Best Automatic Espresso Machines


Automatic Espresso Machines

Many coffee drinkers dream to be at-home baristas, capable of brewing anything from a latte to an Americano in the comfort of our own homes.

If you’re prepared to make this move, you’ll almost certainly need an espresso machine. You definitely won’t want to work with a manual espresso machine if you’re still a beginner or if you’re groggy in the morning.

As a result, we’re here to assist you with the other side of the equation: selecting the suitable automatic espresso machine. They’re simple to use daily and consistently produce a decent cup of coffee. This is a must-have for any espresso enthusiast.

Options of Going Auto

So you have a lot of options when it comes to automatic espresso machines. The most significant difference between them is how physically involved you are in the brewing process.

You can start an automatic espresso machine, but it only pulls the espresso shot for a set amount of time. While some espresso machines allow you to adjust the time, others do not.

The majority of machines are not marketed as simply automatic. Many automatic machines resemble semi-automatics in appearance and have similar features that make them virtually identical. On the other hand, some automatic machines have a few extra features that almost qualify them as super-automatic.

Super VS Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines


Completely automated machines with more bells and whistles are known as super-automatic machines. What distinguishes them is that they often come with built-in grinders and milk frothers.

A super-automatic espresso machine also removes the need for tamping, allowing you to sit back and enjoy while your at-home barista takes care of it.

When you buy a super-automatic espresso machine, you’re essentially asking the processor to run the show. Some devices offer specific customization choices, which is convenient if you’re a control freak. Nevertheless, since not all machines are as customizable as others, you can have to accept the machine’s method of operation.


Semi-automatic machines are a step up from “standard automatic” machines. These give you more direct control over your final result by allowing you to control the grind setting and the pull time.

These, like automatic espresso machines, expect you to grind and tamp your ground coffee, which can be a boon for coffee connoisseurs. If you’ve never done this before, though, it can be a little overwhelming.

These semi-automated machines strike the right balance between functionality and ease of use, as well as customization and personalization. We’ll include some of our favorite semi-automatic picks, even though they aren’t entirely automated.

Best Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

Jura Impressa C65 Automatic Espresso Machine

If the Barista Touch is out of your price range, this is a high-end espresso machine with a slightly lower price tag.

Aroma + technology, which helps increase the efficiency of the coffee grinding process, is Jura Impressa’s most significant selling point. With their three-step method, these espresso makers are also straightforward to use. It’s also relatively small.

The steam wand is a little underwhelming, and the glossy finish allows you to see all of your fingerprints. Otherwise, this is a high-quality computer that is well worth the money.

Jura Impressa C65 Automatic Espresso Machine
Photo from Amazon

De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

The De’ Longhi ESAM3300 is a fantastic mid-range espresso machine from a legitimate company. De’ Longhi is renowned for producing high-quality small kitchen appliances at a reasonable price. This device is no exception, which is why we consider it to be one of the finest super-automatic espresso machines around.

Every time you brew, the built-in burr grinder guarantees freshness. A 60-ounce water tank, an auto-off feature, a specialized cappuccino system, and a double boiler are also included. These features give you the convenience of a super-automatic espresso machine, but the manual steam wand and customization choices provide you with plenty of options.

The grinder can be a little loud, and it doesn’t work as well with dark (oily) roasts as it does with light roasts, which are the only drawbacks we’ve found with this unit.

De'Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine
Photo form Amazon

Gaggia RI8762 Anima Prestige Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia’s Anima Prestige is the way to go if you’re looking for a high-end, portable espresso machine. This machine gives you exceptional espresso and is a dream to use, with features like one-touch auto frothing and Rapid Steam technology, as well as ceramic burr coffee grinder and a sleek LCD.

Stainless steel paneling, energy-saving auto-off, a programmable descaling cycle, a removable brew group, and Pre-infusion are just a few of the other prominent features of the Anima Prestige. You can expect dependable, impressive results from this coffee machine, as well as a reasonable amount of customization.

It has a burr grinder with five grind settings and an adjustable coffee dispenser (if you have an odd size cup). It also has three temperature settings and programmable brewing choices to ensure that you always get the best cup of coffee.

Although twiddling your thumbs while a machine does all the work isn’t for everyone, this machine is perfect for those who are willing to give up some power in exchange for convenience.

Gaggia RI8762 Anima Prestige Automatic Espresso Machine
Photo from Amazon

Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro

The Gaggia RI9380 Classic Pro Espresso Machine is a commercial-style espresso machine made of solid stainless steel that can be used in the comfort of your home. If you enjoy a good, strong espresso in the morning, the Classic Pro is a must-have.

There are a few qualities of this Gaggia that make it unique. It has a large water tank, 5a three-way solenoid valve, and 8-millimeter chrome-plated brass portability and brew group. Since the cover is right on top of the espresso machine, the water reservoir is readily available.

Furthermore, to the conveniently accessible water tank, the machine’s rocker switches and knob are simple to use. The commercial-style steam wand will rotate, giving you more options for steaming and texturizing your milk to perfection and creating velvety microfoam.

With its pressurized basket, the Classic Pro can also brew Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods or pre-ground coffee. It has a new version that includes revised pump mounts for quieter brewing.

Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro Espresso Machine
Photo from Amazon

Breville BES840XL – “The Infuser”

The Breville BES840XL is a fantastic machine that is reliable, elegant, and proficient. Take a look at this Breville if you want complete control over your brew and high-quality performance.

This Breville has two pumps and two boilers, as well as a plethora of programmable attributes. There isn’t much that this model lacks. It also has programmable volumetric control, a pre-infusion feature, and an over-pressure valve to ensure the ideal pull. The steaming wand also swivels 360 degrees if you’re making milk-based coffee drinks.

The auto-start feature, cleaning supplies, stainless steel frothing jug, compact tamper, backlit LCD, and audio alarms are all included in this semi-automatic espresso machine. Our only reservations are that it is new to the market, and although it appears to be robust and reliable in theory, it has yet to demonstrate this in practice.

Breville BES840XL Espresso Machine - "The Infuser"
Photo from Amazon

Rancilio Silvia

The Silvia is a semi-automatic, ideal espresso machine that is both robust and high-performing. It’s always said to be able to make the “perfect espresso”. This is the unit for you if you are passionate about drinking high-quality espresso.

This model isn’t as costly as a Breville, but it offers considerably better efficiency than the lower-end, less expensive alternatives. The Silvia produces a fantastic cup of espresso when used with freshly roasted beans and a high-quality burr grinder. The portafilter handle also has a great design, and the group head is commercial grade.

Our only critique is that accessories (such as a grinder) must be purchased separately, which is disadvantageous at a higher price point.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine
Photo from Amazon

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

The Barista Express is a great choice for every occasion. This espresso machine is semi-automatic, and it’s easy to use if you’re a novice or a seasoned pro.

It’s similar to the automatic Barista Touch from Breville, but it has fewer whistles and bells. It has some automated functions, but it focuses mainly on the semi-automated ones. It has a milk carafe for frothing, a steaming wand, a 54-millimeter tamper, a half-pound sealed bean hopper, a built-in “clean me” lamp, and stainless steel conical burr grinder.

This processor comes highly suggested almost everywhere you look. Only the price is the most significant disadvantage, but it is still affordable than most super-automatic espresso machines.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express
Photo from Amazon

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