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Coffee is something that we all appreciate, and drinking our favorite brew strengthens our love of this lovely beverage even more.

cappuccino cups
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So, if you drink cappuccino (or know someone who does), this article is for you. We’ve combed the world wide web for the best cappuccino cups on the market right now. and we’ve put together a detailed buyer’s guide.

Does the different type of cups matter?

We all have a favorite cup or mug that we use every time we make a cup of coffee. But think about whether that’s the suitable container for the drink for a moment. Each beverage has its character, which can be strengthened or impaired by the container in which it is served.


It is made with a single shot and equal parts steamed frothed milk. For proper cappuccino presentation, the WBC suggests using a 5 to 6-ounce handled cup.

The beverage and cup must have synchronization for the proper consistency of the drink and cup to be preserved. An espresso cup usually has a base diameter that is increasingly wider towards the top of the handle in the style of a cappuccino cup. Nevertheless, cappuccino cups should always be accompanied by matching saucers.

Using this size cup ensures that the foam covering on the beverage has the right dome shape. That is all part of the visual appeal and custom of a cappuccino.


Espresso is a foundational ingredient in almost every coffee-based drink. An essential factor in the World Barista Championship (WBC) of Espresso Contest is that the espresso dose must be between 2 and 3-ounce-sized cups for the superior taste served in a demitasse with a handle.

When it comes to espresso, size does matter. The shot is served in a small cup that keeps the beverage’s temperature consistent and reduces air exposure.

Demitasse (plural: demitasses) is like this: they are small at the bottom and get bigger as they grow in diameter. This style is ideal for concentrating the shot’s flavor while also enhancing crema appearance.


A traditional coffee mug can hold approximately 10 and 16 ounces of liquid.

Besides, you can go and have any drink in your mug like espresso, latte, and cappuccino; pour it out, French press, etc.

Café Latte

In a sizeable bowl-shaped cup, 11 to 15-ounce in size, a coffee latte should be served. The volume of the cup and the content must be equal. That is, the cup should be filled to the brink.

The large cup shape was designed to allow a barista to create latte art by pouring foamed milk over the espresso shot.

Best cappuccino cups

You’re now equipped with all the information needed to know why different beverages require different cups. You will not make a fool of yourself by offering a cappuccino in a mug.

We shall inspect the class of cappuccino cups you may purchase.

Cappuccino Cups & Saucers By Loveramics

Loveramics is a fun new coffee brand with a great range of products and colors. The consistency and sizes follow the stringent specifications of the Specialty Coffee Association, making it ideal for serious coffee enthusiasts. These porcelain cups are suitable for any occasion and in any place.

Espresso Parts Cups & Saucers 6 Pack

Espresso Parts is a world leader in coffee equipment. Their specialist coffee products are widely regarded as the finest in the world. They are often featured in publications such as Barista Magazine for offering genuinely exceptional items.

These best-quality ceramic mugs are available in a wide range of iconic colors to match your decor scheme. The interior of the cups is white to highlight the color of the beverage.

The collection includes six cups (with handles) and six saucers. The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. Thus, cups have just the correct quantity for a flawless cappuccino.

Konitz Coffee Bar Cappuccino Cups And Saucers

Könitz, a porcelain manufacturer based in Germany, has been making kitchenware. Including cappuccino cups, since 1909.

These standard white coffee cups have thicker walls to help retain the heat. A matching saucer is included with the package of four handled cups.

Glass Cappuccino Cups Double Walled Coffee Glasses

These are the ideal glasses for showcasing your layering skills. The double-walled masonite cups keep your hands warm, thus preventing you from getting a painful burn when you handle the cup. Often, the double-wall prevents the exterior of the vessel from being wet due to condensation.

The borosilicate glass made of these cappuccino cups is shatter-proof and dish-safe.

If you’re a die-hard coffee connoisseur, you might miss the cups’ lack of handles and saucers. But we love their clean, elegant design.

Hic Harold Import Co. 9-Piece Stackable Cappuccino Coffee Tea Set

If you’re low on storage space, this stackable collection of four white porcelain cappuccino cups and saucers is ideal. The collection has a metal frame where the cups can be placed, and the modular choice is an excellent way to showcase your cups if you have room on your countertop and also makes it simple, safe, and secure for you to transportation.

The cups and saucers can be used with a microwave and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Nevertheless, they can be comfortably used in the oven, too, at temperatures up to 500 degrees F.

We have shown you a plethora of unique cappuccino cups. One of which will undoubtedly catch your eye. However, before completing your purchase and making your order, please consider the importance of function.

From a practical standpoint, there are three key areas to consider:

Cappuccino Cups Shape

According to the WBC and the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano, the shape does matter when choosing a cappuccino cup.

The perfect cappuccino cup, according to both esteemed barista organizations, should:

  • Be made of porcelain
  • Be surrounded by thick walls.
  • Have an elliptical, narrow base
  • Have a wide top with a slim rim.

To maximize heat retention, the cup’s base should be thicker than the rest of the cup.

Size and volume

If you’ve noticed already, we have discussed this briefly. For those with a shorter memory or who skipped to the buyer’s guide, the cup capacity should be between 5 and 6 oz and have a beautiful domed top.

Thermal insulation

It is vital to choose a cappuccino cup that offers sufficient thermal insulation. Then again, no one wants a lukewarm drink.

Bone china porcelain is the perfect material for well-insulated cappuccino cups. Glass looks so gorgeous and modern. Particularly if you can layer your drinks well. To ensure the best thermal insulation and strength, choose a double-walled design made of borosilicate glass.


Classic white porcelain cappuccino cups are used in most coffee shops to serve this drink. On the other hand, for flavor enhancement, heat preservation, and display, the cup’s scale, design, and material are essential.

While home baristas can break the rules if they want, using a cup from our meticulously crafted collection will guarantee that your coffee tastes delicious and stays hot. Some of our favorites will also look fantastic on your coffee table!

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