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The ringing of an alarm in the morning indicates it is time to wake up and also create a great cup of coffee. If you’re anything like us, you like drinking coffee in your favorite mug, piping hot with a dash of cream and sugar. New coffee trends help discover and reveal the depth of flavor that coffee has to offer. As coffee aficionados evolve, so do the ways that coffee can be consumed. Cold brew coffee is a new, totally delicious, and satisfying trend taking over coffee mugs worldwide.

Unlike typical iced coffee, which is often hot coffee poured over ice cubes, cold brew coffee takes a patient steeping process that involves drawing out rich flavors from coffee grounds. There is no boiling and cooling when making cold brew coffee. Instead, steeping for several hours at room temperature ensures a full-bodied cup of coffee, without any acidity and an undeniable smoothness.

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Tips to help you brew the perfect cold brew cup

  • The water you choose should be filtered. In addition to ensuring there is no interference with the flavor of the coffee, filtered water also adds a bit of sweetness to the final cup.
  • Avoid diluting your coffee. If you have coffee at room temperature, and want it a little colder, add coffee ice cubes to bring the temperature down. If the coffee is too strong, add in some milk or cream to make it easier to drink. Adding water takes away from the robust flavors that develop during steeping.
  • Choose coarse grounds as this allows more water to move and draw out flavor from the coffee. Fine grounds may result in a bitter flavor due to over-extraction.
  • If you cannot drink all your coffee at once, strain it and store it in a mason jar or small bottle. Keep it in the fridge and consume it within a week.

The full, rich experience of a delicious cold brew begins with choosing the right beans that meet all your flavor note expectations.

Have a look at these eight options, all with something delightful to offer.

Tiny Footprint Coffee – Organic Cold Brew Cold Press Elixir 

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Tiny Footprint Coffee tells a story, which translates into an unforgettable drinking experience from start to finish. The story begins with the coffee being grown on small family farms to ensure high-quality beans, which are grown with care. The coffee beans are 100% organic, carefully shade-grown Arabica. They are sourced from all over the world and combined with high-end Ethiopian beans for quality aroma and taste.

This coffee is the first carbon negative coffee in the world. Through a partnership with the non-profit Mindo Cloudforest Foundation, for each pound sold, a donation of the proceeds goes towards the reforestation of Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest. This is just one way the makers of this coffee leave their tiny footprint on the environment.

Tiny Footprint Coffee is available ground or whole. It is specially produced for cold brewing, and there are light and dark roasts to select from. High-quality roasting ensures a rich, sweet flavor and silky smoothness that help this coffee stand out for being unique. It does not have any bitterness to it, just depth of flavor that includes subtle floral and fruit notes with a cocoa infusion.

The Tiny Footprint coffee story concludes with the experience once the coffee has been consumed. There is no detectable acidity after drinking and nothing tiny about the punch of flavor from Tiny Footprint Coffee.

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve

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Anyone searching for the perfect blend of coffee for a fresh cold brew will appreciate Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve. This dark roast features specially selected Colombian Supremo coffee beans that are freshly roasted and coarsely ground for the best possible cold brew extraction. If you prefer to grind your beans, there are whole bean varieties available as well.

The packaging of this coffee is worth noting as it keeps the coffee fresher for longer after it has been opened. This is due to the three layers, with a special foil between them that offers protection from heat and light.

By the time you reach the halfway point of your first cold brew cup of this coffee, there is only one word that you will have in mind – Wow! This coffee features rich, bold, pure flavor includes notes of chocolate, fruit, and caramel. The Colombian beans contribute to the fragrant aroma that continues to add to the total smoothness of the drinking experience. Furthermore, it is a strong and robust brew, a delicious cup of cold coffee for any time of the day.

Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee

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From the coffee plantations in Central and South America, Arabica coffee beans are harvested and roasted to create this premium breakfast blend. With Real Good Coffee, you can choose between the Breakfast Blend Light, Organic Dark. French Roast Dark and Donut Shop Medium. This review focuses on the Breakfast Blend Light as the most recommended for a delicious cold brew.

This coffee has a distinct citrus taste, as well as notes of chocolate and cream. Though the aroma of this coffee is clear, it takes some time to experience it. As an organic product, it has no additional additives, focusing instead on the core rich flavor of the high-quality coffee beans.

Being a light roast, this coffee needs to steep for many hours for the full profile of flavor to be experienced. The result is a delicious brew that has no acidity, fruity tones, and a memorable finish. As a breakfast coffee, it is an excellent choice as it is strong enough to ease one into their activities for the day. The recyclable packaging makes this coffee not just delicious, but also environmentally friendly.

 Café Du Monde Coffee Chicory

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This is a coffee that is perfect for a cold brew and healthy to drink too. It contains Chicory, which is recognized for its medicinal value in helping the immune and the digestive systems. Chicory root is made soft and ground up, then added to the coffee. This helps balance out and reduce any bitterness in the coffee, a great feature for building up a dark roast. The aroma of the coffee in interesting, being a little sweet and mellow. From the aroma, the flavor feels carefully balanced and elevated. It is exceptionally smooth to taste, and any bitterness is significantly low.

The key flavor notes are herbal and earthy in nature. This is the ideal coffee to make a cold brew for anyone seeking an organic product that has natural flavors. The freshest and most delicious cups are made just after the can has been opened, so it should be used as quickly as possible for the absolute best results.

