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What is Biggby?

Your body is craving for it. Your friend won’t keep calm. Yes, it’s time for Biggby coffee.

Biggby is a franchise store that retails different coffee products across 11 different states.

At some point, we all crave coffee. Whether it’s to jumpstart your brain, re-energize, awaken your metabolic system. Whatever the reason, you will feel compelled to hop into one of the Biggby franchises for the best coffee recipe in town.

Ever wondered how your favorite coffee shop came about?

Here’s the story.

History of Biggby Coffee

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The founders of this beautiful coffee franchise are Bob Fish and Mary Roszel in early 1995. The two were college mates in Michigan State University who later worked together managing a fast-growing restaurant chain in the same state.

Initially, the coffee house was known as Beaners Coffee.

Their first shop was in Lansing, Michigan, and to date, the headquarters are still located in Michigan.

The franchise had instant success. By the end of the fourth year, they had three branches in operation in different locations.

The transition from Beaners Coffee to Biggby happened in the year 2007 as the Mexican people had issues with the word ‘Beaners’. To them, the word was derogatory.

Interesting right?

Biggby Coffee Progress

Over the years, the franchise has grown rapidly despite stiff competition in the coffee market.

By the end of 2020, the franchise had 243 branches in 11 states, including Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, and Florida. 

The number is expected to rise with the reduction of franchise entry costs by 40%.

Biggby Menu

Biggby has built its name by providing quality coffee varieties over time. It also offers limited food products, mostly breakfast accompaniments like waffles and sandwiches.

Among the available varieties in the Biggby menu are:

  • Tea latte 
  • Coffee latte
  • Hot chocolate
  • Traditional drinks
  • Smoothies
  • Freeze smoothies
  • Snacks

These are the general categories under which there are a wide variety of selections. For instance, under tea latte, you can choose to have Chai latte, Chumpkin, Chai charger, among others.

These are among the many varieties that Biggby offers. However, if you have a unique mix of latte that you wish to have, it can be easily customized to your preference.

One thing that stands out for Biggby is its customer-centric approach. In any of the branches, you are a part of the Biggby family.

Their mission is to brighten your day, bring people together while offering delicious and affordable coffee varieties.

Under every latte classification, there is a wide range of flavors that you can choose from.

Why Biggby?

You may be wondering what has led to the massive success of Biggby. I will tell you why.

Unity of Purpose

Biggby has always been consistent in its pursuit. Coffee has always been used to bring people together and celebrate good times as you awaken the lying warrior. Something that Biggby always upholds.

Their deeply seated customer-centric approach has led to their consistent growth and widespread acceptance. In any Biggby store, you always feel like a part of the big family.

Additionally, Biggby always remembers the value of your important days. There are programs in place to make you feel special.

Birthday Treat

Imagine that! Biggby always remembers your birthday, and it’s up to you to choose to receive it by mail or have the free drink included on your card.

If you choose to get your freebie by mail, you will receive it at the beginning of your birthday month. 

How about that!

Weekly Rewards

Every week Biggby sends out emails to the loyal clientele informing them of the available running offers for that week. The offers could be discounted food or drinks, and sometimes it’s their merchandise.

 If you have a favorite store, indicate it in your account, and Bigby will notify you of their offers in good time.

Loyalty Program

Biggby recognizes and rewards its loyal clients in various ways. First, for every 12 beverages that you buy full-priced, you get the 13th free of charge. Secondly, For every 4 Kg of coffee you buy from them, you get the 5th free.

These customer-centric approaches have led to the franchise’s rapid growth, whose sales have skyrocketed in the last few years. 

Planned Expansion

With the increased demand for Biggby lattes, they have intentionally expanded to most of the city-states. The assurance that you will get your favorite beverages in these states creates some sense of loyalty.

Consistent Quality

Biggby has remained consistent over the years, offering quality services in all the branches.

As expansion looms, most companies tend to lose their core values and forget what led to their success. It’s different for Biggby. It has retained the quality parameters in each of their stores that are observed since inception.

Over time they have in their menu healthy quality drinks that are sugar-free. The inclusion of healthy beverages has also led to their endorsement by the growing health-conscious population.

Community Focused

Biggby holds that without community support, it would be hard to thrive. For this reason, they are constantly participating in community activities. Lending a hand where needed. The communities reciprocate by remaining loyal. 

As a franchise, Biggby holds that the model is more about the people than revenue. For this reason, Biggby prioritizes the baristas, the customers, franchise owners, and the whole community. This value has endeared them to a majority of the people.

Most of the clientele who frequent Biggby have varied reasons why they remain loyal for so long.

Here are some of the reasons why your first visit to any of the Biggby store makes you a lifetime loyal fan:

  • Great coffee  
  • Wide variety of recipes to choose from
  • Ideal locations
  • Cozy furniture in all their branches
  • Great service
  • Welcoming environment
  • Personalized service
  • Organized and spacious 
  • Classic ambiance
  • High levels of hygiene


The next time you plan to have coffee in a relaxed, welcoming environment, consider hopping into Biggby coffee.

Customer service at any of the franchises is on another level. If you wish to raise a concern, you are free to do it and are assured Biggby will address it in record time.

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