5 Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee (Science-Based Facts)


The day you can appreciate a cup of black coffee is the day you are eased of a number of worries: the mixed health benefits and concerns of coffee creamers, which coffee creamer to use, what alternatives you prefer. All of that is not even an afterthought when you get to simply pour a cup and enjoy!

That day could be a long day coming for you, but you may want to push yourself to up your coffee brewing skills so that you can enjoy black coffee more. The best motivator is the many health benefits that come from drinking black coffee, on top of the incredible flavors that come from a properly brewed cup of coffee.

Here are five of the most intriguing benefits of drinking black coffee, all of which are backed by science-based facts.

1. Heart Health

In an article that was first published in 2015, researchers found that a number of men and women who were followed for having moderate coffee consumption had less subclinical coronary atherosclerosis. More simply put, having a cup or two of coffee every day lowered the prevalence of the cardiovascular disease in these people.

That is just one study of many that support this idea, so it would not hurt to keep coffee in your routine!

2. Liver Disease

This one is for those of us who are regulars at happy hour or like to enjoy a drink on the weekends. Coffee drinkers are actually less likely to have liver cancer—and the truth of this actually correlates with how much coffee is consumed. That is to say that more coffee means even more of a chance of avoiding some types of liver disease. It has also been found that for those with the liver disease already present in the body, consuming coffee can slow down the progression of the disease.

All jokes aside, do not consume as much coffee as you do alcohol. Neither should be drunk in excess.

3. Healthy Digestion

It is often thrown around that coffee is a diuretic, but what does that mean? Simply put, coffee makes you urinate more. Drinking black coffee, rather than coffee with creamer, lets the coffee flush out toxins and bad things from the stomach instead of wasting time flushing out the sugars from the creamers and sugar that many people put into coffee.

On top of this, coffee helps “stimulate the release of stomach acid“. This further helps digest the proteins in food.

4. Diabetes Prevention

Cafestol is a compound found in coffee, and that cafestol is what helps increased insulin secretion. This means that drinking coffee can aid in preventing Type 2 Diabetes, which is when the body cannot make enough of its own insulin. Being that Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes, it is important that people also stay on top of their sugar intake, which is easier with black coffee.

5. Makes for a Better Workout

Caffeine, which we all know is found in coffee, interacts with the brain quite soon after you consume the coffee—some of us even feel it in jitters after just a few sips. A part of this interaction involves the pituitary gland, which gets confused by the caffeine and assumes that the body is in the fight mode of the infamous “fight-or-flight” process. The body releases adrenaline when it feels that this is happening. This is helpful in stressful situations and when the body needs to be active, like at the gym.

The benefits of drinking black coffee all stem from the idea that moderate consumption of coffee is key. Consider how much caffeine is in your coffee before you go overboard, and coffee is in no way a substitute for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Adding coffee creamer to your coffee is not going to completely remove these benefits from the coffee, but they can definitely take away from their potential or counteract what is happening. That is where you come in to decide what you think your body needs! Comment below what made you switch to black coffee, or what is holding you back from drinking black coffee.

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