7 Handy Tips to Make Coffee Extract With Ease


A lot of people prefer to make coffee extract at home, as it’s more convenient this way. You also know what goes into your system as well, and people like to keep track of that. So if you are one of those who makes coffee extract at home, then we have a couple of tips for you. Ones that will make you do everything with ease.

How Do You Make Coffee Extract?

This first question is really important to understand the next couple of things. Mainly because there are so many ways to make these extracts nowadays that you likely wouldn’t know which we were talking about.

So let’s look at our favorite way to do it.

You need a cup of vodka and 1/4 a cup of whole coffee beans. The process itself is quite simple. Crack the beans and place them in a jar. Fill it with the vodka, close the lid tightly and leave it for a week. After that, you have your coffee extract which you need to strain. It seems easy enough, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is. There are no phases that you could mess up, so you can easily do it on your first try and end up with pretty good results.

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How Do You Make This Process Easier?

The method we walked you through is as easy as it gets. But sometimes we can make things even smoother.

1. Don’t strain

Sounds weird, we know but hear us out. You will likely only use a small amount of the extract every time you use it. Meaning that you could have a stronger one each time you bake something and add this little specialty.

With this, you let the beans have more time to let out their aroma, and it can make your extract have a more potent taste. And it won’t go bad, don’t worry. Alcohol and coffee beans don’t expire quickly.

2. Or use a cloth to strain

This will eliminate any small particles that could still stay in your extract if you used paper. Also, it is a more traditional way, which saves the paper as well.

If you do this then you need to toss the cloth in the washer, it won’t leave a stain.

3. Shake the jar

While the coffee beans are left to soak for a week, you should shake it now and then. This doesn’t need to happen often, once a day is enough, but if you can, you should do it every couple of hours.

This shaking helps the liquid mix a little bit and also helps the coffee beans let out more of their aroma. Simply said: this quick action can make your coffee extract a lot tastier.

Make sure you also go check out “How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home” to learn how to roast your beans at home as well.

4. Use quality alcohol

Yes, everything should be of quality, but the vodka especially. If you use a cheap kind, it will show up in every single thing you put your extract in. And trust us, you do not want that to happen, it can leave a nasty mark on everything it touches.

Instead, buy something that has good quality. That will reflect on whatever you make as well, but in a good way.

5. Keep an open mind for later use

In most cases, people only make coffee extract for one purpose, and they don’t think beyond that. But there are so many things you can do with this outstanding drink. It’s an ingredient, just like spices or anything else. Start to think this way.

To give you a few ideas:

These are all things coffee extract should be a part of. Learn to use its’ potent taste, and you will never run out of delicious things.

6. Add more ingredients

If you want to have a nice pastry, for example, then it’s probably better if you have an extract that has a ton of potency and gives off a flavor blast. You can do that by adding other ingredients to your extract.

Things such as cinnamonvanilla, or maple syrup can make a great addition. Although, these might bring the expiration date closer, so watch out for that. But besides this one negative factor, there is nothing against adding more.

By putting a dash of cinnamon in your extract, you are enriching the flavor. There will be something extra about whatever you make, and people won’t be able to figure out why.

If you want to add something more to it, then we suggest you add dry ingredients at the start of making the extract and the liquids at the end. This way, everything has enough time to be absorbed or mixed.

7. Use dark roasts

As you probably already know, dark roasts tend to have a more bitter taste, which is also more flavorful than light roasts’. Because of this, you might want to go with a dark roast for a coffee extract.

These beans can give the extract more flavor in less time so that you will end up with a very strong drink, which isn’t suitable for drinking anymore, only for baking and such. But that’s okay, as this aroma shouldn’t be wasted by not being mixed into other things. It’s the perfect ingredient everyone should have in their home.

Be sure to also check out “How to Make Iced Coffee at Home” for more guides to making creative pieces with your coffee extract.

If you like baking and the taste of coffee, then this extract is a must-have at home. It makes flavoring things much easier, especially because this way, the flavor will be much more authentic. If you want to have a strong extract at home which works with every single thing you can bake then you need to make this. We cannot stress this enough; it should be in every kitchen.

Will you use any of these tips? If so, which ones? Tell us down in the comments below!

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