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What is Bean Box?

Bean Box is a renowned company, well-established in Seattle.

Their mission is to deliver caffeinated glee and the world’s best artisan coffees to the coffee enthusiasts in every Bean Box.

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Seattle is the world’s center for fabulous, locally roasted, authentic coffee. One can not walk more than a hundred yards without coming across a coffee shop. 

A cup of coffee is like a piece of artwork. The aroma, taste, and presentation work together to construct a one-of-a-kind experience that the Bean Box thinks is worth sharing.

Their Story

The men behind the idea of the Bean box are Matthew and Ryan. They are the initiators of Bean Box and have worked together for over a decade in the software engineering field, developing everything from mobile apps to data mining systems. Engineering and Coffee mania go hand in hand in Seattle and elsewhere. Many people believe that excellent coffee is the fuel behind so much technological innovation.

Their shared passion for coffee as a supplier of creativity and strong social connection ignited an idea. Why not make the new experience of having a locally roasted coffee in Seattle available to everybody at home by consolidating technology to make it simple, personalized, and full of enormous variety? Thus, Bean Box was created.

The Bean Box Coffee Subscription Review

If you are a coffee lover and a human too, you probably are a heavy coffee drinker. Now and then, you get disappointed with too much of having a similar thing.

We all need a change from the same old coffee flavor now and again. 

A good coffee premium service can be what the doctor would suggest in this case. On that note, we recently came across and reviewed a Bean Box coffee subscription. It is excellent for some people but bad for others, so read on to see if it is right.

In A Nutshell: The Bean Box Coffee Subscription 

Bean Box does not roast or grinds its coffee but cooperates with dozens of roasters located around Seattle. They go to great measures to ensure the best coffees are selected and roasted to perfection.

These delightful coffees find their way into your box, which you can choose whether to receive weekly, every other week, or as a sampler, every month.

This subscription not only allows you to choose the roasts you would like to try, but it also allows you to change your mind at any time. These variables add up to one of the best coffee subscription options on the market right now.


  • On paid subscriptions, delivery is free.
  • Coffee beans are shipped within 48 hours of roasting.
  • There are a variety of coffee choices!
  • It is easy to use. They make canceling subscriptions, skipping months, and changing your coffee preferences a breeze.


  • Even for an artisan coffee subscription, the price can be on the higher end, but it is by no way unaffordable.
  • Ok, so nothing is ever free. We all know this, So for the first free month trial, you will still have to pay for shipping.

Choosing The Right Coffee Subscription

When selecting a coffee subscription, there are a few things to bear in mind.

You probably heard the phrase “artisan roaster.” It relates to when local producers and roasters go above and beyond in sourcing your coffee beans for quality. 

They always want to ensure that every step, from the coffee farm to the roaster to your coffee mug, is carefully monitored.

It is important to remember the superior quality to appreciate that it comes at a cost. As if it were a price tag.

Rating the Bean Box

Price: 4.5/5

If you are thinking about signing up for Bean Box, you can get a free month of service or a $5 starter kit by clicking THIS LINK on

It is a great way to sign up for the subscription while also getting a free coffee sample (but you will have to pay for shipping the first month).

They have a month-to-month sampler and even a coffee of the month. That leaves you with two simple choices for getting started.

You can get six-month and twelve-month subscriptions at small monthly discounts if you are already decided on getting a long-term subscription and know you want to go with Bean Box.

Bean Box loses a point on price because, despite their discounts and promotions, this isn’t a cheap cup of coffee. However, this is true in both directions: higher prices reflect the higher quality and greater variety.

Unique Features: 5/5

Bean Box is a master at discovering coffee at its apex flavor from the best roasters and making the internet experience as easy as that cup of Kenya Ichamara in the Bean Box Sampler.

They have made things so simple on their website that you will be signed up and ready to go in just a few clicks!

One nice touch: after you choose your roast type and frequency, you can choose from a variety of additional treats like artisan caramels, teas, biscotti, and even other coffee options. Even if it is just your favorite mug and an early start to the day, coffee tastes better when paired with something.

Bean Box assures that your order will be delivered within 48 hours of roasting, so you will never have to worry about spoilage. This gives freshly roasted beans just enough time to outgas before you receive them, so any residual CO2 from the roasting process has dissipated, taking the sour flavor with it.

Membership Options: 4.5/5

You can sign up for a 6-month program or monthly subscription on either the Bean Box Sampler or the coffee of the month plan to save 20%. On the coffee of the month plan, a 12-month prepay program saves you a little more.

You have the freedom to choose whether to receive your deliveries monthly, every other week, or weekly.

You can change your order intensity later – for example, if you are traveling, it is simple to skip a month. If you have thirsty houseguests, you can always order more.

The only control you have over your coffee is to choose one of the roast types available with either the monthly program (which includes eight roasts) or the sampler (which consists of six roasts). Bean Box isn’t as creative as some of the other subscription services available; once you decide on a roast type (for example, light+medium roasts), Bean Box chooses a coffee that aligns that roast type. For this, we have deducted a half-point.

They choose from a relatively high-quality list of individual coffees and roasters. You are unlikely to be disheartened with any of them, but you must be willing to relinquish leverage of the coffee preference.

Coffee Selection: 5/5

Bean Box only works with 30 of the best roasters in the Pacific Northwest, including well-known names like Water Avenue and Coava, and some you may have never heard of. These roasters are among the market leaders, with locations in Seattle, Oregon, Portland, and Washington.

Bean Box offers a diverse selection of coffees for your subscription, including single origins and blends. If you look through their starred coffee roasts for a given month, you will notice that the particular coffee varietal – Castillo, Bourbon, Caturra, and so on – is classified for you to choose from.

Ordering their sampler is one way to get a taste of Bean Box. This package contains four 1.8 oz coffee bags.

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