Are You Busy? There will always be time for a cup of coffee!

Story behind this coffee blog

I was born in Veneto, Italy. I grew up with coffee until 14 when I followed my family to America. My youth in America, chasing the American dream, was a hustle. I used to work like everyone, eat as much fast food as I could, drink manufactured coffee as much as I could until 1 day I came back to my hometown on a trip. The smell of fresh ground coffee brewing in the morning waked the whole village up, and we enjoy our cup of coffee every morning, in a wholesome state.

That’s what I’ve been looking for for so many years. The thing I realize is not the taste of coffee itself, it’s a lifestyle to share. You know it when you find it, the feeling of getting lost inside that sound peacefulness and forget about all the ups and downs you’ve been through or about to. I did it, for about 2 months and got bored. I find happiness in sharing useful tips that help other people. That’s why I create this blog as a place for me to do so!

Making your own coffee is the best feeling ever. It’s a sign of 1 person who can take care of himself/ herself.

Thank you for reading!

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