7 Baby Yoda Coffee Mugs You Will Love


“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.” These are wise words from Yoda, the legendary Jedi Master. Baby Yoda is not the child of Yoda; rather, he is from the very same species. His real name is The Child, and the Mandalorian found him.

This cute little guy is a new member of the Star Wars family, and it is not easy to get over just how adorable he is. Any Star Wars fan should have some Baby Yoda merch in their collection and choose to enjoy the character at the start of every day with a coffee mug. Here are seven mugs that you will love – great options for you to keep or to give to someone you love as a gift.

Attack. Snack

Set against a starry blue sky, this Baby Yoda Coffee Mug features three images that are beyond enchanting. The first is Baby Yoda standing up with the work Snack while he munches on what looks like a little frog. The second word says Attack and is the image opposite the handle that has Baby Yoda standing and poised to experience what the day has in store. The third and final image is Protect, where Baby Yoda is in a spaceship ready to take to the skies and protect the galaxy. This mug is available in two sizes, a 14 ounce and 20-ounce options making it simply perfect for both children and adults to get one. As for merch, this mug is officially licensed from Disney Star Wars, which makes it the ideal gift for any Star Wars Super Fan.

Baby Yoda One for Me

Almost anything with a Baby Yoda is cute, though this is one mug that would make an adorable gift. It is a brilliant way to express love, with the message, ‘Baby Yoda One For Me.’ It has an image of a cute Baby Yoda, holding a red heart that says Be Mine. Since it is available in two colors, black and white, it is perfect for ‘his and her’ gift set. This mug is ideal to start the day with a steaming cup of delicious coffee.

Yoda Obi-Wan for Me

Do you use your left hand or your right hand? Well, it matters when you have a mug that has a print on only one side. Either you get to see the design yourself, or everyone else gets to enjoy it. Well, this is one mug that solves the problem. It features two gorgeous designs. On one side is a Baby Yoda looking up at the words ‘Yoda Obi-Wan For Me’, and the other side is a Baby Yoda holding a heart-shaped balloon as well as the words ‘Yoda Best Friend, Love You I Do.’ The mug is available with white as a background color. It features a black handle as well as a black interior. As a gift, the message is perfect for anyone, spouse, partner, friend, parent, or anyone you love.

You’re Still A Baby in Yoda Years

One glance at the wrinkly forehead and eyes of the Baby Yoda on this coffee mug, and you will feel your heart begin to melt. The design is printed on both sides, against a white background. The message ‘You’re Still A Baby in Yoda Years’ makes it the ideal birthday gift for anyone who has the blues because they are getting older. It is worth noting that this mug is a little thinner than others, so you need to be careful with it or chip easily.

Drink Coffee, I Must

It goes without a doubt – every day should start with a hot cup of coffee!! Without coffee, you could stub your toe, run late, or put your shirt on backward. This mug is what you need to see first in the morning to remind you of what is most important. It has the message, ‘Drink Coffe, I Must’ with a small typo to make you smile. Some people believe that if Baby Yoda could talk, this is precisely the way he would say Coffee. It features an ethereal looking image of Baby Yoda holding on to a mug of coffee and taking a sip. This design is loved by teenagers and young adults and makes an excellent gift. Be gentle with this mug, the handle is a little delicate and could break off without too much force.

Yoda Best Dad

Buying gifts for men can be tricky, whether you are looking for a gift for Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays or even Christmas. This is a great gifting mug for any occasion. This white mug with black accents has the message ‘Yoda Best Dad.’ It is a small in size, so suited for strong cups of coffee, or perhaps for adding on to a collection.

Zak Designs Star Wars Mug

Exciting, fascinating, and memorable are what comes to mind with this beautiful mug. It features unique color-changing technology where one design is hidden underneath another. From the surface, the mug appears to be Black, with a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter design and the words Wanted – Reward. Put in your hot coffee and the design changes to a Baby Yoda in a spaceship. To preserve the design, it needs handwashing rather than being placed in a dishwasher. It holds 15oz, a good option for anyone who wants to enjoy a large cup of coffee.

Final Word

Baby Yoda is a new character in Star Wars, who is both unique and adorable. Everything that you can get your hands on now is likely to become a collector’s item in years to come. If you are not an avid collector, you can still enjoy the character through your coffee each morning. Whether it is a cute little image you want to see or an excellent message for someone you love, any one of these seven mugs will be perfect. And one more thing, it can be assumed that your cup of coffee will taste even better when it is in a mug that you love to look at.

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