3 Reasons You Should Put Baking Soda in Coffee


Even if you cook on a regular basis, adding baking soda to coffee could be very out of the left field. It’s because baking soda is not a popular ingredient for these situations, especially in beverages. In fact, it is also often termed as the less popular counterpart of baking powder. Those who are affiliated with baking or cooking know the reason behind this phenomenon. But if you fall under the group that doesn’t have any information about that mentioned difference, then all you need to do is to read through the following information (trust us, it’s worth it).

Due to being pure sodium bicarbonate, baking soda doesn’t have any acidic properties and remains an alkaline. To provide an acidic reaction, it has to be mixed with a substance that overcomes its alkaline properties, causing the chemical reaction needed for baking and other uses. That is why, those recipes which call for acidic reactions lean towards baking powder, which packs its own acidic element in the form of cream of tartar.

Since most baking recipes call for baking powder, it pushes baking soda behind in terms of demand. But here’s where it gets interesting: the ingredient proves to be more useful than what meets the eye.

For starters, using baking soda in coffee could provide some surprising benefits. From taking care of your digestive system to getting some much-needed pain relief, here are a few reasons why you should start thinking about adding baking soda to coffee today.

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1. It Prevents Heartburn

If you are one to consume coffee every chance you get, then you might be familiar with the feeling of heartburn or acidity. That sometimes comes with your daily fix of caffeine. Specifically, that type of heartburn is associated with having inexpensive coffee or medium roast coffee. Which is often made of coffee beans that are prone to make their consumers feel acidic.

Using baking soda in coffee could overcome the acidity in such coffee beans, leaving you with nothing but the distinct kick that’s associated with your favorite beverage. It’s due to baking soda’s alkaline properties, which make sure that the coffee beans’ acidity is taken care of just through a small amount of the ingredient.

The use of baking soda to soothe heartburn and acidity is so widely popular that some professionals even go as far as to recommend having it in pure water as well. But if your goal is just to take care of the acidity caused by coffee, then using it with your cup of joe would suffice.

2. It Helps With Stomach Ache

For those with a sensitive digestive system, drinking coffee also translates to unwanted stomach ache. This is quite a common occurrence for those who have certain digestive issues. Where even a shot of espresso could trigger serious stomach ache.

In order to prevent this in an easy manner, try adding baking soda to a coffee whenever possible. This would help you stay comfortable while also letting you enjoy your beverage. Once again, it’s all due to baking soda’s inherent properties. Which soothe your stomach against acidic agents and provide you with timely relief.

3. It Helps With Acid Reflux

If you suffer from conditions such as acid reflux. Then using baking soda in coffee could help you enjoy your drink while. Also steering clear of triggering any stomach ulcers. This effect usually comes about due to the acidic properties of certain coffee beans. But even if you use an expensive coffee, it is going to have some level of acidity to it. If you face issues such as acid reflux or stomach ulcers, drinking coffee might trigger them.

To ensure that you are staying safe from such problems, make sure that you are adding baking soda to coffee. This would let you have your coffee in peace without having to worry about flinching with a stinging feeling afterward.

4. Adding baking soda to coffee for weight loss

You may have heard that adding baking soda to coffee may help you in your weight loss journey, but that has not scientific evidence to back it up. Drinking too much baking soda diluted in water or coffee comes with a large amount of potential risks to your health. We recommend you to avoid consuming it until there is more scientific research.


Baking soda is a very simple ingredient, but using it the right way could bring you much-needed relief. For those suffering from chronic digestion issues, it could be the answer to their silent prayers that allows them to enjoy their cup of coffee without having to bear any consequences for it.

We’ll brew ya later! ☕️

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