The Caribbean Coffee Explained For The Newbies


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The Caribbean islands are most celebrated for their super sandy beaches, comfortingly sunny environment and lush green views. But apart from being home to some of the hottest tourist spots in the world, the Carribean also holds the distinction of producing some of the most amazing coffee on the planet. 

It’s all due to the high altitude and favorable climate conditions. That could be seen across various areas of the region. Caribbean coffee beans are a class apart – and the producers know this fact to a T. That is why, when you ask anyone what is Caribbean coffee and how does it taste? The answers are all in extreme favor of the coffee beans that come out of the area. 

Most of the coffee beans that are produced in the Caribbean region are arabica beans. These are known to provide a premium flavor. This gives most Caribbean coffee a certain edge over many other regions that only produce robusta coffee. Which comes at a lower price point and does not pack as much of a punch in flavor as arabica beans. But apart from sporting distinct flavors due to each area that certain coffee beans are cultivated in. Carribean coffee is also known for making rich, flavorful beverages in a number of settings. 

Caribbean coffee is relatively unknown. I am here to explain what is Caribbean coffee able to do for you like a coffee enthusiast. With that, you can also make use of some choice recipes to make your own Caribbean coffee beverages.

How Caribbean Coffee is Grown

As explained above, the quality and flavor of Caribbean coffee are highly dependent on the area the beans are grown in. If producers are working in a high altitude area with a lot of shade, then they can easily cultivate Arabica coffee. For this, they need an altitude of over 600 meters above sea level, typically on mountain tops and tropical lands. As a result, the coffee beans produced through these efforts are considered as being premium quality. 

On the other hand, if the coffee growers are working on a flat area such as that of a plantation. Then they can only produce robusta beans. Due to having a higher caffeine content than arabica. These beans have a harsher and bitter taste, which is not that appreciated by coffee drinkers. Check out all the differences between these two popular coffee beans that make up most of all kinds of coffee brands. Check “What’s the Difference Between Arabica vs Robusta Coffee Beans” for more.

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Whenever Caribbean coffee is mentioned, the discussion cannot be completed without the mention of Blue Mountain coffee. As one of the highest quality coffee in the world, Blue Mountain coffee holds a certain stature amongst coffee drinkers, which is all due to the distinct taste that it brings to the table.  

Originating from Jamaica, the Blue Mountain coffee has a silky smooth and mild taste. This brings out certain notes in these coffee beans that are hard to beat by many other types of coffee. Being one of the most sought after coffees in the world, Blue Mountain coffee is essentially what is Caribbean coffee is known for. If you ever want to try Caribbean coffee just for its tales of excellence, then Blue Mountain coffee is the way to go.

What We Liked

  • Has an amazing flavor
  • Offered at an affordable price
  • It has a wonderful smell of rum

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not strong coffee

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Santo Domingo coffee is only next to Blue Mountain in terms of popularity. But unlike its relatively more famous counterpart, Santo Domingo coffee isn’t grown in Jamaica. The coffee knows the Dominican Republic as its home and has the country’s former name set as its own current moniker.

Santo Domingo coffee is known for its distinct yet sweet flavor. It is also considered a premium quality coffee, and to truly understand what is Caribbean coffee able to offer in terms of flavor profile, it is essential that you taste it at least once. You would especially prefer it if you like your coffee with sweeter notes since it is a custom for the coffee to always be consumed with a noticeable amount of sugar.

With that being said, those who have enjoyed these coffees still have hope to see them being back in production with full force. So they could once again appreciate the taste that these regions offered to them in their coffees. 

What We Liked

  • Delicious coffee with no bitter after taste
  • This coffee doesn’t have that harsh, nearly-burnt flavor that some coffees do
  • Medium Strength

What We Didn’t Like

  • Beans looks old and dried out

As explained above, Caribbean coffees come with a mild taste that is often enjoyed with some sugary flavors. But there are various ways to consume Caribbean coffee to enjoy it to the hilt. If you want to see what is Caribbean coffee like in terms of its taste. Then you can try these popular ways to consume this premium coffee.

You can find ways to appreciate what is Caribbean coffee and how to best enjoy it according to your preference. Thank you for reading with us today! Be sure to check out similar content from coffees around the world like “Best Coffee Brands from Ethiopia” or even “Tanzania & Coffee: All You Need to Know“.

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