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If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to say coffee is your favorite drink. It is, after all, the most popular drink in the entire world!  But some times call for other drinks besides coffee. As this delicious hot beverage gives you an energy spike, many of us tend to drink it only in the morning and only in limited amounts during later hours. For late nights, hot chocolate can be soothing as well as delicious. Most importantly: it won’t keep you up late at night!*And to only use your coffee maker for coffee, when we have such a thing as hot chocolate K-cups, is such a shame. So let’s explore some of the best Hot Chocolate K-cups right now on the market. In this article, we’ll help you find the best Hot Cocoa K-cups for you!

*Cocoa, in its most raw forms, does have a certain amount of caffeine. While this is far from the actual caffeine content of coffee or even tea, we just thought we should mention this. 

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Best Hot Chocolate K-Cups

Café Escapes Hot Cocoa

This hot cocoa boasts of one of the best natural flavors -and aroma- one could ask for. It’s got a really heavy body making it feel just like the type of cocoa you make at home. It’s sweetened but not too much, which is a great middle ground.

Grove Square Hot Cocoa

This delicious “milk chocolate” flavored hot cocoa will probably be a lot of people’s go-to comfort drink during rainy days. It’s got a little bit of coconut oil, which makes it silky and velvety – while also turning it into a healthier beverage. 

Happy Belly Hot Cocoa

This brand comes in strong with two flavored K-cups: salted caramel and hot cocoa. We’re more giant fans of the cocoa variety, which is delicious, although the salted caramel one is worth a try. 

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa / Hot Chocolate K-Cups

Nothing like a refreshing touch of peppermint to turn a regular hot cocoa drink into the sweet nectar of the gods. Peppermint and chocolate have been a regular duo in all manner of desserts (like ice cream) and other sweet beverages. Now, you can drink it. What a time to be alive!

Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa K-Cup

They may be renowned for their coffee, but their hot cocoa is a legend among hot beverage lovers. This classic hot cocoa flavor will make you feel like one of the lucky explorers that first discovered cocoa beans: like you’ve stumbled upon a great treasure. Drink up!

Two Rivers Hot Chocolate K-Cup Sampler Pack

Get bored easily? Here you go: a sampler pack of cocoa-based drinks that includes forty different flavors, all unique in their own way and all using cocoa as the main ingredient. You have cocoa-butterscotch, vanilla nougat, cookies, and cream. It’s the ultimate box of chocolates!  

Mountain High All Natural Hot-Chocolate K-Cups (Milk Chocolate)

Finally, we leave with a much safer, traditional choice. This is a naturally-flavored, simple hot cocoa K-cup of superb quality that will leave even the most experienced cocoa drinkers satisfied, as it’s made with high-quality ingredients and has a balanced, rich flavor. 

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Buyer’s Guide

Favorite brand

We’re loyal to our favorite brand. Of course, it is by exploring and going out of our comfort zone that we find new and exciting flavors that suit our palate the best. But if you’re a loyal customer of one particular K-cup brand like, say, Starbuck’s K-cups, then you might want to go with their hot cocoa. 

It’s all about what feels best for you.

Flavor variety

Yes, hot cocoa is great- but is it the best beverage you could be making on your Keurig? 

On this list, we have included a few alternatives, like peppermint & hot cocoa, salted caramel, and an assortment that has way too many hot cocoa flavors. 

If you know that hot cocoa is all you need, it’s okay to go with plain hot cocoa. It’s delicious. 

However, if you know that you’re going to be bored after the first cup, it’s probably best to get a more exotic flavor. 


Do They Make Sugar Free hot Chocolate K-Cups?

Yes, indeed! You can find several variations such as hot cocoa K-cups with no sugar added, or reduced-calorie hot cocoa K-cups.  

They don’t taste the same but seeing as how many of these are pumped full of sweeteners such as corn syrup, it’s a good idea to switch it up once in a while and drink sugar-free hot cocoa. If it’s too bitter for you, you can always sweeten it with stevia and the like.

Where can I buy hot Chocolate K-Cups?

There’s bound to be some at your local store, but we prefer buying online. The sheer amount of variety you can find online and the ability to compare side to side things such as quantity, price, and even customer reviews— you could never do that at the store! 

All in all, it’s a wiser decision to buy online after doing some research than to blindly bet on some k-cups you found at your local store. But if you’re in a hurry, yes, you can probably find them in your town or city. 

Where to buy Keurig K-Cups Hot Chocolate?

A simple search of K-cups + hot chocolate (or cocoa) will yield more results than you can ever want. It’s because of the sheer amount of variety out there that we make articles such as this one, putting together the best of the best for you- saving you time and money! 

How Long do hot Chocolate K-Cups Last?

Because they come sealed in a capsule, K-cups last quite long compared to other types of ground or powdered ingredients. But instead of going on a limb and giving you an estimate, you should check the expiration date on the product you buy. Either way, it’s probably long enough. 


Did you like our list? Is there any product you love that we might have missed or you think should be on this list? Let us know! We love hot cocoa almost as much as we love our morning coffee. So we’re always looking for better options! 

Thanks for reading!

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