Best Time to Drink Coffee for Weight Loss


Coffee brings many health benefits, including weight loss. Studies show that it can help people lose up to five pounds in a year. And drinking coffee may even prevent some diseases like type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

Though it helps burn fat, there is no specific best time to drink coffee for weight loss. Instead, it can work on your weight loss goal at different times of the day and varies from person to person as other people have different habits.

What is the Best Time to Drink Coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee is a helpful beverage that tastes heavenly and helps those who want to get in shape. To gain maximum benefit regarding weight loss, you can’t consume coffee any time of the day. Instead, you have to keep your lifestyle in your mind and drink coffee accordingly to get optimal output.

Apart from weight loss, you can visit a Coffee Forum to learn more interesting facts about different aspects of this excellent drink. Okay, let’s see how coffee helps reduce fat at different times of the day so that you can pick your best time to drink coffee for weight loss.


Earlier studies show that drinking coffee in the mornings will likely give you more energy than if you drank it later on in the day. It will also improve your mood, which can help with weight control because stress often triggers the emotion of eating unhealthy foods for comfort purposes.

Later in the Day

If you’re not able to drink your coffee in the morning, you’ll get the same weight loss benefits if you consume it later on. Your body will still burn off extra calories throughout the day even if you don’t drink it until later on.  It’s also beneficial to drink coffee before an aerobic workout because it will improve your performance.


A night of good sleep is necessary for sound health. So, the evening is also a good time to benefit from coffee because it can help you get better sleep. Also, some people do their daily exercise during the evening for many reasons.  So, it will help their body to burn calories better if they have a cup of coffee before working out.


If you often find yourself up at all hours of the night, drinking coffee can help because caffeine can also help you stay awake. Also, studies have found that coffee reduces appetite, and drinking coffee at night will help you eat less food at dinner.  So, you can try coffee at night if you don’t mind staying awake the whole night.

What type of coffee is suitable for weight loss?

People who drink coffee regularly, especially in the morning or before a workout, will likely see reduced fat and waistlines compared to those who don’t.

It’s helpful to drink coffee that contains low caffeine. Suppose you want to reduce your daily caffeine consumption. In that case, it can help if you decrease the amount of caffeine slowly because abruptly stopping caffeine intake will make you exhausted and irritable.

Decaf coffee is also a good option for weight loss. You can drink decaffeinated coffee at any time of the day without any hesitation.

While decaf coffee doesn’t contain caffeine, it’s still important to limit your intake because it has diuretic properties. That means that drinking too much of it can make you dehydrated and affect your body functions.

Also, never add sugar to your coffee to get the most weight loss benefit from your coffee. Your body will store more fat by consuming sugar with caffeine instead of burning it.

If you prefer to drink black coffee, consider adding coconut oil to your coffee. Not only will it make you fuller for longer, but it also has fat-burning properties. So, try drinking coffee at different times of the day to see how it affects your weight loss goals.

Final words

As you can see, any time of day is good for drinking coffee for weight loss purposes as long as it doesn’t contradict your lifestyle. Moreover, excessive consumption of coffee is also not good for your health and weight loss plan. I hope now you can quickly figure out the best time to drink coffee for weight loss and get rid of those unwanted body fat without any issue. Have a nice day! 

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