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Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

Have you found it difficult to contend with your espresso cravings have you? Breville’s Bambino may have the answer. It produces barista-style coffee and single-cup coffee in one compact unit. Other versions, such as the barista express, high-end barista, and Oracle, are available, but they either take up too much counter space or have minimal functionality. Breville Bambino Plus strikes the ideal combination with all the required features. We’ll look at all of the distinctive features and other configurations that give the Breville Bambino Plus its is plus’ aspect in this Breville Bambino Plus review.

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What makes Breville Bambino Plus so special?

Breville Bambino Plus espresso machine comes with almost everything a coffee fan might need to make one or two espresso shots, including jugs, tampers, and a built-in steam wand, enabling you to make a coffee house brews promptly. It’s also one of Breville’s most reasonably priced coffee makers. It allows you to make a professional or barista-quality brew at home. While it lacks a built-in grinder, you can easily overcome this by using pre-ground beans or purchasing a separate grinder if you prefer fresher brews.

For more information on the Breville Bambino Plus, check out this detailed analysis and guide to help you determine whether it’s the right appliance for your lifestyle.

What is Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine?

Breville is an Australian-based coffee equipment manufacturer that has rapidly gained a global following thanks to its high-quality coffee machines. From the barista express, a high-end commercial coffee machine, to their new masterpiece, the Breville Bambino Plus espresso coffee machine, they’re renowned for making fantastic brewers.

It’s part of the newest brands and is notably small and versatile. Here are the features in 2021, which every coffee enthusiast would find impressive. You can use them to enjoy excellent quality espresso in the comfort of your own home like a pro.

The Breville Bambino Plus Espresso coffee maker is an excellent first step in terms of price, ease of use, and usability. It enables users to make authentic espresso at home in a convenient manner. This compact machine contains all of the essential equipment to begin making single or double coffee or daily drip coffee.

You also get a single and double shot capability with highly pressurized dual wall filter baskets, a tamper, a Razor Precision Dosing Tool, a milk jug, a cleaning disc, and tablets in addition to the innovative brewer itself.

Breville Bambino Plus Features

Heats up in 3-seconds

ThermoJet heating systems in the Bambino brewer provide ideal brewing by reaching the optimal temperature of your favorite coffee grounds in just three seconds. It allows you to make delicious coffee-based beverages without having to wait. Rich, yummy, vivid, and flavorful espressos are the outcome of this quick heating system.

Automatic Foam Texturing

The automatic steam milk wand helps you customize your milk’s temperature and texture. Just like you would get at a restaurant or coffee shop. These tweaks allow you to make the best coffee microfoam milk, enhancing the brew’s flavors and soft layer in each cup. Milk is steamed under high pressure, producing millions of tiny bubbles that enhance the flavor and creamy texture.

Easy to clean and maintain

Breville advises its customers after buying one of their items to clean it thoroughly with clean water. It’s such a good idea to do this every occasion you use the machine, particularly if you’re not in a hurry. Nevertheless, it’s not necessary every day.

For an even more thorough washing, it comes with cleaning discs and tablets. The second feature of its drip tray and portafilter that we like is that they are both removable and have an automated descaling feature. The milk wand also has a self-cleaning feature.

Portafilter Dosage

Using the correct ratio of beans, you can make consistent and healthy cappuccinos, espressos, or daily drip coffee, and the machine’s 54 mm steel portafilter allows you to do so every time. It’s the most comfortable way to appreciate the full flavor of bistro-quality coffee. Your favorite pods or coffee grounds will be able to exude their exquisite aroma, taste, and unique qualities at the perfect dose level.

Pre-Infusion System with Low-Pressure

The brewer features a proprietary low-pressure pre-infusing system that steadily raises the pressure at the start of pulling the shot. It ensures that all of the flavors are extracted equally during the extraction procedure for a balanced and fantastic tasting cup of coffee.

Digital Temperature Control

It is possible to develop well-balanced, tasty, and distinct tastes using water temperature control. Its digital temperature control (PID) gives you balance and control. It delivers delicious brews every time you use the machine.

Ease of use

Every Breville Bambino Plus coffee maker is simple to use. Breville Bambino Plus does just that. The top of the product’s control panel has five buttons that control all of the device’s functions. It comes with a guide that describes what each button does. There isn’t much of a learning curve. Users can quickly learn to make their favorite coffees.

Why should you buy Breville Bambino Plus Coffee Maker?

Breville offers a wide range of products. The barista express and precision barista coffee machines are fine examples. Still, most of them are either too large or lack quintessential features such as an integrated steam wand, coffee grinder, or drip tray. Despite the lack of a built-in grinder, the Bambino plus espresso machine offers all of the other necessary brewing features and advantages in a small package. It enables you to make authentic bistro-level espresso and milk drinks at home, such as a cappuccino or latte, even if you lack experience.

The product offers some of the best espresso machine benefits. Here are some of them:

Minimalist Style

The Bambino coffee machine is one of the compact devices available on the market. it measures 7.7inches x 12.6inches x 12.2inches and offers outstanding taste, convenience, and consistency in a durable box. This model is the perfect brewer for those who have limited kitchen space.


It’s a simple device with intuitive buttons at the end. It makes it an attractive budget-level coffee maker for most people who aren’t familiar with the art of coffee making. This coffee machine makes espressos, coffees, and even steaming milk most simply and quickly possible. It results in genius brews of the perfect texture.

Advance Features

Bambino coffee makers have a range of high-tech and innovative features that boost the overall coffee brewing experience. Pre-infusion technology with a pressure sensor uniformly saturates the ground coffee, as well as a digital temperature controller that ensures the water used for espresso is at the correct temperature. It enables you to make balanced brews every time.

Automatic Foam Frothing

It takes practice, dedication, and a lot of time to get the velvety, smooth, frothed milk for cappuccino or latte at a coffeehouse. Because of this milk foam, milk-based beverages are sweet, rich, and wonderful. You don’t have to waste any milk or time with the Bambino. Furthermore, it has an automated hands-free automatic texturing feature.

ThermoJet Heating Technology

The Bambino coffee maker offers the latest ThermoJet heating technology. It heats the unit to the ideal extraction temperature in three seconds. Additionally, this outstanding feature allows you to move between brewing and steaming.

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