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CitiZ Nespresso Machines were created to please Nespresso and retro-modern lovers. Hence, its front chrome design takes us back to the ’50s or ’60s. They had an impeccable appearance that combines elegance with high technology. These coffee makers allow us to enjoy a beverage that is easy to make. The best about them is that intuition is enough to manipulate it without fear of making mistakes.

If we have CitiZ Nespresso Machines, we can satisfy our tastes in coffee intensity. You can achieve this thanks to the two buttons you can program so that the coffee maker stops pouring the liquid. In this way, you can obtain a strong coffee and a less concentrated one. You can prepare many recipes with the portions of water and coffee that you decide.

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CitiZ Coffee makers, a Nespresso experience:

All Nespresso coffee makers, including the CitiZ models, are created on the maximum water aeration; this means that the water passes delicately through a coffee capsule for intervals of time and not continuously. This process ensures a fresh and delicious beverage. If we talk about coffee capsules, we are talking about Nespresso; we are talking about impeccable and delicious achievements. A coffee machine of this type produces, as a result, an enjoyable coffee at home.
The technology used to develop these machines is among the best in the market to guarantee tasteful coffee cups.

CitiZ Nespresso Machines makes life easier

The CitiZ Nespresso Machines allow you to enjoy a coffee prepared quickly and easily. The machine heats up in just 25 seconds due to its high-performance 19 bar pump. It is a hassle-free design. It saves energy and has a removable water tank, making it easy to clean. Like all Nespresso machines, it uses coffee capsules. It is ideal for those with small kitchens, as its dimensions are small. They are tall instead of wide. And thanks to this we can make better use of space. These are some of the reasons to have a coffee machine with these characteristics at home.

Control and Flavor

That is what CitiZ Nespresso Machines gives us.

We control this coffee maker since we can customize our coffee’s intensity through programmable recipes. It is only necessary to press the coffee button to turn the machine on. Then we must pull the lever down, and the experience of quickly preparing an excellent beverage will begin.

Advantages – CitiZ Nespresso Machines

We can savor high-quality coffee with this coffee maker since its properties provide us with comfort, speed, and a rich flavor. It is elegant and embellishes the kitchen with its design that combines the past with modern times. Its varied colors offer us alternatives to blend it perfectly with our kitchen. It is available in black, white, red, aluminum gray, and dark gray (titanium). It weighs approximately 3 kilos. So we can move it without much effort. It provides two coffee sizes, and we can also prepare two types of coffee: espresso and lungo.

The Citiz Nespresso machine is an automatic coffee maker of single-dose type. Its power is 1260 w, its frequency is 50-60 Hz. It has a 19 bar pressure pump. It has a removable water tank, with a capacity of 1 liter. Its temperature is continuously maintained, so the coffee will always be hot ready to be enjoyed at any time.
In line with the current trends of caring for the environment, this coffee maker is energy-saving. If we stop using it for 9 minutes, it will turn off. We also have the option of setting the timer to 30 minutes. We can program it to stop the flow of liquid automatically.

It is a coffee maker that is part of the Nespresso experience, which offers encapsulated coffee as a clean, unique, and modern knowledge. Having it is an invitation to quality brought to the cup in the coffee proportions of our preference.

Coffee Capsules- Useful idea

Our goal is to make coffee with a rich and fresh flavor. And we achieve it without a doubt. We also offer the advantage of doing a clean job, making as little mess as possible in our area, thanks to coffee capsules. These can be placed in a container designed for this purpose.

Disadvantages of CitiZ Nespresso Machines

The disadvantages offered by the CitiZ Nespresso Machines are minimal. Among them are that you can only prepare one coffee cup at a time. From some people’s perspective, its novel system of encapsulated coffee reduces its freshness. We consider that the decision to have this coffee maker is a question of needs, taste, speed, and cleanliness.

In the face of the disadvantage, ease, speed, and quality prevail.

The CitiZ Nespresso Machines’ main feature is the ease of use. We have to place the capsule and pull down a lever. Press the button to choose the intensity of the coffee: short or long. In only 30 seconds, we will have our excellent coffee in our hands, according to our preferences.
At the end of our experience, we can discard the capsules, placing them in a tank included in the coffee maker, with a capacity to store 12 or 14 capsules, which is very practical.

Types of Nespresso CitiZ Coffee makers

Among the types of Nespresso CitiZ coffee makers are:

Nespresso Citiz is select for preparing that short or long coffee that we like so much.

Nespresso Citiz&Milk is a variation of the Nespresso Citiz. Its main feature is that it has incorporated a supplement called Aeroccino. It is essentially a frother, with which you can prepare milk foam. We can heat it or leave it at room temperature. The result of this process is a delicious cappuccino in our cup.

The experience remains the same in any of its models; you find exquisite taste in your coffee.

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The CitiZ Nespresso Machines has many advantages. The coffee capsules and its water aeration system ensure an exquisite flavor. Read more!

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