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Bunn is a well-known coffee maker manufacturer with a diverse range of products for domestic and commercial use. One such industrial-looking product is likely to be used in canteens, cafes, or other commercial kitchens. This definition is extended to the Bunn My Café, a single-serve coffee-making system.

Since it is built to serve one person, this product is ideal for coffee or tea consumers. The product’s interface is basic and intuitive, but it will have a few specific advantages discussed in this review.

Points to consider before buying a coffee brewer

Since everyone wants their coffee machine to last several years, making the right purchase is essential. There are slews of vital considerations to address, starting with the machine’s convenience of use. Since you need to save time, you need a device that is simple to learn.

Every coffee machine has its own set of buttons that control the scale, start and stop functions, and coffee strength. You want to make sure that your coffee maker helps you to change the strength and color of your coffee.

It would be best to look for a coffee machine that is easy to clean and maintain. The drip tray should be easy to remove and thoroughly clean when required, and all areas of the water basin should be accessible for cleaning.

Another element to remember is the kind of coffee maker filters that come with it. If you want a product with paper filters, you’ll need to set aside time after each brew to dispose of each one after use. However, since they reduce cholesterol, they have a range of health benefits.

Since metal filters are permanently attached to the coffee machine, you won’t have to think about removing them. However, since these cleaners get filthy quickly, you must be vigilant and clean them regularly.

Product Overview

Bunn My Café is a basic, commercial product that fulfills many of your coffee and tea-drinking requirements. The style is smart and compact, but you can use it to brew a single serving of k-cups, coffee grounds, or pods or tea bags. It can also dispense hot water.

bunn my cafe pourover brewer
Bunn My Cafe Pourover Commercial-Grade Pod Brewer @Amazon

The unit comes with four different cabinets, each offering a range of tea and coffee options to fit your taste. Cup drawers, pod drawers, water drawers, and ground coffee drawers are among the choices.

The Bunn My Café guarantees that every kind of tea or coffee will be brewed efficiently and quickly. Apart from the drawers, the brewer also includes a drip tray and cover.

Although you have some control over the type of drink you make, it doesn’t offer control of the beverage’s final temperature.

This is an automated brewer with flavor control, as opposed to Bunn’s full commercial grade model.

We’ll go over all of the features and advantages in detail later, but here are some of the most key things of the Bunn My Café that we like:

Points in favor

  • It is diverse, providing K cups, capsules, ground coffee, and hot water choices.
  • With the special pulse button, you can adjust the coffee strength.
  • For one cup of coffee, the water tank stores the right amount of fresh water.
  • The device does a fantastic job of moving all of the water into it and not wasting it.
  • One-year warranty.

Points against it

However, there is still scope for improvement, so here’s how we strengthen the product’s capabilities:

  • The noise level is a little high, which could be distracting if you’re trying to concentrate.
  • No option to control the temperature of the drinks.
  • Some users reported some leakage around the pods after a couple of years of usage.


The comfort of Bunn My Café outweighs the slight inconvenience. It’s good enough to draw new buyers, but it has a few features that we want to stand out and make you aware of them.

User-friendly operation with pulse brewing

The simple two-button interface allows for a quick and pain-free brewing operation. There is a brew button and a pulse brew button, which provide the two functions needed to make the desired cup of coffee or tea.

The Bunn My Café MCU will automatically switch on and begin to heat up once you plug it in. In the compact reservoir, you won’t have to think about holding excess water. Simply pour a cup of water into the tank, and you’re ready to go.

The indicator light will change from red to green to confirm when your cup is ready. To ensure that all of the water is drained into your cup, the system can emit a few relatively high spurts.

Bunn My Café’s pulse brew choice is a remarkable feature. This allows you to control the flow of water during the brewing process. As a coffee drinker, you would benefit from having more influence over the taste of your beverage.

You may pause the brew cycle in the middle to allow the water to absorb more of the tea or coffee grounds for a stronger flavor. To put it another way, think of pulse brewing as an extended contact period for steeping, similar to how you would think of tea.

Design and built quality

Bunn My Café’s layout is yet another way in which it distinguishes itself. The brewing heads, which can be slid in and out like drawers, are the company’s biggest claim to fame. This product will satisfy several needs at once while maintaining a simple system, which is a win.

K-cups are put in the cup cabinet. It can be used with many different K-cups. This tray has you covered whether you want coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

This second drawer holds up to 20 grams of ground of any kind. You can brew coarse and fine-tune the tea as well.

There is a pod cabinet, which is for both coffee and tea brewing. Compostable coffee and tea bags are interchangeable and can be used with this machine. Because of its size, you can slide it out easily, and it’s also dishwasher-safe.

You may render hot water in the fourth drawer for several purposes like instant coffee, tea, or infant formula. Bunn My Café takes into account all of your brewing specifications in its design.

The storage tank has a choice of 4 to 14 ounces. So if you have small cups or travel mugs, you have a range of options.

Cleaning and maintenance

Making the perfect cup of coffee is not everybody’s cup of tea. But there are no concerns about washing up at the Bunn My Cafe. It has too few extra pieces, so you need not spend too much time cleaning them.

The cup dripper at the bottom is set up to collect drips. It is easy to wipe down and clean.

The dishwasher-safe sections prolong the machine’s useful life, while the rest of the appliance can be cleaned with hand and towel-dried. The reservoir should be deep-cleaned because it has a small capacity.

Our Verdict

Whatever product you select, you should always identify your top preferences when it comes to coffee making. In case you appreciate the procedure, you should invest in a model that allows you to change the brewing temperature and the flavor. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for a product with a simple, functional design.

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