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Coconut coffee: A Culinary Pleasure.

Coffee is an intense black beverage known worldwide and consumed by almost the entire population, in different forms and at any time. Therefore, people drink coconut coffee in many presentations. With or without sugar, a good espresso is enough for many who want to feel that combination of slightly sour, bitter, and sweet flavors at the same time. Others, a little more daring, take their experience to more demanding levels; this is the case of coconut coffee.

Coconut coffee is a drink that delicately mixes coffee with coconut, without the taste of the former being hidden behind the imposing flavor and aroma of the latter.
Coconut coffee is a beverage with coffee as a base and coconut as a secondary component, either in milk or oil. But when combined, they form an elixir that attracts coffee drinkers and coconut lovers alike.

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Origin of Coconut Coffee.

It’s believed that its origin is due to a Californian who, while surfing at Santa Monica beach, observed that bathers frequently drank coconut water to refresh themselves and at the same time sought their good dose of caffeine. He could see that people’s coffee and coconut preference could lead to a new drink by mixing espresso with coconut water. And so he did, producing a concoction that tastes similar to coffee ice cream. It is refreshing and energizing at the same time, with the sweetness and aroma of its ingredients.

Coconut coffee and the seasons.

Coffee is suitable for any season of the year. In times of intense heat, you can drink it cold, and in those days when the winter is overcast, you can enjoy it hot to counteract the weather’s effects.

In coconut coffee, cow’s milk is replaced by coconut milk. Some presentations, even today, use concentrated coconut water for its preparation. Others enjoy espresso coffee with a few drops of coconut oil. But the most common thing is that this coffee is enjoyed at any time of the year; cold, hot, and even at room temperature. In those countries that don’t want the seasons, nothing changes, because wherever there is a person who loves coffee and coconut, this version will always be present.

Preferences are inclined to drink it cold, for which all we need to do is add crushed ice to our glass. Here at Coffee Sesh, any time is an excellent time to enjoy it.

Nutritional value of Coconut Coffee.

Suppose you wonder whether coconut coffee is healthy. In that case, we know the nutritional value of coconut coffee is always of interest because we must assume a responsible attitude with our diet. Therefore, we think it’s important to tell you what you get, at a nutritional level, every time we indulge in a coconut coffee.

We’ll take as a reference a diet based on 2000 calories per day.

Coffee Nutrition Facts

Amount per Serving
Calories 279 Calories
Fat 22g
Saturated Fat 18g
Cholesterol 9mg
Sodium 41mg
Potassium 372mg
Carbohydrates 19g
Fiber 1g
Sugar 15g
Protein 4g
Vitamin A 75IU
Vitamin C 2.3mg
Calcium 87mg
Iron 1.3mg

Providing you with this information is valuable to us, as we offer you information that allows you to weigh its nutritional value beyond the pleasure of having a coconut coffee.

Coconut Coffee Recipes

We offer you some easy recipes so you can prepare them yourself, at home, without going to a coffee shop. All you need is the willingness to prepare delicacies.

Coconut and Coffee Smoothie

This coconut coffee alternative is perfect for making it part of our breakfasts and especially for our snacks.
We present you with a recipe for two people.


100 grams of coconut.
100 ml of coconut milk.
60 ml of coffee.
Sugar (optional).
Shredded coconut for decoration.


Add in a blender a quantity of ice to your liking, a little grated coconut, the coffee, and the coconut milk. If you plan to use sugar, dissolve it first in the hot coffee. Blend until the mixture is sufficiently creamy and homogeneous. To serve it, garnish it with grated coconut.

Hawaiian Coffee

This type of coffee also substitutes cow’s milk for coconut milk. The ratio of milk and coffee to the cup should be equal. The temperature of the drink depends on your taste. Ideal for your breakfasts.
This recipe is for one person/serving.


Espresso coffee.
30 ml of coconut milk per cup.
Shredded coconut.
Cinnamon or cocoa to taste.

Its preparation is so simple that a few lines are enough to show you the procedure. Prepare the espresso in a cup. Add the coconut milk and stir it. Decorate it with grated coconut, cocoa, or cinnamon. And that’s all.

Vietnamese Coffee

You can’t miss this recipe! Vietnamese Coffee is one of the most popular recipes. It’s usually prepared in coffee shops since it requires the use of some extra utensils, which people typically don’t have at home. However, to make this recipe at home, keep in mind the espresso must be strong enough.


Two tablespoons of ground coffee.
1/2 cup plus one tablespoon of hot water
1/3 cup coconut milk.
2-3 teaspoons sweetened condensed milk.


Prepare your black coffee, sufficiently concentrated. Combine the two types of milk in a saucepan, stir and bring it to the stove over low heat, leave it there until bubbles begin to appear; don’t allow the mixture to boil. Then, please remove it from the stove.
Now, whisk the mixture until it foams; you can do this using an electric frother or by shaking it vigorously in a container with a lid.

When you have reached this point, pour the coffee into a cup, add the milk mixture and serve immediately. Please put it in a glass and enjoy this coffee, hot and creamy.
And, don’t forget it’s always an option to create your coffee and enjoy it! According to your habits. Let your imagination loose and invent crazy versions of this coffee.

So, as you can see, it’s not only easy to add coconut to coffee, but it’s also beyond delicious.

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