Best Coffee Makers & Machines; Buyers Guide 2020


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It’s always a good time to get a new coffee maker. And always a good time to see what new coffee machines are in the market, and what kind of functions are starting to pop-up in the world of coffee. Because you and us; we know that we can never be satisfied with our coffee.

We always want a better taste, better aroma, and manufacturers know it. That’s why coffee-making machines keep getting better, catering to our every need (and whim) and adding new and innovative functions to already existing designs.

War may be the mother of invention, but passion comes a close second. It’s because of people like you who are passionate about coffee and getting the most out of every bean that we can see better coffee makers each time, each year getting better ones.

So, let’s check out what we think are some the best machines of this year:

1. The Calphalon Special Brew

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We have here a machine that looks innocuous but comes with some of the best brewing features we’ve seen yet for such an inexpensive machine.

This Calphalon coffee maker has special features for brewing that make it ideal for brewing at precise temperatures (a barista’s wet dream), and other features, like:

  1. Keeps the time since you last brew coffee
  2. Brew delay, which lets you set a time when you want your coffee brewed.
  3. A non-stick, heat-conserving pot that will keep coffee hot long after you brew it.
  4. Programmable LCD.

With these as some of its features, this coffee maker is a powerful player that lets you brew flavorful coffee for a fraction of the precise of say, an espresso machine. And although we’re usually wary of LCD, they’ve made the display useful on this coffee maker.

Good for: Keeping coffee warm when you’re making several cups at one, people who have busy schedules.

2. OXO Barista Brain

[lasso ref=”oxo-brew-9-cup-coffee-maker” id=”13321″ link_id=”20011″]

A beautifully designed machine with a very easy-to-use interface, this coffee maker has a shower system to optimize water distribution during extraction. What this means is coffee that will never get burnt, and secures the extraction of the full flavor and aroma that your coffee grounds have to offer.

Besides being a great brewer, the OXO comes with a double-walled steel carafe that is a thermos. It’s a great addition to an already great machine.

The only thing we could say about this machine is that it can seem a little expensive. While the price might seem a bit intimidating at first, this machine is sure to give you a consistently high-quality coffee every time.

Good for: Coffee enthusiasts, home ground coffee.

3. Technivorm Moccamaster 79112 KBT

[lasso ref=”technivorm-moccamaster-79112-kbt-coffee-brewer-40-oz-polished-silver” id=”13459″ link_id=”20012″]

The first thing we like about Technivorm’s machines is that their design has a certain likeness to retro coffee makers while implementing innovative technology. Our favorite features are:

  1. Stainless steel, 40 oz. thermal carafe
  2. Adjustable settings on the brew basket
  3. 5-year warranty!
  4. Made with high-quality, durable materials

As an example of innovative, this machine uses either cool or room-temperature water. You pour the water in the receptacle, and it will flow through a glass tube that is heated with the help of copper (which picks up temperature very fast) to the ideal brewing temperature.

Why is this better than just using boiling water? Well, once the water starts boiling, it will start losing air, which results in a smooth taste that is undesirable to most people. This method of rapid heating of the water lets you keep water as it is, without altering its flavor, which will ultimately end in a better-tasting coffee! Simple to operate and quiet brewing process that brews a thermal carafe in just 4 to 6 minutes.

Suitable for: People who enjoy using innovative technology, making a lot of coffee. People who don’t like digital displays.

4. Cuisinart ss-15

[lasso ref=”cuisinart-ss-15p1-coffee-center-12-cup-coffeemaker” id=”13695″ link_id=”20405″]

We have to cheer for Cuisinart on this one. They’ve given us a perfect machine with an unbeatable price. The SS-15 is a coffee maker that combines both drip coffee with single-serve coffee (K-pods, etc.), all in one.

Best features:

  1. Reusable filter cup. For making drip coffee for one single serve.
  2. Charcoal water filter. (our favorite feature)
  3. 60 oz metal carafe

This machine is great for people who like to mix it up, having drip coffee now, then pod coffee later—it’s a versatile kind of machine. We highly recommend it.

Great for: People who are conscious about water hardness, single-serve drip coffee.

5. Zojirushi EC-DAC50

[lasso ref=”zojirushi-ec-dac50-zutto-5-cup-drip-coffeemakersilver” id=”13465″ link_id=”20013″]

A minimalistic design that fits in even among high-tech machines, the Zojirushi is a trusty machine that will deliver good coffee.

We like this machine mostly because it has a very practical design; it takes up as little space as a coffee maker ever could, and yet it still looks great. It’s simple and inexpensive.


  1. Concealed, removable water depository.
  2. Keeps the water warm until you’re ready to brew.
  3. Replaceable water filter
  4. Includes a measuring spoon

Suitable for: Anyone who loves minimalistic design, medium to small kitchen spaces, people who don’t like bulky, big coffee makers.

6. Smeg 1950’s Retro Style 10 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

[lasso ref=”smeg-50s-retro-style-aesthetic-drip-filter-coffee-machine-10-cups-pastel-blue” id=”13473″ link_id=”20014″]

Overall rating: 9/10

A good looking retro-style like no other, this coffee maker combines both a throwback style with some of the best modern features that make it a unique addition for any coffee lover.

Best features:

  1. A keep-warm feature that lasts up to one hour after brewing.
  2. Eco-friendly, reusable filter. It can also accommodate paper filters.
  3. Programmable.
  4. Adjustable water hardness for the pickier people.

All in all, this machine is a home run. It is not just for retro lovers. This machine has a lot of remarkable features that will help you personalize your brew, achieving a unique taste depending on the settings.

Suitable for: Bold color lovers, retro lovers, environment-conscious people and for people who enjoy customizing every aspect of their coffee.

7. DeLonghi All-in-One Pump Espresso and 10 Cup Drip Coffee Machine

[lasso ref=”delonghi-bco430-combination-pump-espresso-and-10-cup-drip-coffee-machine” id=”13324″ link_id=”20015″]

Once again, DeLonghi delights us with a wonderful machine. This time, though, it’s not just an espresso machine: This coffee maker functions both as an espresso machine and a drip coffee maker. It’s a true multi-purpose machine.

Best features:

  1. Frothing wand
  2. Coffee and water reservoir are both next to each other, making loading easier.
  3. Active carbon water filter.
  4. Programmable 24-hour timer.
  5. Brew pause feature.

This might be the best option on this list. You don’t need to sort through a long list of both espresso and drip coffee makers: You have them both here. And it’s compact for a hybrid machine.

Suitable for: Aspirational baristas, big homes with lots of coffee lovers, making different types of coffee at the same time.

8. Bonavita BV1901PW

[lasso ref=”bonavita-bv1901pw-metropolitan-one-touch-coffee-brewer-length-12-60-width-6-80-height-12-20-black” id=”13479″ link_id=”20016″]

Overall rating: 8/10

With a sophisticated look and a very easy to operate brewing system, this machine makes its way into our list because of its high quality of materials while remaining an inexpensive buy.

Best features:

  1. Fast water heating.
  2. Tempered glass carafe does a great job of retaining heat.
  3. Sound signal to alert you that your coffee has finished brewing and is ready to drink a cup of coffee.
  4. Pre-infusion function.

Suitable for: People on a budget and those who don’t like designs with over-the-top shiny surfaces.

Thank you for reading about the best coffee makers you can find online. Let us know in the comments below which maker interested you or maybe you already have one of these brewing up your coffee at home. Comment below!

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We’ll brew ya later!

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