The Best Coconut Milk For Coffee Making Today


If you are looking for a great non-dairy creamer for your cup of joe, coconut milk for coffee of yours may be a perfect choice for you. A lot of people enjoy adding creamer to their coffee. Milk-derived ones are usually the simplest solution and most readily-available, involving the smallest amount of hustle.

Unfortunately, they aren’t the option for everyone, since some people are lactose-intolerant and can’t handle dairy products without severe stomach troubles. To prevent this, a large selection of non-dairy coffee creamers has been created. But even among them, there are those who contain at least trace amounts of milk, which can lead to some unexpected visits to the bathroom.

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With Coconut Milk

You won’t have such issues. First of all, it isn’t milk at all. It is only called milk due to its appearances. Coconut milk is made from the soft tissue found inside a coconut, which is grated and then squeezed through a cheesecloth. Depending on the amount of water, the resulting liquid can contain a varying degree of nutrients and fats. One thing that is constant is the health benefits you can get from coconut milk, including weight loss and improved immune system.

Coconut milk is a great way of adding a taste of tropical islands to your coffee without having to reach for artificial favorers. Not only it tastes great, but it is also good for your health, which is a rare combination these days. However, it isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t like the taste of coconut, while others claim that it is too strong, overpowering the taste of the coffee. Both are perfectly legitimate opinions and there is nothing wrong with having a distaste for coconut milk. Then again, if you are one of those people, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Does Coconut Milk Curdle in Coffee?

Curdled milk in a cup of coffee is one of the grossest sights you can encounter as a coffee lover. It can happen with every type of creamer, both dairy and non-dairy, coconut milk included. However, it seems to happen only with some types of coffee, not all of them. Some tests have shown that curdling occurs in coffees with high acidity levels.

The acid reacts to the fats in coffee creamers, creating those unsightly chinks of coagulated fat on the surface of our favorite beverage. So, if you want to avoid curdles, stick to less acid coffee. This is bad news for people who prefer light roasts, as they typically have higher levels of acid than darker ones.
Another way to enjoy your coffee without curdles is to stick to cold brewing, which significantly reduces the acidity of your brew and reduces curdling when you add coffee creamer.

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Which Coconut Milk is Best for Your Coffee?

It is possible to find coconut milk specifically blended for coffee, but those are few and far between. Ordinary coconut milk, the one designed as a milk substitute, can be also used in coffee, but for the full effect of creamy goodness, you will need thick coconut milk. Most people tend to make their own blends from ingredients they can find in their local stores. Typically, those include canned coconut flakes or milk.

To get that rich froth, try to find coconut milk with high-fat content because that fat is the key component in achieving that elusively beautiful cup of coffee any professional barista would be proud of. That is why you should stay away from thin or skimmed coconut milk. There are several types of coconut milk that you can use to get the best results.

Concentrated Coconut Cream

This is the extreme version of coconut coffee creamer. Concentrated coconut paste is usually used for making desserts, but some people like to add a spoonful to their coffee. It is extremely rich in fat and makes for beautiful, thick froth, but its taste can be overbearing. Unless you absolutely adore coconut, we would not recommend it, especially if you haven’t tried coffee with coconut milk before.

Native Forest Organic Premium Coconut Cream Unsweetened

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Powdered Coconut Milk

One of the best reasons for using powdered coconut milk (or any other milk, for that matter) is that these products contain no artificial additives or preservatives. To ensure longevity, manufacturers simply eliminate water by evaporating coconut milk and leaving a dry powder with a long shelf life and no need for refrigeration.

The other important reason that makes powdered milk popular is that you can control the fat content by adding more or less water to the powder. This way you can create a coconut milk blend that is perfect for you and your coffee. We would recommend that you use coconut cream powder for that extra creaminess.

Anthony’s Organic Coconut Milk Powder, 1lb, Gluten Free

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Canned Coconut Milk

Canned coconut milk is usually the easiest to find and that is why most people use it. There are several varieties present on the market but not all of them will yield great results when added to your coffee. If a can is labeled “Lite”, it means that the milk contains almost no fat, so you can forget about that nice frothing. You will need full-fat coconut milk for that. Often, the cream will rise to the top of the can, and that is nothing to worry about.

It is a natural process for packages that don’t contain stabilizers. You have two solutions, either use that cream for your coffee or, if that is too rich for your taste, shake the can thoroughly before use. One problem with canned coconut milk is the storage after the can has been opened.

Since you probably won’t use the entire can in one coffee, make sure to transfer the rest of the milk into an airtight container. Read the label to see how long the milk will keep, but it is usually up to five days. Bisphenol A or BPA is another common problem with all canned products, coconut milk included. It is used in the linings of canned goods and can leach into the food inside the can. Once absorbed, it can have potential effects on human health, according to the FDA.

Native Forest Simple Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk

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Boxed Coconut Milk

One of the ways to avoid BPA is to use boxed coconut milk, which has been appearing lately on the market. Packed in aseptic cartons, just like any other boxed milk, it is a handy alternative to canned products. Some users have complained that the flavor isn’t as strong in the boxed version, but it may be just the matter of brand or personal taste.

Boxed coconut milk comes in several different sized packages, so it is convenient to use if you don’t need a full 14-ounce can. Some things boxed and canned packages share are that, depending on the brand, they both can be either made of just coconut cream and water or they can have various additives thrown into the mix. If that is a concern, make sure to read the ingredients list carefully before making a purchase.

Vita Coco Coconut Milk, Unsweetened Original – Plant Based

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Coffee is an acquired taste, not something we are born with. Many people like to mix its bitter taste with something else and coconut milk is a great choice for adding a spark to your morning coffee. There are those, of course, who object to adding any kind of milk or creamer to your cup of joe, but, as usual, we will ignore them, because nobody has the right to tell you how to enjoy your coffee.

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