For coffee lovers who seek an infusion coffee that highlights the coffee beans, and draws out subtle flavor from the Chicory, this is the best option. The coffee is dark and strong, and the flavor is robust.

Coffee Bros, Cold Brew Coffee Blend

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With just over a year in the market, Coffee Bros is a brand that is shaking things up. This coffee is made from high quality Arabica beans that are sourced from Ethiopia and Brazil. Paying homage to the bean is what Coffee Bros does so that when brewed, the most poignant flavor and aroma is pure rich coffee. It features delicate notes of chocolate and brown sugar and also a slight berry undertone.

This medium roast coffee has a sweetness, attributed to how the coffee beans are processed after harvesting. They go through a traditional drying method, which helps build up the coffee cherry pulp aroma as well. After drying, the way they are roasted in small batches so that there is uniformity of flavor in each pack. This also ensures that it is possible to achieve better extraction from the coffee beans when creating a cold brew. This processing also guarantees that there are no bitter notes in the coffee.

The finish on a cup of cold brew is smooth and sweet. As there is such a great focus on freshness, you can experience excellent coffee from the first cup until you get to the bottom of the bag.

Cold Buzz Coffee Hazelnut

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Choices for cold brew coffee beans are often limited to medium and dark roast options. This coffee overcomes that by offering three flavor options and a rare Decaf option to create an excellent cold brew coffee. Delicious Arabica beans are used to create this coffee, sourced from South America, Central America, and Europe. Their flavors available include New Orleans Chicory, Mocha Java, French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Hazelnut is exceptional for a bold, smooth cold brew.

More than the flavor is the convenience of using Cold Buzz Coffee. The entire process is clean, as the coffee grounds are pre-bagged in a filtered pack. No additional filters are necessary, and once the coffee is brewed, the bag can simply be discarded. Having this convenience also prevents having coffee grounds collect at the bottom of the cup. This coffee is ideal for anyone who is just starting out with experiencing cold brewing and may not have a whole lot of coffee making equipment.

Balancing out the strength of this coffee may require some mastery. If the brew is too strong, you can even it out with some cream and if not strong enough, let it steep a little more. One packet of this coffee contains five mini packs within it.

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

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The Bizzy brand takes cold brew coffee to the next level. There is a range of cold brew options available, including ready to drink cold brew, cold brew concentrate, and organic cold brew coffee beans. This range helps offer a choice for flavor profiles, including Light and Bright, Smooth and Sweet, and Dark and Bold.

Smooth and sweet is a much-loved option, as a medium roast featuring sweet caramel and hazelnut notes in its flavor. There are no hazelnuts in the coffee though the flavor profile of hazelnut is noticeable. It is made wholly of Arabica coffee beans that are sourced from Peru, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. This coffee is organic, with ethical sourcing being a pillar of the brand. It is available in the pre-ground form, rather than as whole coffee beans. Not to worry, excellent packaging and bean quality ensure that the pre-ground is as good as any whole bean option.

The coffee beans are ground coarse, which is ideal for extracting flavor when cold brewing. Once steeped, the flavor is smooth and uniform in each sip. Being roasted in small batches also ensures that the aroma and taste of the coffee are elevated. As the beans are carefully crafted for cold brew coffee, there is no harsh acidity or bitterness in the coffee.

Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee

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Dark, bold, and potent is what Death Wish coffee is all about. This brand offers a caffeine kick with every sip. First thing in the morning, a cold brew made with these coffee beans will help you start your day with much-needed energy.

It features Arabica and Robusta beans in their 100% natural state, meaning there are no additives or artificial flavors added to the beans. It is certified as organic. The flavor notes include chocolate and cherry. A cold brew cup of coffee made using these beans is undeniably smooth, and although it is strong, there is no bitterness in this coffee.

Being so strong and robust with a high caffeine content, you only need a little bit each day to keep you going. It tastes great with some cream or milk if you find that the strong flavor is too much for you. For sure, a whiff of the rich aroma of this coffee, even before you taste it, is enough to know that it is high quality and will go beyond your expectations.

Cold brew coffee is so delicious and easy to make that it is guaranteed to be a long-lasting trend. There are some tips that you should remember when looking to create the perfect cup of cold brew. First, a coarser grind will bring out the maximum amount of flavor and is easier to filter too. Second, read the pack to make sure that you get the steeping time right. Typically, a good 12 hours should do it, though it is worth remembering that you can keep your cold brew in the fridge and drink it over several days. Third, the flavor can be further accentuated by adding some milk or cream, and if you want to dilute the coffee a little, these options are much better than adding in water. Finally, a medium to dark roast offers an excellent infusion of flavor.

Each of these eight best options has something different to offer. When it comes to unique flavor, the Cade Du Monde Chicory is the way to go. For a caffeine kick at the beginning of the day, Death Wish is the right choice. Bizzy Organic features a coarse grind that draws out loads of flavor; Real Good Coffee is an excellent light option to go with any breakfast. Tiny Footprint coffee features subtle flavors and does help you contribute towards improving the environment. Cold Buzz coffee is quick and convenient, and you do not need any coffee equipment to make yourself a cup. Stone Street is incredibly fragrant and delicious. Coffee Bros is smooth, sweet, and has an exciting freshness to it.

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