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Coffee grinders are available in any price range, from dirt-cheap versions to expensive machines priced just like a Ferrari. Since grinding one’s coffee beans has become popular in recent times, there has been an increase in the brands offering many types of products and variants. How to find the best suitable product for your needs? This guide will assist you out in finding the best coffee grinder under 200 for yourself.

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What to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Coffee Grinder

Before moving forward, here are some quick points that must be kept in mind while purchasing a coffee grinder. This will assure that you find the best coffee grinder out there.

  • The grounded coffee beans’ consistency is one of the most critical factors needed while buying a coffee grinder. It will help if you are looking for a grinder that can grind the beans from very fine to coarse. The most consistent grinder are burr grinders that smash the beans between the burrs. Check for models with a variety of settings that are easy to set.
  • You’ll want it to be robust if you’re investing in a decent grinder. Weaker plastic equipment, hoppers, and knobs could break down quickly and shorten your grinder’s life. Lower quality burrs can be annoying and require your grinder to be monitored, even if they have a built-in timekeeper.
  • Some brands and models are packaged with accessories like burr cleaning brushes that come in handy while working with coffee grinders. This upgrades the experience and helps keep the machine and its parts in good condition, though, over time, you will need to purchase a new burr.

First Choice: DeLonghi America KG521 Burr Coffee-Grinder

This coffee grinder includes eighteen grinding adjustments plus three options to adjust the strength of the force to grind the beans.

Combine it with the espresso, pour-over, drip, and French press settings, and there are almost unlimited settings for any taste. It’s amazing.

It has an outstanding design, works well, and looks great on the counter. The LED show on the top is smart and practical. It is compact and does not take space over the counter.
You almost don’t need the manual; it is too easy to use. Espresso portafilter is the most popular attachment available with this machine. For a straightforward move, you can grind coffee directly into the espresso filter.

Sometimes it may have problems grinding fine enough for espresso but removing the upper burrs and cleaning it solves the problem.


  • Different grind settings are available.
  • Great style and design
  • Coffee beans can be grounded and stored in a separate jar
  • Small size
  • User friendly


  • Sometimes the grounded coffee is not fine enough for espresso

Second Choice: Breville BCG820BSSXL Burr Coffee Grinder

This machine has sixty settings that can be manipulated to get the coffee grounded from the superfine quality to the extra-coarse for the most distinctive taste buds. The conical burrs help in minimum heat generation, which helps preserve the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

Just like the DeLonghi America KG521, you can grind directly into a jar, a filter basket or a paper basket, or the portafilter – whatever way you like. The electronic timers have an increment of 0.2 seconds that allow very accurate grinding times for your particular taste.

The hopper can be removed and stored easily. The grounded coffee is dispensed downward instead of the front, which prevents it from being obstructed. The digital monitor and timer ease this method, too, if you want to adjust the grind’s size and time. It’s tranquil, and the magnet tray is removable.

This machine, from our list of best coffee grinders under 200 works poorly in a French press or a Moka pot while grinding. A plastic impeller is used by this unit to push the grounded coffee to the collection jar. The plastic impeller can get worn down quickly, and the machine cannot be used until you install a new impeller.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Minimum heat generation
  • Can grind directly into storage containers
  • Built-in digital timer and display unit


  • Impeller used is cheap quality and made of plastic
  • Awful French Press and Moka

Third Choice: Capresso 560.04 Infinity Burr Grinder

This unit has various settings available for grinding the coffee beans ranging from coarse French Press to superfine. The burrs are made of high-quality commercial-grade steel with a sophisticated reduction motor that helps grind the coffee beans slowly without much heat generation, noise, or static.

It works best when left at a single setting, without any tweaks. The grounded coffee accumulates around the upper burr’s nylon collar. The user will face hassle while changing the bean or grinder setting as everything needs to be taken apart, cleaned, and then put together to work, which is not a very user-friendly approach to coffee grinding.

The selection knob to change the grind settings is made of cheap plastic and lacks durability, making it prone to breakage.


  • Less noisy
  • Low heat generation
  • Variety of grind settings available


  • Grounds collect under the top burr
  • Requires cleaning between grind changes
  • Cheap quality plastic knob

Fourth Choice: Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinding Machine

The machine is available with 40 settings, and the grinder is good enough to perform the job. The body is all plastic except for the conical burr, which is made of steel. At first glance, it seems robust.

Don’t fill the hopper more than half, or it will end up being clogged, which is not easy to take care of and will eat an hour of your time.

It is difficult to adjust the settings, and the robust body is a mirage. The parts are weak and prone to breakdown. The customer service is not helpful and will be shipping you the damaged parts for an in-warranty product so that you can fix the issue yourself. This process is precisely the opposite of what customer service means, the repair instructions will leave you frustrated, and the repairs hardly work for a long time.

The ground is not fine and spills out of the container.


  • Decent performance if settings are not changed
  • Burrs are made of stainless steel


  • Fragile parts made of plastic
  • Clogs when filled beyond half
  • Awful customer service
  • Fine grinding is not up to the mark

Fifth Choice: Bodum Bistro 10903-01US

One of the best coffee grinders under 200 is the Bodum Bistro 10903-01US machine and available in different colors: black, copper, chrome, red, and shiny copper. It has just 12 grind settings. Sadly, this is another product that performs well when it works. But that’s not usually the case. The machine consists of parts made of plastic instead of stainless steel. Cheap plastic is prone to frequent breakdown. The cherry on the cake is that Bodum doesn’t sell any replacement parts, making the machine useless if damaged.

It regularly jams during operations, and you have to disassemble the whole unit to clear the clogged gears, which creates a mess.

The fact that the manufacturer displays utter disrespect for its customers is horrendous for a poorly engineered product. Who wants them? Who needs them? That’s never going to be in the top two.


  • It works when it works


  • Jams frequently
  • Made of plastic
  • Messy
  • Dreadful designing and engineering

We hope this article about the best coffee grinder under 200, helped you to find the one that is most suitable for you.

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