5 Alcoholic Drinks That Go Perfect With A Coffee


There are times when we want to enjoy a coffee before a night out. We have talked about coffee cocktails, but sometimes you don’t want to mix things. So instead of talking about how you can make creamy cocktails and starter drinks for a night out, we will tell you what you can drink side by side with coffee. Because let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes we can’t bother to start mixing drinks.

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1. Rum

As most people know, rum has three core types. White, dark and golden. All of these have different flavors and aromas, but one thing in common. They all work great along with coffee if you pick a high-quality brand.

Rum is made of sugar cane, so be prepared for the high amount of calories that you will be taking into your system. It doesn’t work for keto dieters at all, so don’t bother even looking at the macros because they will disappoint you.

White rum

These kinds are usually like vodka or gin. Not many people prefer this kind as it’s really strong and doesn’t have much variety in terms of flavor. It can maybe go well with coffee, but you need to make the right choice while buying.

The best would be if you didn’t buy this at Walmart or some cheap chain store. Visit a liquor store and ask an employee which alcoholic drinks are perfect with coffee. Be informed before you buy a bottle of white rum.

Dark rum

Now this one is much different. Dark rum is the most popular out of all rums, mainly because it’s the easiest to find in stores. But there’s a more important reason. The distinct and intense taste that will overwhelm your entire body when it first hits your tongue. One thing that is common in all dark rums is the flavor of burnt caramel. A slightly bittersweet note. So simple, but it makes this drink so much better.

You can get a bottle of dark rum anywhere, but we highly suggest that you get something of high quality. If you are spending money on alcoholic drinks, then you better buy something nice for your coffee.

Although, be careful of the spiced versions. Some dark rums have certain additives that can make the drink very strong and will ruin the taste that goes well with coffee.

Golden rum

There isn’t a definition of this kind. The most we can say about it is that it is a drink made of sugar canes, and it has a bright yellow and orange color. But that is it. There is so much variety in this kind that we can’t pinpoint any set qualities it has. Every brand has a different formula and a different taste.

But generally speaking, if you go to a liquor store and ask for a sweet golden rum, then you will end up with a good one. Those drinks always work great with coffee.

Once again, though, these can be spiced up. Be careful with them, and look at the labels carefully. You don’t want to buy something that just completely ruins your cup of Joe.

2. Eggnog

We know, it seems weird. But around the holidays you can’t get anything better than eggnog. It warms up your entire body and will hug your throat as you swallow it. Just the same as coffee does. These two drinks will make a family dinner great as both of them can play a huge role in boosting morale and socialization.

If you get a brand that is of high quality and has a good reputation, then you will end up with eggnog that tastes like melted ice cream. Honestly, who wouldn’t love to eat ice cream with their coffee? Unfortunately, though, that dessert isn’t that common around the holidays, but you can easily substitute it with eggnog.

3. Kahlua

If you don’t know what Kahlua is, then let us sum it up in two simple words. Coffee liquor. Okay, it’s not technically classified as one, but people substitute coffee liquors with Kahlua all the time because it just works so well.

Also, it has a very nice roasted coffee bean flavor that can easily enhance your drink. But it will also sweeten it a little, so you might want to skip the sugar.

Kahlua also goes well with hot chocolate, so if you don’t plan on taking a considerable caffeine shot, then you can go with this as well. Just don’t forget to make that hot chocolate creamy and rich, just like you’d do with coffee, alcoholic drinks go down much easier that way.

4. Whiskey

We highly recommend this combination to anyone that loves whiskey. The coffee brings out certain aromas that you haven’t noticed before. It can make a loved classic feel new again. But this effect goes both ways. Even if you have been drinking the same coffee for years, whiskey will bring out new qualities of it. And you won’t be able to stop.

Just be careful if you combine these two, it goes down way too smoothly, and you can get wasted in no time.

5. Irish Cream Liquor

If the whiskey has already been on the list, then why shouldn’t Irish cream liquor? It’s silky, smooth and usually has a fantastic hazelnut flavor to it. These qualities combined with coffee and create an amazing experience for you. But of course, that’s not all.

Hazelnut isn’t the only flavor you can notice in these kinds of liquors. Vanilla, cinnamon, orange, and coffee are common aromas as well. All of which complement a hot cup of coffee insanely well.

We highly suggest all of these combinations as they make a perfect start for the rest of your night. They can be mixed or drunk individually; either way, it doesn’t matter. The end result is the same amazing drink that you have been looking forward to all day.

But be careful, all of these drinks go down smoothly (especially whiskey), so take things slow. Drink mindfully, and we wish you a good time!

Have you tried any of these combinations? What was that experience like? Tell us down in the comments below!

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