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Want to know what the fuss is about with this coffee brewer? Let’s find out.

If you identify as a coffee enthusiast who can’t do without America’s most popular drink, then you most likely keep tabs on everything there is to know about this beverage. Learning about new coffee shops, exploring flavorful coffee beans, or trying innovative ways to brew the perfect cup of joe would be all part of this equation. If these practices happen to be true in your case, then you must have also heard about one of the trendiest ways to brew coffee using a Clever Coffee Dripper.

Getting the Perfect Coffee

If you seek perfection in your coffee, putting up with the sediment left by the French press or the lack of flavor brought upon by drip coffee could be a dealbreaker. These are not mere inconveniences to a coffee aficionado, but on days where you are seeking comfort from your daily fix of caffeine, they seem to be downright off-putting in every sense of the word. The Clever Coffee Dripper, with its innovative yet straightforward qualities, takes care of these issues to the point where they become a thing of the past. That is why those who want to enjoy their coffee without any hassles are turning to find more about this method through a reliable Clever Coffee Dripper review. 

Simply put, the Clever Coffee Dripper brings the best of both worlds by combining the steeping properties of a French press and the convenience of a drip brewer into one smart dripper. It is everything that it promises to be through its moniker, which is more evident once you learn how to use Clever Coffee Dripper.

So what is it exactly that makes the Clever Coffee Dripper seem like the greatest invention since the espresso machine for a coffee enthusiast? Does it live up to the hype? To ensure that finding answers to these pressing questions is easier for you, we are here to explain all you need to know through a detailed Clever Coffee Dripper review. 

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What is the Clever Coffee Dripper? 

Made from high-quality plastic, the Clever Coffee Dripper classifies as a pour-over cone brewer with more qualities than the usual offerings in this category. 

Similar to a large cup with a flat base, the 11oz and 18oz dripper lets you brew your coffee manually to get the most flavor out of it. It enables you to steep your coffee without having to deal with loss in temperature or leftover coffee grounds in your cup. At the same time, it keeps the process simple by only requiring you to pour over water on your coffee grounds. It is as simple as it seems through this description. If this Clever Coffee Dripper review is to tell you anything, it’s how the dripper’s simplicity is one of its dominant factors.

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Available in three colors, namely clear, cloud (dark gray), and royal blue, the Clever Coffee Dripper is not different from a miniature bucket in appearance. Yet, it seems to fit perfectly in a modern kitchen without looking out of place. 

Since the brewer is made out of BPA-free plastic, it is light to hold and convenient to move around. As compared to other porcelain-based cone brewers, it is also free of risks of breaking apart if you happen to have a case of butterfingers and slip it to the floor. At the same time, being BPA-free doesn’t mean that it’s the Holy Grail of plastic products. If you are wary of using plastic in your kitchen, then you might need to throw a second look at this characteristic.

How to Use the Clever Coffee Dripper? 

As mentioned above, the Clever Coffee Dripper has simplicity imbibed into its development. This is also evident when you are learning how to use Clever Coffee Dripper. It doesn’t need a masterclass for you to know how to utilize the cone brewer perfectly. You have to learn the process once. Making your coffee afterward is like a walk in the park. 

Much like other pour-over brewers, the Clever Coffee Dripper uses coffee filters during its brewing method. Once you have that requirement taken care of, you can follow the steps outlined below to use the Clever Coffee Dripper the way it’s meant to be utilized.

What You Will Need to Gather

First things first, you will need the following small set of equipment. 

  1. Ground coffee – 3 tablespoons or 22 grams for a full 11oz brew.
  2. Water – 13oz. 
  3. Coffee filter.
  4. Stirring spoon or coffee paddle.
  5. Thermos or cup with tops measuring between 1.5” and 3.75”.
  6. Lid (for optimal infusion).
  7. Optional flavorings (to use later).

What You Will Need to Do

Once you have everything in place, use these simple steps to obtain the perfect fix of caffeine, and form your own Clever Coffee Dripper review.

  1. Set your coffee filter into your Clever Coffee Dripper. 
  2. Soak your coffee filter by pouring hot water over it. You can do it over the sink by holding the dripper safely. You can also do so by fixing your cone brewer onto your thermos or cup (in which case you will need to discard the water from the container).
  3. Put your ground coffee into the Clever Coffee Dripper. 
  4. Pour a small amount of hot water onto the coffee grounds. Stir with your spoon or paddle, and cover using a lid. The ideal duration ranges from 50-60 seconds.
  5. Uncover the lid and pour more water onto the coffee grounds. Continue the process slowly while stirring the coffee grounds. 
  6. Once the mixture reaches the very top of the cone brewer, stir with a spoon/paddle and cover with a lid.
  7. Wait for the coffee to steep. The ideal duration is about 3 minutes.
  8. Uncover the lid.
  9. Dispatch the coffee into your primary container by using the dispenser at the bottom of the cone brewer. 
  10. Add flavorings if required. 
  11. Enjoy your coffee!

As outlined through these steps, the process is as straightforward as it gets. But the benefits that it brings to the table are what lead to a rave Clever Coffee Dripper review, which is a more occurrence than you can deduce at first.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Clever Coffee Dripper?

On paper, the Clever Coffee Dripper allows you to have premium-flavored drip coffee without using a French press or an espresso machine. 

In reality, it delivers on those promises (surprising, we know). 

1. Better coffee filters

As the process of how to use Clever Coffee Dripper defines, the brewer utilizes the concept of coffee filters in pour-over brewers. But at the same time, the structure that holds the water in instead of merely releasing it through, lets it steep your coffee for you as well. 

2. It’s a combination of a French press and a drip brewer

As a result, this combination of the French press technique of steeping coffee and the pour-over method of simply running water over your coffee grounds makes way for the perfect cup of coffee. This way, the manufacturer’s claims of the Clever Coffee Dripper being the combination of a French press and a drip brewer are not unfounded.

3. No need for special equipment

The cone brewer doesn’t need any special equipment. You can get anywhere the filters and thermoses or cups that are of universal size, this adds to its practicality of use. The fact that your ground coffee doesn’t need to be a set consistency but could range from fine to coarse consistency only adds to the versatility of usage. You can also use pre-grind coffee, or turn to the Burr grind to use your preferred coffee beans.

4. Easy to clean

The unit is also straightforward to clean. You need to discard the used coffee filter and run the cone brewer through water after each usage. For optimal cleaning, you can use a dishwashing sponge. While the brewer is not dishwasher safe, this convenience in cleaning makes up for it to a large extent. 

5. Better coffee taste

But more than these features of convenience, it is the taste of the prepared coffee that earns the cone brewer such high praise through each Clever Coffee Dripper review. Whether it is a lifelong espresso drinker or someone who enjoys a variety of coffee, the users who have bought and utilized the Clever Coffee Dripper seemed to swear by its effectiveness. 

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With the distinction of being highly recommended and being compared to a French press by a vast amount of users, the Clever Coffee Dripper proves to win over the hearts of other users as well as our own. If all you want a strong cup of coffee that comes with minimal preparation, negligible hassle, and a marvelous result, then learning how to use Clever Coffee Dripper and giving it a go might be worth it. 

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