms of receiving a coffee where the flavor or notes aren’t according to your liking. 

Since you let your palate decide for yourself at the very start of the coffee subscription box, you can ensure that you are only going to receive coffee that you are more prone to enjoy than dislike at the first sip. 

Smallholder coffee farmers

Apart from this initial selection process, another thing that sets Driftaway coffee apart from its competitors is how it heavily supports smallholder coffee farmers. The new types of coffee beans that the company selects all hail from these farms, and it also ensures that you, as a consumer, know the exact origin of the coffee you are about to drink. This way, you can identify which coffee farmers have been providing you with the coffee flavors you love the most, so you can go back and replenish your supply if you see fit. 

Another quality that stands out in Driftaway Coffee is how it lets its users record their reviews, tasting notes, and preferences in a very easy to use login area. This provides the most dedicated coffee connoisseurs a great way to put their views about each coffee to visitable memory and helps them cultivate their tasting skills while also become aware of what kinds of coffee subscription boxes they like.

While Driftaway Coffee imports the new coffee types through smallholder farmers from various locations, the company chooses to roast its coffee according to each consumer’s tasting preference. According to the company, this helps it control the freshness and grade of the roast to perfection. Unlike other coffee subscription box providers, Driftaway Coffee does not provide ground coffee. For that, it has the reason for maintaining the coffee’s freshness at all costs.

Subscriptions details

Driftaway Coffee offers different sizes for its subscription boxes, which include bags sized 7oz; 11oz; 16oz; and 32oz. You could select the delivery frequency between 1 week, two weeks, and a monthly basis. 

If you pay per shipment, then a 16oz bag could cost you as much as $22. But if you pay upfront for six months, then each monthly shipment would cost you about $18.80. The pricing and discount model for coffee subscription boxes have a similar structure in other sizes as well. With that, you could also go for additional options by buying gift subscriptions for loved ones.

If drinking coffee is more than just a daily activity to you, then you would undoubtedly enjoy the detailed approach that Driftaway Coffee takes with its new types of coffee beans.

4. Blue Bottle Coffee

If you are one to prefer decaf options but cannot find any coffee subscription box that fulfills this requirement, then Blue Bottle Coffee would be an excellent fit for you. As a company that focuses on whole bean coffee and provides decaf options with its new coffee types regularly, it has gotten some well-deserved traction in the past couple of years. The company’s popularity has grown to the point where Nestle is now a majority stakeholder in it. 

Being owned by a major corporation doesn’t mean that Blue Bottle Coffee has lost its charm. If anything, its services have only grown to serve coffee enthusiasts with specific preferences. The way that it designs its coffee subscription boxes is a testament to that notion.

When you are about to order new types of coffee beans through a subscription box at Blue Bottle Coffee, you are given the option to choose between different flavor profiles and coffee types. 

With options including but not limited to blend assortment, single-origin assortment, Hayes Valley espresso, and decaf coffee beans, the company’s trial profiles perfectly define what you can expect when you order a coffee subscription box of your own. Keeping in line with current industry trends of taking a quiz to select your coffee, you can fill out the questionnaire to get matched with flavor profiles that you would love to see in your future subscription box.

With single-origin coffee being the most popular offering from Blue Bottle Coffee, you might be interested in checking out the sustainable and ethically sourced beans that are provided in this category. The new coffee types hail from all over the world, from continents that are popular for growing coffee, such as Latin America, East Africa, and the Pacific Islands.

Subscription details

Blue Bottle Coffee offers different bag sizes for its coffee subscription boxes, where you can select from 6oz; 12oz; 24oz; and 36oz sizes. The last two options come in bags of 12oz but come in a larger combined quantity to fit your needs for a consistent supply of coffee. The available delivery frequencies include boxes that are delivered every week, every other week, every three weeks, or every month. 

The pricing structure at Blue Bottle Coffee remains the same regardless of the frequency you select. This means that if you are going with a 12oz bag of single-origin coffee, you will be paying $18 irrespective of how frequently you want your new types of coffee beans to be delivered to you. 

For decaf, this amount changes to $16 per 12oz bag. You could also select gift subscriptions if you are buying coffee for a friend or family member.

The minimalist packaging provided by Blue Bottle Coffee is perhaps the most discernible factor of the coffee subscription box. With that, the company also assures that each coffee that is sent through its subscription boxes is freshly-roasted in small batches to ensure maximum flavor to you.

Thank you for reading with us today! Let us know in the comments below which coffee subscription you’re feeling to commit to. Be sure to check out related articles like Every Espresso Drink Explained (Espresso Chart)” or “Best Coffee Makers (2019) to keep your coffee knowledge nice and brewed.

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