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Delve Deeper Into Cafe Bustelo Espresso

Coffee has often acted as one of the best stress busters and has been used for the same by people for ages. What can be better than a cup of strong espresso amidst tiresome meetings? Most people say none! However, if you are a through-and-through coffeeholic, the choice of coffee beans and the kind of coffee also play an imperative role in setting your mood! Let’s check one of the most popular coffee products out there – Cafe Bustelo Espresso.

Looking Back at the Origin of Cafe Bustelo

Cafe Bustelo, with its plethora of good flavored coffee, primarily centered on espresso, dates back to nearly a hundred years. It takes its name from Gregorio Bustelo. Bustelo was a young as well as an extremely ambitious immigrant in New York, coming from Spain. His chief dream was to give shape to his idea of propagating an inimitable concept of coffee, tracing its origin to South America, to East Harlem, and even further.

So, following this idea, his first enterprise was to open a store back in 1928. He channelized his business for attaining potential customers by actually knocking on every single door in immediate, surrounding localities, propagating his trade. In this process, with effort, his trade and hence brand spread far and wide, as far as Miami. The kind of coffee “Café Bustelo” provides uncommon and exotic for most parts of the USA and hence became a hit.

Bustelo had taken up this taste in the course of his very many travels, especially from his experiences in Cuba. Since then, the brand has prospered and attained heights. Today, Cafe Bustelo is almost omnipresent and is a very common household name amongst the Latin American population.

What Makes it Irresistible? 

Time and again, customers have stressed why Cafe Bustelo has become a household name and one of their favorite brands due to its extreme pocket-friendly nature. Being cheap but not of rustic quality, it is in high demand among young students, running mostly short of money. 10$ is adequate for procuring 1 pound of the same.

It has easy accessibility, too, as it’s easily found online and offline nearly in every departmental store and medicine shop. The “supreme” line of Cafe Bustelo is extremely popular amongst sects of buyers due to its totally exotic flavor at affordable rates.

This taste is owed to it being totally Arabian. The effectual Latin American influence in its taste is also obligatory in making the coffee irresistible. It’s presented as a very bitter beverage with a mild undertone of fruity raisin. And also is hence extremely popular among American buyers.

Another reason why its popularity has been soaring is the excess amount of caffeine it. It is produced by using Robusta beans, making it far more energizing than ordinary coffee. Its strong aroma and bitter taste of the brew make it primarily irresistible and stand as a nutritious substitute to milk. The strength of the coffee can be accorded to the customer by customizing the brew method.

Product Variations of Cafe Bustelo

Café Bustelo offers a variety of products keeping in mind the taste and preferences, the affordability, and the convenience of the targeted consumers.

Ground Coffee

The primary product of this company, ground coffee el original, can be purchased in the form of cans. This pure blend satisfies the urge for a classic strong and bold sip.

Apart from the classic one, the ground coffee also comes in the supreme brew. This is a perfect choice for the customers who prefer a less bitter taste due to its origin of 100% Arabica beans. But, the choice comes at the cost of a lower caffeine boost. However, this strong and pleasant sip is still an incredible choice offered in bags, cans, and brick and has a whole bean version.

cafe bustelo ground coffee
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Instant Coffee

If a consumer decides to have a cup of bold coffee without wasting precious time in today’s hectic lives, then Cafe Bustelo’s instant coffee option, which is quick and convenient, is a perfect choice.

This less bitter brew comes in single-serve packets, containers, and freeze-dried pots too. The option to choose between its different flavors with the availability of chocolate flavored coffee is also remarkable.

cafe bustelo instant coffee
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Single-Serve Coffee Pods 

In under a minute, a cup can be perfectly brewed with these Cafe Bustelo’s K- cup pods. They are offered in various flavors.

single-serve coffee pods
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Espresso Capsules 

The distinct bold Latino flavor of Cafe Bustelo’s coffee, cherished by the Latin American consumer base, can be easily and conveniently savored with an espresso machine and Cafe Bustelo’s espresso capsules.

cafe bustelo espresso capsules
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Decaf Espresso Coffee 

For consumers craving a decaf version, Cafe Bustelo has come to their rescue. The espresso-style ground coffee also comes in a version of decaf coffee cans. The instant decaf coffee is also available in packets and containers. The freeze-dried version of the decaf supreme coffee can also be acquired in a container.

decaf espresso coffee
Photo from Café Bustelo

Cafe Bustelo Recipes 

You can also use espressos to create a range of drinks and desserts. While, on the one hand, they work to soothe your sweet tooth craving, trying a hand in cooking might also reduce your week’s work stress. Some of the most popular drinks that you can try with this coffee are listed below.

Orange Flavored Ice Coffee

In case you want to add a twist to your regular espresso shot of Bustelo Coffee, you can team it up with a pair of orange peels, a pinch of cinnamon, and nutmeg powder, along with topping it with some heavy cream. Served as one of the best ways to beat the heat, this drink also acts as an antioxidant for your body.

Mocha Cupcake

Ever thought of changing the form of coffee to create sinful desserts? You can try baking mocha cupcakes for yourself by adding a dash of Cafe Bustelo espresso to your cupcake batter. Follow it by making a coffee and butter-cream frosting to top the cupcakes and enjoy it on your cheat days.

Coffee Ice Popsicles

You can also freeze some espresso-flavored ice popsicles during the summers instead of consuming a regular warm cup of coffee. All you need to do is pair the espresso with some heavy cream or condensed milk and freeze it for hours!

The Popularity of Instant Coffees

Owing to the hectic work schedules and paucity of time, instant coffees have become extremely popular. Out of these, Cafe Bustelo espresso coffee tops the list as it satiates a wide range of customers’ tastes. Furthermore, its varied flavors and uses also make it popular in today’s generation.

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