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Do you weigh your coffee? If you don’t, we think you should! It’s easy to use too much or too little coffee when you’re eyeballing your measurements. Getting the right ratio of coffee to water is essential for brewing a great cup of drip coffee, and you pretty much can’t make espresso without a coffee scale. So if you’re a serious coffee lover, you should definitely have a coffee scale in your kitchen!

Today we’re going to share the absolute best coffee scales with you. All of these scales are accurate and easy to use, so you really can’t go wrong no matter which one you pick!

Best Coffee Scales

Brewista Smart Scale II for Espresso and Kitchen scale

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If you make espresso at home, then you need this coffee scale in your kitchen! It has a water resistant silicone pad over it, so you can put it right on the drip tray of your espresso machine and no harm will come to it. Here are some of it’s features.

This scale has a few different modes that will help you pull the perfect shot of espresso or achieve the best pour over. The mode for brewing espresso zeroes out and starts a timer as soon as you put a cup on it. Having an automatic timer is so helpful when you’re pulling a shot! You’ll know exactly when to stop the extraction to get that once in a lifetime shot you’ve always wanted.

The mode for pour-overs is super helpful, too. As soon as you place your pour-over equipment on the scale, it zeros out and starts a timer. Because of this timer you’ll know exactly when to stop brewing, so you’ll get the perfect cup of coffee!

This coffee scale is a little pricey, at around $90, but we think that the durability and all of the manual modes make it worth the price!

What We Liked

  • Great battery life
  • Good liquid resistance
  • Fits on our Slayer drip tray perfectly

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not come with charging cable
  • tare doesnt work sometimes
  • Slightly taller than previous mode

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale

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We love this scale because it’s super accurate. It measures in increments of 0.1 grams, so even if you put just one coffee bean down on the scale, it’ll register. Isn’t that amazing? Below are some of it’s features.

It also has a timer that comes in handy when you’re blooming coffee or brewing pour- overs. The timer won’t automatically turn on for you, but this scale is half the price of the fancy coffee scales that have that feature, so we don’t mind!

Another nice feature this scale has is an auto- off function. If you haven’t used it for five minutes, it’ll shut itself off to save battery. It won’t do that when you’re using the timer, though, so you won’t have to worry about this coffee scale randomly turning off in the middle of your extraction. We’ve heard that’s a problem with some other coffee scales… what a nightmare!

One more plus is that this scale is super pretty as far as coffee scales go. It has a sleek, modern black design. It isn’t too bulky or large like others, so it won’t take up too much counter space either, which means more room for espresso machines and French presses!

Can’t complain about more coffee equipment right?

What We Liked

  • Great timer function
  • Does not shut down automatically while the timer is in effect
  • No annoying beeping sounds like some other models have

What We Didn’t Like

  • delay in weighs changes
  • Doesn’t have a capacity warning.

Acaia Scale Lunar

[lasso ref=”acaia-scale-lunar” id=”13260″ link_id=”19475″]

If you want a professional scale that a lot of baristas use, this is the one to get… but it comes at a price! This scale costs a whopping $225.00. We don’t even think we paid that much for our Nespresso machine!

But if you’re serious about making amazing shots of espresso, this scale is worth the hefty price tag—there’s a reason why so many baristas use it!

It’s totally water resistant and even comes with a two year warranty against water damage. If you’re clumsy in the kitchen and prone to spilling coffee all over the place, it’s worth it to invest in a durable, professional grade scale like this one!

This scale can also detect increasing weights and automatically start a timer without you having to press anything. So whenever your espresso starts streaming out of your espresso machine, this timer will automatically go on.

But one of the coolest features of this coffee scale is its smart capability. This scale syncs data from your brewing sessions directly to an app on your phone, so you’ll get to track and analyze all of your data about extraction times and coffee weights. This will really help you figure out how to make the best espresso. If you pull the perfect shot, you’ll be able to look on your app and see exactly what you did so you can replicate it later!

What We Liked

  • Very accurate and consistent.
  • comes with a removable rubber mat that protects the scale top.
  • Much more easy to Disney movie enthusiasts

What We Didn’t Like

  • the plastic display scratches easily.
  • The size is fairly small.

OXO 11212400 Good Grips 6 Lb Precision Coffee Scale

[lasso ref=”oxo-good-grips-6-lb-precision-coffee-scale-with-timerblackone-size” id=”13265″ link_id=”19476″]

We thought we’d balance out the sticker shock of the last scale with a much more affordable option!

This precision coffee scale is $50, which is much cheaper than the last scale we covered. But sadly, you’ll have to give up all of the smart features that make the Acaia scale so, so cool!

This scale doesn’t have an automatic timer, an app to analyze your data, or a water resistant design, but what it does have is a regular timer and pretty great accuracy, which is all you really need to make good coffee!

It measures in increments of 0.1 grams, so it’ll register even the slightest changes in the number of beans on the scale.

The timer doesn’t turn on by itself, but it has a nice big LCD screen that’ll make it easy to see when you need to stop your extractions and brews.

It also has a tare function, a compact design, and an optional auto- off feature. We think it’s a great starter coffee scale that offers good value for money!

What We Liked

  • 0.1 g precision
  • Built-in timer
  • Effective touch-sensitive buttons

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes unstable

Portable Coffee Scale

[lasso ref=”digital-kitchen-portable-coffee-scale-with-timer-food-weight-0-1g-2kg-black” id=”13270″ link_id=”19478″]

If you’re looking for a budget option that still maintains accuracy, this scale is it. It’s only $17.49, which is about as cheap as coffee scales get!

As long as the coffee beans or grounds you’re measuring are under 200 grams, this scale will measure them in increments of 0.1 grams. It also has a timer function just like all the other coffee scales, so it will help you achieve the perfect extraction times.

It’s not as pretty or compact as the other coffee scales on this list, but it offers solid features for the price, so we can’t knock it!

What We Liked

  • Simple to use
  • Display is big and easy to read
  • Great accuracy

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes responds slowly

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