7 Best Medium Roast Coffee


Medium roast coffee is highly underrated in our books.

People assume that dark roast is going to give them that slap in the face flavor and caffeine that their looking for, but medium roast coffee will do just the same with even richer flavor profiles.

It’s important to remember that light, medium, and dark roast have just about the same amount of caffeine. Medium roast coffee may just give you the opportunity to use less creamer than your used to simply because the flavor profiles of medium roasts coffee tend to be more drinkable due to its spectacular taste.

Let’s continue and consider these seven medium roast coffees the next time that you’re looking to try something new.

1. Counter Culture’s Forty-Six

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With 52/100 on Count Culture’s roast level scale, Forty-Six offers a great mix of notes within this coffee—those being “dark chocolate, smoky, and full-bodied”.

The result of such notes makes for something “complex” and “nuanced”. This roast is certified kosher and organic, meaning it’s a delicious guilt-free option.

Counter Culture is easily one of the best brands out there, and dare we also say one of the coolest with their approach to being a positive and thoughtful company.

2. LavAzza’s Gran Aroma

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LavAzza is known for its espresso, but it knows how to calm down for a good medium roast coffee  when it wants to. With a 100% Arabica composition and citrus notes, LavAzza  coffee suggests using it in a filter coffee machine or a French press with a medium grind.

Now it has been given a four on the intensity scale provided by LavAzza, which they consider light on their scale that goes from four to nine. Their Classico is another great medium roast coffee from this brand. At $6.99 for 12 ounces, their roasts are just a straight good deal.

must have if you ask us!

3. Bulletproof Coffee’s Original Medium Roast

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On top of being a great medium roast, it’s nice to know that the coffee completes the “bulletproof process”—meaning it’s sustainable and clean. That’s what we like to hear for all of our coffee, and better yet they do so with a unique result of “cinnamon, orange, nectarine, and chocolate” notes.

Bulletproof also offers “The Mentalist” Medium-Dark roast, which is a quality alternative if you want to go just a step closer to the dark side. Fall in love with this one and you can get yourself a subscription so that you never have to go without.

4. Trader Joe’s Standard Medium Roast

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Trader Joe’s is not exactly the pinnacle of coffee, but they still offer a medium roast that I find myself returning to on every grocery run. It’s one of the smoothest grocery-store coffees out there, plus you can choose what grind you want in the store. Check out their medium decaf roast also!

There is always the possibility that you’ll be given a free sample of their medium roast on any trip to Trader Joe’s, so be on the lookout. Don’t knock the coffee until you try it for yourself!

5. La Colombe’s Rouge

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Sweet, fruity and nutty—what more do you need? Look more specifically for notes of cherry, caramel, and apple in this one. La Colombe has been really popular lately with their draft latte, but they haven’t forgotten their basics.

This blend is made with coffee sourced from Ethiopia, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru. La Colombe sells them in whole beans or ships them to you ground and ready for any of your preferred brewing methods. Quick, simple and delicious.

6. Counter Culture’s Slow Motion

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This is a *shutter* decaf coffee, but it still deserves a nod. It is also another Counter Culture product (they’re just that great honestly), which just shows we are big fans of this third-wave coffee brand.

Since decaf is not there to give you a boost like most coffee is, Counter Culture knows that the flavor is more important than ever. It’s not a matter of if this coffee will kick start your day but rather have your taste buds dancing in joy. Notes of “molasses, cocoa, and smooth” shine through more than ever when you’re simply drinking for that flavor.

7. Brandywine Coffee Owner’s Santa Barbara Estate

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One of the smallest, yet mightiest brands to make the list. Based in Delaware but shipping all across the land, Brandywine should be more widely known for its quality coffee and tea.

This roast in particular has “bold, dark chocolate” notes. Brandywine provides you with a lot of information, from that it is silo dried to that it is harvested in October to May. The Santa Barbara Estate in Columbia, where this roast is from, ensures a standard of quality that allows traceability and quality control—something some bigger brands cannot do. The combined ethical and technical standards make for some amazing coffee. Check out their medium roast decaf option too!

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