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France has given us plenty of delicious things in the past. Croissants, boiled snails (no), and most of all, French roast coffee. 

French roast coffee is a term used to refer to a type of roast somewhere between medium and dark roast. This roast came about in France after the Italians brought coffee. Italians liked their coffee strong, dark-roasted: the French had more sensitive palates, so they settled for a slightly lighter roast. 

Another relevant French flavor is French vanilla, which is also a French invention. This comes from a drink that the French made, infusing vanilla in different beverages- while the actual ingredient is regular vanilla, the flavor is historically remembered as “French” because of the intensity of the flavor. Basically, a beverage where the most notable flavor is vanilla tends to be called “French vanilla”

In this article, we’ve compiled some of the best french roast coffee beans for you to try:

Best French Roast Coffee Beans

Volcanica French Roast Coffee Beans

Volcanica French Roast Coffee Beans @Amazon

This is a brand we’re very familiar with. They have some of the best coffee blends out there for Central American coffee lovers- their selection of both Central and South American coffee is very varied and of very high quality. 

This coffee does not disappoint. It’s a blend of different origins that does a great job at achieving a balanced flavor that is then crowned with the sublimely delicious French roast.

Lion Coffee French Roast

lion coffee
Lion Coffee French Roast @Amazon

Hawaii coffee roasted right in Hawaii. This coffee comes from a very old tradition of island-grown and roasted coffee that is sure to have a very different taste to other French roasts. It’s more vibrant and has certain fruit-like hints that others lack. 

The flavor, however, is not that balanced, and you will find that it can be a little too acidic or bitter at times. Not for black coffee fans.

San Francisco Bay French-Roast Coffee Cups

san francisco bay
San Francisco Bay French-Roast Coffee Cups @Amazon

It is well known for its rich community of coffee, so it’s not really a surprise that this coffee is incredibly delicious. It’s strong, that’s for sure, but you can also feel a smooth taste that’s reminiscent of dark, creamy cocoa. 

They also have a wide selection of similar flavor in cups/capsules, so be sure to check it out! 

Solimo French Roast Coffee Pods

Solimo French Roast Coffee Pods @Amazon

This is another level when it comes to capsules/pods. Their coffee seems to be fresher, almost as if it’s freshly ground. We can’t get our heads around at just how fresh it tastes.

If you’re a fan of freshly ground coffee, then Solimo’s is probably the best one for you. We don’t know their secret, but we absolutely love it! 

Peet’s Coffee French Roast

Peet’s Coffee French Roast @Amazon

The Peet’s coffee never fails to deliver good coffee. On this occasion, we get a French roast that feels slightly darker than the others on this list. It’s extremely pleasant, though, as it feels strong without being overly bitter. 

For all of us who enjoy a strong cup of coffee but could do without so much bitterness, this one’s the better option. 

Buyer’s Guide

With so many good options, how do we know which one to choose? Well, that’s what we’re here for. We can’t choose for you, but we can talk about some of the most important things to take into account. 


Even though all of the options we talk about here are French roast, that doesn’t really mean that they’re all exactly the same. Lion Coffee is sure to deliver a more exotic/tropical flavor. Volcanica is a milder, more balanced coffee while Peet’s is stronger.

Decide first on what type of coffee you would enjoy best and then choose based on this. 


Freshness is very important. It can make all the difference between a “meh” cup of coffee and a cup of coffee that makes you want to turn your life around. In this respect, we recommend getting a whole bean. If that can’t be done, then go for ground coffee.

Capsule coffee isn’t ideal for freshness, but we can attest to Solimo’s freshness, as it feels much fresher than most other capsules we’ve tried before. 


French roasts are naturally oily. The darker the roast, it seems, the more the beans’ natural oils are drawn to the surface of the bean- that means they are more easily extracted into our cup. And it is mostly those oils that are responsible for a bean’s flavor and aroma. 

Here, most French roasts are going to be oily. But, again, we recommend getting whole bean coffee because the oils will be better preserved this way. 


Bitterness is an intrinsic part of coffee. A cup of coffee without at least a hint of bitterness will always taste bland. The key, of course, is balance. 

French roasts are quite darker than usual, so there is sure to be quite a bit of bitterness here. We recommend either Volcanica and Peet’s for less bitter coffee, as they have done a very good job toning down the coffee’s natural bitterness in their blends. 


It is not always that we order a French roast coffee by name. But we should do it more often: this type of coffee is full of flavor and has a fragrant aroma that is enough to make you hungry. French roast is, despite its name, very popular in America right now, and its popularity seems to be rising. 

Even if the options in this article don’t satisfy you, we still encourage you to try French roast coffee. It is a flavor that should be present in all our kitchens, as it is balanced, mild, and universally appealing. Even now, we don’t really know any other roasts by the country’s name that popularized them: that should be enough to tell you just how popular this roast is around the world. 

Interestingly enough, the French roast is considered dark in America, while in Europe, it is more of a medium roast. We suppose Europeans like their coffee darker. What do they know? 

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