Best Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets (2020)


We regret to inform you that you do have to clean your espresso machine every once in a while.

At first, you might think, “Hey, but there’s constantly boiling water running through the machine. Heat kills bacteria. No need to clean my espresso machine because, you know, heat.”

You’re right, boiling water kills most bacteria. However, the problem is that espresso machines no longer use boiling water for brewing: The ideal temperature for making an espresso is well below the boiling point. And even knowing this, the water is heated in a separate compartment and goes from there directly to brew the coffee. Most of the machine is untouched by this hot water.

It’s safe to say, then, that your espresso machine needs a little bit of cleaning from time to time. The good thing is that this is super easy, and can be done by dissolving a tablet in your machine’s water tank and running it normally. The solution will clean, descale, and disinfect in general.

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of reasons why you should use cleaning tablets:

  • Increases your machine’s lifespan 
  • Protects against escale build-ups 
  • Improves the taste of your coffee

…And it’s easy to do.

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The CleanEspresso tablets are made to be just as efficient as the official Breville cleaning tablets. They are practically the same product, but at a significantly lower price.

They are specifically made for Breville machines and fit most models (although you should check first with a quick internet search).

A better espresso

The promise of these CleanEspresso is not just to clean your machine – they guarantee a better tasting espresso. This is the best sign you could hope for after cleaning your machine: A noticeably better tasting espresso. That means the tablets are doing their job.

Their tablets are bigger than most others at 2 grams. You won’t ever need to use more than one at a time.

Cafiza Cleaner and Descaler 

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These Cafiza tablets are basically a very standard descaler that doubles as a cleaner. After all, the same chemical components used for descaling succeed in getting any other foreign substances out of your machine. 

Cafiza does make their tablets in different sizes, should you need a different fit. You can also find the same formula in powder form for easier dosing.

Overall, the Cafiza cleaning tablets are more of a weekly routine kind of tablets. They aren’t as powerful as other tablets – which has its own advantages. You can use them more often without putting too much of a strain on your espresso machine. Plus, this eliminates the need for using heavy-duty descalers.

Cino Cleano

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At last, tablets that are purely for cleaning and not descaling your espresso machine. There’s a difference. Descaling type of tablets, you don’t want to come in contact with. And are mostly for running a “dry” with them, and get the machine cleaned from the inside.

But what if you need to wash other parts of the machine, and don’t trust soap and other products? You use tablets like Cino Cleano.

Whenever you need to clean your steam wand, portafilter or grouphead, you just dissolve one tablet into some water and use it as if it were soap. All your espresso machine’s parts will be clean as new and untouched by the products that could compromise the taste of your coffee.

Full Circle

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Biodegradable, phosphate-free and odorless. Full Circle cleaning tablets are not only environment-friendly, but they are also a gentle way of cleaning your machine. Some manufacturers think only about getting the job done efficiently, which leads to corrosive chemicals making their way into your machine. This, over time, can be deadly for your espresso machine.

But Full Circle puts your mind at ease. Besides using chemicals that aren’t as corrosive, their tablets are more soluble than others on the market. More solubility means that there is a much smaller chance that the tablet won’t dissolve completely. This is not uncommon and leaves your machine only partly cleaned, with chunks of the tablet coming out the other side.

Choose Full Circle cleaning tablets for eco-friendly, effective cleaning.

Plink Universal cleaner & descaler

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Plink tablets are “universal”. This means that the amount of things you can clean with these tablets goes above and beyond our expectations.

Whether you have an automatic or semi-automatic machine, Plink will clean and descale to perfection. It’s also a great choice for single-serve and drip coffee machines.

One of the things we like the most about the Plink tablets is that they’re very good for removing escale from any coffee-related appliances. It’s not unusual for coffee gear to get build-ups, too. You might have a milk pitcher with unsightly stains or maybe the metallic bits of your french press – just dilute Plink on some water and use to get those stains out.

Essential Values Espresso Machine Cleaner, Descaler

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Sometimes we just want something simple: A product that isn’t premium, or special, or doesn’t have any flashy, distracting feature; Something that does the job, and does it well.

And that’s precisely what you get with these tablets. They’re exclusively for cleaning espresso machines – any and all kinds. Just pop one of these and your machine will be clean and free of any build-ups.

Besides this, we do have to say they are quite inexpensive, considering they’re just as good as any other tablet on this list. Plus, we like the packaging. The bottle looks like what it is: A cleaning product. As it should be!

Schaerer Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

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With 100 tablets per jar, Schaerer is one of our most practical options.

Schaerer is a more high-end product that is more commonly used by coffee shops and the like – where it is of vital importance that machines are in top condition – although they are slightly more expensive than other cleaning tablets.

With Schaerer cleaning tablets, you’re pretty much set. They do an amazing job at cleaning your espresso machine and have no trouble handling big machines, as where other tablets might fall short – having to use more than one at a time.

CleanHike espresso machine cleaner and descaler tablets

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For a more handy option, you have CleanHike tablets. These tablets -which come on individual packets- are your go-to option for any kind of coffee machine.

Some of us have more than one coffee machine at home. Maybe you have a Nespresso machine because there are those mornings when all you can do is push a button and a regular espresso machine for when you have the energy to make yourself a coffee.

Whatever kind of machine you have, though, you can be sure that these tablets are gonna do the job. They’re good for single-serve, fully automatic machines, and most other machines. They have a very natural formula that avoids any sort of toxic or malign ingredients, which is a big plus.


For a machine to be consistently at its best, you have to take some responsibility. And it’s never been easier since cleaning tablets like these have become popular – and are formulated for even home machines to handle.

Whatever tablet you choose in the end, the important thing is that you’re cleaning and taking care of your espresso machine. It makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the taste of your coffee and, most of all, how long your machine lasts. 

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