5 Most Popular Coffee in America


The U.S. sure loves their coffee. A lot of Americans consume coffee every day. Some for pleasure, others out of necessity to keep them awake. There are many ways of preparing and serving coffee, some like the-bitter-the-better and some prefer milk in their coffee. Today, coffee seems to be one of the most common drinks in everyday life, almost anywhere in America and the world. It is more than a drink, it has acquired great social importance and created a whole culture around it, and thanks to its high acceptance, the preparation of coffee has become an art. Although globalization and the rise of franchises are spreading everyday habits, it is fascinating to discover which coffee drinks are the most popular among Americans. 

An average American is used to drinking coffee all day, from breakfast to dinner. You can usually take it black, with sugar, in a coffee cup or long glass. You can have it at home or in the cafeteria of your neighborhood, on the street or in the rest area of the office. Although it is common for coffee to be very diluted in water, that does not mean that it has to be bad per se, since there are quality prepared American coffee drinks.

5 Most Popular Coffee in America

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As you can imagine, it is one of the most popular drinks. Americano is the leading beverage in sales in the U.S. It is the perfect drink to activate you in the mornings.

This type of coffee has its origins in the Second World War when Italian baristas were trying to imitate the shape and taste of the so-called filter coffee that soldiers from the United States used to drink.

It is the typical espresso coffee where water is added to make it softer. Many people prefer to drink it with milk. You can add cream and sugar, but connoisseurs say that the idea is to keep the amount of milk or cream to a minimum to appreciate its taste much more.


It is said that this coffee drink, which began to become popular in Italy in the mid-1990s, took its name due to the color of the habit of Capuchin monks.

An authentic cappuccino is a combination of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam in equal parts. Characterized by the sweetness of its flavor, it has become a classic of coffee bars. It is widespread to sprinkle cocoa powder, grate black chocolate and make latte art figures on the foam to make coffee more attractive.

In recent times, designs made by expert baristas have been popularized around the world and America by accurately pouring steamed milk into espresso coffee.

The foamed milk is added so that three layers are distinguished in the cup: espresso, milk and milk cream (microfoam). The idea is that, when the client takes the cappuccino, he can taste the balance between the taste of coffee and the sweetness of the milk. In the best case, when a cappuccino is taken, it has a silky and enveloping texture resembling a dessert.

Cappuccino is an excellent example of how a drink changes by adapting to local tastes as it can be served in a cup or a glass cup with a handle depending on the place.


This drink is one of the most popular coffees in America. It is made up of an espresso shot composed of three parts of steamed milk. Although the most popular is latte coffee, this technique is already a style, and we can request our favorite drinks “latte style”. We can still find a macchiato latte or matcha green tea latte. It is served in large 9-ounce ceramic cups. It consists of one or double espresso and milk that is covered with a thin layer of frothed milk.

Latte drinks enjoy great popularity today, and the baristas of the world have improved the technique, occupying the characteristic foam like canvas and painting the most original creations on them.


Another favorite that varies, depending on the barista and the place, is the macchiato. This term means spotted, and it comes from Italy. Originally, it is the combination between an espresso with milk stain with foam. It is much appreciated by those who want an espresso with a softer flavor and an even creamier texture.

The most common method is to combine espresso, caramel and milk foam or steamed milk, adding vanilla to add an extra flavor

This type of drink was born in the 16th century, and it is a coffee that is prepared in layers, and for this reason, is always served in a glass or transparent glass so that they become visible since it is its main attraction.

It is served in a medium porcelain cup or glass, “stained” with a little hot milk, sometimes a little foamy, but never at the level of the cappuccino. We can find it in various versions: espresso macchiato, latte macchiato, almond latte macchiato, etc.


Similar to macchiato, but this one has chocolate. Its name is inspired by the city of Mocha, on the Red Sea coast. In that region, the coffee beans that were produced had a light and characteristic chocolate flavor.

It is the perfect drink for those of us who love coffee and at the same time are chocolate lovers!

Mocha coffee drink results from the union of coffee and chocolate. The aroma kicks off, and the mixed flavor of these two elements make mocha one of the most popular types of coffee around America.

When it comes to regular coffee, these are definitely in the top 5 most popular drinks enjoyed all over America and the world. If you’re a coffee lover and you haven’t tried one of these drinks you should give it a go, there’s a reason why they are so popular.

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