Best French Vanilla Coffee


Vanilla is probably one of the world’s most-loved flavors – and yet, as a spice, it hasn’t been around for long as most others. The Europeans discovered it in 1520, and it was an instant hit.

Vanilla is obtained from the pod of vanilla orchids. These are native to Mexico and are believed to have been consumed by Aztec people for thousands of years. Although authentic vanilla is quite expensive, a little bit goes a long way. Most vanilla is dried and made into powder or liquids to preserve it. You can also find dried vanilla pods, which is about as fresh as it can get.

Best French Vanilla Coffee

Why French Vanilla?

French vanilla is the name given to a combination of cream and vanilla that can be added to​ virtually any drink: hot cocoa, coffee, tea, liquor, among others. It doesn’t matter what you use French vanilla for, as it can only affect it positively. It was invented in France and is now widespread throughout the world.

So, to be clear, French vanilla is not a special kind of vanilla but rather the name of the flavor of the mix of vanilla and cream. This flavor is not just for coffee, it can go with anything and makes everything better just by being in it.

There is no doubt that we are big fans of French Vanilla coffee. Here’s a list of our favorites for you to try!

Best French Vanilla Coffee

Maxwell House French Vanilla Flavored Coffee

This coffee is can have either natural or artificial ingredients to add flavor. Also, the coffee mix comes with creamer and vanilla to create a rich and creamy drink. It has a very mild coffee flavor, which makes it great for those who like sweet coffee. The french vanilla flavor is deep and rich.

This instance of french vanilla is probably people’s favorite one, as it’s easy to intensify the flavor by just adding more scoops of instant coffee to your cup!

New England Coffee – Whole Bean French Vanilla  

This blend that combines 100% arabica coffee beans from Central and South America regions would already be delicious enough by itself. But it is this artificial French vanilla flavoring that turns this good coffee into a delicious one.

Brew with piping hot water to enjoy the fragrant aroma of vanilla and have it fill the room with an incredible mix of coffee and vanilla that will make you dizzy!

Don Francisco

An exotic flavor that mixes French vanilla with a nutty aroma, Don Francisco’s premium vanilla nut blend it’s a breath of fresh air for vanilla lovers.

Grown overseas but crafted in the USA. Roasted at Don Francisco’s zero waste facilities in Los Angeles. These guys make some of the most ethical coffee out there, which is an incentive to buy from them.

Kahlua Gourmet Coffee

Forget the liquor. This ground coffee -French vanilla flavored beats any other kahlúa coffee or coffee-based drink.

You can choose between regular French vanilla and a white version, which is way more creamy and slightly sweeter!

Eight O’Clock

Incredibly delicious, this coffee can be in any presentation your heart desires: whole bean, ground, and even single-serve for Keurig and others. Get yourself some of the best ​​french vanilla!

Medium roast for a flavor that is strong but not overpowering. Enjoy!

Copper Moon French Vanilla Coffee

The best french vanilla coffee is by far the fanciest coffee in this article. It is made with some of the most premium coffee beans (100% arabica!). All the treatment they get is top-notch, too, like single-batch roasting and so on. It can either ground or whole bean for maximum freshness.

Volcanica French Vanilla

Volcanica is a company that specializes in Central and South American coffee – their whole collection is just a great blend after the other. Truly an impressive repertoire.

Their French vanilla flavor is no different. It feels rich and is deeply aromatic. Experience the rich sensation of premium arabica coffee with a taste and aroma just like that of authentic vanilla!

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What is French Vanilla Coffee?

As we mentioned earlier, French vanilla is a combination of vanilla and cream. It’s a very popular flavoring for coffee and other beverages and sweets like ice cream.

French vanilla coffee is simply coffee flavored with either natural or artificial ingredients to taste like french vanilla.

How to Make French Vanilla Coffee

It is usually a mix between artificial vanilla flavoring (vanilla essence) and artificial cream flavoring if it comes as ground coffee or whole bean. There is no safe way of introducing ingredients to actual coffee without compromising its integrity (i.e.bugs, mold).

When it comes to instant coffee, the mix includes some natural ingredients like powdered milk and other creamers and sugar and, in some cases, actual vanilla. But in most cases, it’s artificial.

What Does French Vanilla Coffee Taste Like?

French vanilla is absolute bliss. Imagine having an actual flavor that goes with absolutely everything. Coffee and milk might be the most classic duo, but we dare to say that vanilla, cream, and coffee are the most classic trio!

Where Does Artificial Vanilla Come From?

Maybe you’ve heard about beavers and vanilla.

It turns out that these cute animals have a gland in their bodies that make them smell sweet – it’s a smell just ​​like vanilla.

The problem is that:

  1. You have to kill them to get this gland.
  2. It’s in their anus. It kind of makes you lose interest in vanilla flavoring.

The rumors are true, but luckily they don’t use it anymore. ​Besides being very cruel, it turned​ out it was quite expensive.

Nowadays, you either get the real thing, or you get a type of vanilla that is lab-made using different chemicals to create one that smells and tastes just like the real thing; vanillin.

So let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that we get to enjoy vanilla-flavored food and beverages without having to use the anal glands of any animals whatsoever.

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