Best 10 Milk Alternatives For Coffee You Have to Try


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You ever walk into a coffee shop and wonder how many different milks there actually are?

We’re sure this is only hidden knowledge that baristas and coffee shops know of. Behind that mysterious barista counter probably holds over 5 different choices of milk you can use. However, in this article we’ll mention more, 10 to be exact!

There are several reasons as to why someone wouldn’t want milk in their coffee. Maybe it’s because it’s a dairy product or it isn’t vegan. Or in the simplest terms, some people just don’t like the taste of it.

Read on to find the best 10 milk alternatives for coffee you have to try, there’s some that we haven’t even heard of until writing this article!

Soy Milk

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Yes, this is the obvious and most common one. But there are several reasons as to why it’s the choice of many coffee lovers. Most importantly: it’s easily accessible and cheap. These two factors are enough to make soy milk the most popular choice. But it’s plant-based, so it’s perfectly fine for vegans to drink.

You might be wondering (if you haven’t tried it already) what will your coffee taste like with this milk alternative? Soy milk itself is quite satisfyingly sweet, but soy milk has about the same effect as regular dairy’s milk, you’re not overwhelmed by the sweetness! The perfect balance of fats, sweets, and texture allow soy milk to be one of the best milk for frothing too!

Another great thing about soy milk is that it has very few calories. It has half of what cow’s milk contains. In one cup of soy milk, there are around 90 calories so that it will make a difference in the long run, especially if you’re drinking coffee every day with creamer or milk.

Here’s a fair warning to the ladies out there too! Soy milk tends to have a lot of estrogen in it than normal cow’s milk. What does this mean exactly? In other words, drinking a ton of soy milk may throw off your hormones!

Coconut Milk

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Coconut milk is perfect for those who want their coffee to have a creamy and thick consistency because coconut milk provides precisely that. Grated coconut meat (it tastes better than this sounds trust us) is the main ingredient of coconut milk, so it doesn’t get more natural than this.

Disclaimer, there are a lot of fats in this type of milk. So it should be consumed with moderation, as you can imagine you can quickly gain a couple of pounds by not watching how much you take in.

Note: do NOT use canned coconut milk, that’s for cooking and has way more calories!

But this milk also contains a lot of potassium and B12 vitamins, so it’s an insanely healthy drink. And while it’s healthy, it remains delightfully delicious. So much so, that it affects the coffee, making it much milder if you drink it bitter.

Almond Milk

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Another plant-based milk alternative for coffee. Don’t worry, almond milk earned their high ranks, and they are perfectly delicious for you!

This one is amazing for those who want to lose weight, as one cup of almond milk only has about 60 calories. It’s the perfect tool for those who drink milk regularly or put it in their daily coffees. Not only that, but it can help you quit sugar as its’ taste is quite sweet.

It also contains a lot of vitamin E. Some brands can have up to 50% of the daily recommended amount! Vitamin E helps to keep your skin healthy and can prevent sunburns in the long run.

Oh, and the best part? It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. You can keep it lying around until you open it, but until then it won’t take up any space in the fridge.

Cashew Milk

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You might want to skip this if you have any nut allergies. Obviously!

But if you don’t, then this can be an excellent substitute for milk if you can spend this much on it. Most kinds of cashew milk have a hefty price as they aren’t as common as other kinds of milk. But it has a ton of upsides.

First of all, it only has 25 calories in a cup. That’s almost 1/4 of what’s in soy milk! So if you have issues managing your weight, then this substitute can quickly help you out. But remember to buy an unsweetened version, because if you don’t, then it will end up being twice as many calories.

But the taste is also extraordinary, as you can barely feel the nut! And it’s delightful as well, some say it even surpassing the taste of almond milk! Though it barely has any protein in it, so make sure to make up for it during the rest of your day.


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Yes, it’s a better milk alternative for coffee you would think at first.

Yogurt is quite fatty but can be filled with an insane amount of vitamins and nutrients. It depends on what kind you use, but most have a lot of good bacteria in them that promote digestion which can cancel out how coffee affects your stomach.

But another great thing is that yogurt has variety. Just think of all the kinds of yogurts you can possibly use! Here’s some just to name a few but down below but there’s definitely a lot more we don’t mention.

  • Greek
  • Skyr (otherwise known as Icelandic yogurt)
  • Australian
  • Almond
  • Soy
  • Kefir

Not to mention the fact that you can use ones that are flavored. You can make your coffee taste like berries, banana or anything you can find in the store. With this, you can have something tasty to look forward to in the morning.

Rice Milk

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Rice milk is usually made from brown rice and is unsweetened. It’s great for those who have a problem with their heart or, more specifically, their cholesterol. In this milk variant, there’s absolutely none of it. So if you were looking for a milk substitute that doesn’t mess with your heart, then you’ve found it.

It also contains a ton of vitamin A, which means it’s excellent for your vision. But it also has vitamin E. Which we’ve already talked about, so you know the benefits of having a lot of vitamin E in your system.

Oat Milk

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Oat milk is for those who want to limit their saturated fat intake. It has barely any of it, while still containing a ton of healthy fats. It’s hard to come across milk substitutes that don’t have too many additives, but oat milk is one.

There is also a lot of calcium and vitamin D in it. Both of which strengthen your bones. So you don’t have to worry about these two when you look at this milk alternative for coffee. But it has vitamin B and magnesium as well, two other things that can vastly improve your life.

But beware: oat milk tends to contain a lot of carbohydrates, so it has quite a bit of calorie in it. It’s usually around 130 per cup. Also, did you know that it’s very simple to make oat milk at home? We have a full guide for you here if you’re interested.

Hemp Milk

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If you want to a milk alternative for coffee with something healthier but not different in taste and consistency, then we have just the thing for you.

Hemp milk is precisely like cow’s milk except for the nutrients in it. It has around 80 calories in a cup, contains a fair amount of protein, calcium and healthy fats. Some popular hemp milks are from Living Harvest and Pacific Natural Foods.


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This one is obvious, but you probably already knew and weren’t looking for this answer. Anyhow, let’s talk about why it still could replace milk, even if you prefer not to use creamers.

First, they come in small cups. You can take them anywhere with you, and it won’t take up any space (neither in your bag or kitchen). They are the perfect size for the amount you should put in a cup of coffee, and it has the same taste and consistency of milk.

The only downside? Well, it’s artificial mostly which is unfortunate for our health but it tastes so good sometimes! So if you don’t want to take that into your system, it’s okay. There are plenty of other substitutes! (Like the ones we mentioned above obviously).

Whipping Cream

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It doesn’t just go on top of the drink. You can quickly stir it into your coffee!

This milk alternative for coffee is more like a last resort if you don’t have anything else at home, as it mostly just has downsides (besides the taste of course).

Whipping cream contains a lot of saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugar, and calories. It would be an insanely bad idea to have it as a regular milk substitute, but it can be a beautiful one-time thing.

The upside is how amazing it tastes. It’s delightful plus creamy, all in one! Everybody knows what it’s like, so we don’t need to elaborate too much.


It’s perfect for summer mornings when your coffee doesn’t want to cool down, or you don’t want to drink warm beverages. If you store your whipping cream in the fridge (which you should), then you can efficiently cool down your coffee while also giving it a sweet taste.

What other milk alternatives for coffee do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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With that said, we’ll brew you later! ☕️☕️

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