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The Ultimate French Press

We’re always excited when a new coffee maker comes out, even if it’s just a rework or an upgraded version of an already existing machine. In the case of the Gator French press, however, we’re absolutely stumped. It’s beyond a rework: the ultimate French press.

We already love the French press, don’t we? It’s pretty much the only brewing method that has stayed unchanged for more than a hundred years, it’s universal, and even the cheapest models can still make good coffee. It’s really one of the wonders of coffee brewing.

But we are confident that the enhancements made to this particular model will make it hard for you to ever drink French press coffee that isn’t made with the fantastic Gator French press!

In this article, we’ll explain to you what the Gator French press brings to the table that a regular French press doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against this brewing method: this well-equipped coffee maker will exceed your expectations, no question about it.

the ultimate french press coffee gator
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Gator French Press – Reviewed

To make it easier for you, we’ll split the review into three categories: design, brewing, and extras. 


Your average French press looks exactly the same: glass body, black plastic lid, and handle. We’ve all seen them, no matter where in the world we are. There are several variations of this model, but in general, it feels like once you’ve seen a French press, you’ve seen all of them.

The Gator French Press is made of stainless steel, layered with a darker tone on the outside that gives this French press a unique look that makes it stand out from all the others. The lid is also stainless steel- as well as the plunger. Stainless steel is superior to glass- it’s way more resistant and will keep your coffee hot for longer.

While there are many examples of glass brewing devices being better (Chemex, Vac pot), the fact is that the glass they use for those is much more complex and expensive. Regular French presses have a regular, fragile glass. So, in this case, stainless steel is a big step up. It is also rust-proof, meaning that you won’t have to clean off layers of rust even if you leave it wet overnight (still, better to dry it off just in case).


When it comes to brewing, the guys at Gator have also thought of ways to improve the classic French press experience. Think about it: what’s a big problem with the French press? They’ve been around for more than a century- virtually unchanged, so the design must be close to perfect.

What’s there to improve? The answer is the filter. The filter leaves a lot of room for enhancement, even in some of the more decent brands. In this case, the Gator French press has added two fine mesh metallic filters on top of the usual filter that comes with all French presses. 

As you probably know, if you’ve ever made coffee in a French press, a lot of grounds can pass through the filter, make their way into your cup, and then you end up sipping— it’s always quite unpleasant. The whole experience can ruin the coffee. This double filter makes it so that it will never let any grounds through for a much cleaner experience.

The larger metal filter has very even holes that ensure that your brewed coffee flows freely, allowing an even extraction—no more weak coffee on top – strong coffee at the bottom.

coffee gator french press
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First, we just have to mention the awesome coffee canister. Since a few years back, coffee canisters have been all the rage, and we are super excited to have everyone have and appreciate these little miracles because they are just the single best thing you can do for keeping coffee fresh.

Now, this coffee canister comes along with the Gator French press, and it is identical in design to it, with the exception that it has a small glass window so that we can, you know, tell the contents of it without having to open it because that would defeat the entire purpose of it!

Keeps Coffee Hot Longer

Next, we have to go into greater detail on the subject mentioned before that the Gator French press keeps coffee hot for longer.

It’s already established that stainless steel is better at keeping coffee hot. But, this little device goes further by making the walls thicker- a 33% thicker, to be precise. In all tests, the Gator French press has proved to be much more effective at keeping coffee hot. It keeps coffee at the ideal temperature for a whole hour. Now that’s a reason to buy this thing. 


Next, we also feel it is important that we mention the handle. Usually, we have regular, curved handles for French presses, and… they are far from perfect. While we understand that a certain angle is somewhat necessary for the design to hold together, this does not apply here because the body is steel and not glass. So the handle is a vertical angle, super easy to grip, and much more comfortable than the alternative. Also, it’s anti-temperature, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about burning your hand!


Also, you can get it in the fashionable grey color that’s the standard one, or you can also choose from an orange one as well as a pink one! And if that isn’t really your style and you want a more traditional look, they also have a full stainless steel model that looks very classy: shiny and timeless—just the kind of coffee maker we love around here.

Gator French Press

And that’s, we think, the most important information you can have beforehand when thinking about buying one of these phenomenal coffee makers. If it were up to us, all French presses would be like this one. We hope that other manufacturers take note and step up their game!

So if you’re thinking about getting a French press, the Gator French press should be one of your top contenders. Check it out, consider it, and make an informed decision.

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