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We often turn to exotic places— small islands in the Pacific or Amazonian countries like Brazil in our quest for better coffee. Sometimes, it is in the most usual places where you find some of the most incredible coffees. African coffee is the coffee that our ancestors drank. Coffee originated here, and it was the only place suitable for coffee-farming in the “old world.” Kenya, however, is different. This blog mentions different Kenyan Coffee Brands.

Coffee growing in Kenya didn’t start until after coffee had been around for centuries in places like South America. It was the late 19th century when Kenya began to grow coffee. It gave them an edge: they had a lot more information and technology available to them since the start than any other country in the world.

Kenya today is renowned in the whole world not just for their great coffee, but for how useful and cooperative their coffee industry is!

Best Kenyan Coffee brands-CS- Kenyan coffee has aroma, intense flavor & know for-its-in-your-acidity and berry undertones

What is Kenyan Coffee and different Kenyan Coffee Brands

Kenyan coffee is -this should be obvious- coffee that has been grown and processed in Kenya.

But one should always be careful about reading the small print since Kenyan coffee can and is mixed with other beans to increase volume while still marketing it as “Kenyan”— so be careful!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite Best Kenyan Coffee Brands.

Best Kenyan Coffee Brands

Although Kenyan coffees can and do share specific characteristics, like all great things, they cannot fit into a single flavor profile. Here, we present you with different Kenyan coffee brands, all unique in the own way:

Volcanica Kenya -one of the best Kenyan Coffee Brands

Roast: Medium
Flavor Profile: Raspberry, fresh-cut redwood, floral
Body: Medium leaning towards bold
Overall: Wine-like, nature-evoking flavor and aroma

It tastes better black: no cream, no sugar, nothing. Its exotic flavor and aroma profile are great but will get easily lost in milk and condiments.

Cooper’s Cask Kenyan Coffee Beans

Roast: Medium-dark
Flavor Profile: Honey wheat, bittersweet chocolate, molasses
Body: Light
Overall: 8.5/10

It makes a killer cup of espresso or similarly concentrated coffees (Moka, Aeropress) but doesn’t pair well with others.

Henry’s House of Coffee: Kenya Beans (Light)

Roast: Light
Flavor Profile: Vanilla, berries, lemon
Body: Light-medium
Overall: 9.5

Maybe we’re partial to light roasts, but this coffee is an absolute delicacy. The whole cup feels light and velvety, and the combination of sweet flavor notes is enough for anybody to forget about dark roasts forever.

Starbucks Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee — Kenya African Blend Premium Select

Roast: Medium
Flavor profile: Tropical fruit (sweet and bright), brown sugar
Body: Full-bodied
Overall: 10

Some people might think that Starbucks is more about brand and name than it is about coffee. Well, this Kenyan coffee will prove you wrong. An authentic Kenyan coffee blend made exclusively from the very best of beans that you can get. You have to try it!

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters-Best Kenyan Coffee Brands

Roast: Medium
Flavor profile: Blackberry and prunes. Winey.
Body: Medium
Overall: 8

Green Mountain is well known for its sustainable coffee, which is often organic and or very high quality. Their Kenya Highlands coffee is no exception: it makes a great coffee every time.

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC

Roast: Medium
Flavor profile: Black Tea, orange zest, peach blossom
Body: Medium, light (depending on brewing method)
Overall: 9.5

A great example of the balance -but not dullness- that proves Kenyan coffee is so famous. If you appreciate a delicate coffee that strikes a balance between flavor, body, and aroma, this is the one.

Screen 18 Kenyan AA Single Origin Premium Crafted Coffee

Roast: Medium-dark
Flavor profile: Wine-like, sun-dried prunes, berries
Body: Full-bodied, heavy
Overall: 10

Exquisite is the only accurate word to describe this coffee. There isn’t much to say: you’ll understand once you’ve tasted it yourself— one of the best Kenyan coffees available in the market.

GEVALIA Special Reserve Kenya Mild Roast Fine Ground Coffee

Roast: Medium-light
Flavor Profile: Berries, floral hints
Body: Light
Overall: 8

Solid choice of Kenyan coffee that, if not exotic or exceedingly gourmet/premium, still delivers a great-tasting coffee made with 100% arabica beans from Kenya’s best coffee-growing regions.

Best Kenyan Coffee brands

Buyer’s Guide for Best Kenyan Coffee Brands

We can’t decide for you. That would make your life too easy, and we can’t have that, can we?

But seriously, everyone has their unique preferences, and this guide will help you choose a coffee that right for you specifically.


In terms of taste, all these choices offer -more or less- the same flavor profile. Kenyan coffee is famous for its “wine-like” flavor, which means it has a very particular acidity. In this respect, it feels a lot like drinking red wine

On the other hand, you’ve got flavors of fruits like prunes, peach, and so on. These are usually not particularly sweet but still creamy— full of “umami.”

Since all offer the same flavor (although the quality does differ), there’s nothing to think about here.


Coffee is pricey, and Kenya does rank amongst the costliest of all coffee-growing countries of Africa.

Although we share the sentiment of wanting to splurge on coffee (after all, it’s what makes a good morning), it might not always be the best choice.

Here, we encourage you to choose a coffee more on instinct than blindly going for the highest price, thinking it equals the highest quality. You’ll still get a good cup of Kenyan coffee.

Beans vs. Grounds

Of course, beans are always the best choice. You’ll still get a fuller, more complex flavor, and aroma if you grind at home than buy ground coffee. There’s just no doubt about that anymore

However, since Kenyan coffee is probably not your everyday kind of coffee, it’s justified buying ground just to have a cup here and there every once in a while.

Brewing Method

Kenyan coffee is best as espresso. What Colombia is to South America, Kenya is to Africa. Their exotic flavors and high-quality coffee have made them famous— but mostly because of how well these qualities are expressed through the espresso format.

Conversely, Kenyan coffee is also great brewed with a Syphon (or Vac pot) and other similar brewing methods.

Conclusion- Best Kenyan Coffee Brands

It’s kind of hard to decide.

The good news, however, is that all of them are guaranteed to taste great. You’ll most definitely like any of these because Kenyan coffee is just that good. So— don’t overthink it. If you’re not drinking Kenyan coffee, you’re missing out!

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