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When it comes to their coffee drinking habits, getting the most out of their favorite brew or coffee beans is often the priority for coffee aficionados. Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to do that is by making steeped coffee. For starters, the method brings out a lot of flavor in a cup of coffee. But it doesn’t stop there, since learning how to make steeped coffee is extremely easy by itself. That is why this method of preparing your cup of joe might interest you if you are looking for a relatively easy way to get a flavorful caffeine kick at home.

But for those who don’t have much time or equipment to make steeped coffee, or who are on the move and away from home, the method of Bripe coffee proves to be quite suitable. While relatively new, the practice of learning how to make Bripe coffee is gaining some noticeable traction, especially for those who like the outdoors and are often camping or exploring the woods in their free time. 

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Steeped Coffee vs Bripe Coffee?

Since both methods give you delicious, premium quality brew, it can be challenging to decide whether to go with steeped coffee vs Bripe coffee while you are craving a flavorful dose of caffeine. This is especially true if you are very pedantic about your coffee, and need nothing but the absolute best with each sip. That’s why it is essential to understand these differences if you are to decide to make your ideal cup of coffee. 

With that being said, doing so is easier said than done. With little to no information available on the web about Bripe coffee, it would be a feat to determine the differences between steeped coffee or Bripe coffee all by yourself. Keeping that in mind, we are here to explain the details in an easy to understand guide so that you could make the most out ofyour choice of coffee.

First Things First: Steeped Coffee

If you are a coffee aficionado like most adults in the U.S., then you must already know how to make steeped coffee. You might have already made it a few times for yourself. But doing a refresher on the topic wouldn’t hurt, especially when you are trying to decide whether steeped coffee vs Bripe coffee is the better option for you.

Starting with steeped coffee, the term itself is very explanative of what the method is all about. This way of preparing your cup of joe involves resting your coffee beans or grounds in water for a certain period, so they blend, and the coffee could infuse its flavor into the liquid. 

Steeped Coffee has become more popular due to the sheer flavor that it brings about in almost any choice of coffee beans or blend. The brew that results from steeped coffee is rich in taste and mild in notes, letting you enjoy your coffee in a way that cannot be surpassed by most other methods. This is true whether you are making your coffee with hot water, or if you are working with water at a colder temperature.

When it comes to learning how to make steeped coffee, you have more than one option at hand. The key is to identify which method works for you the best in terms of the skill, equipment, and time required by it. With that being said, two ways of steep brewing stand apart from other options in terms of popularity.

French Press: the Crown Jewel of Steeped Coffee

If you guessed one of these methods to be the ever-popular French Press, then you deserve a pat on the back and maybe a cup of some premium brew yourself. As one of the easiest yet preferable methods to brew steeped coffee, using a French Press remains a staple in coffee making. 

To steep coffee in a French Press, you need the French Press pot that is made out of glass and metal. Also known as a coffee press, it comes with a special apparatus that is used to “press” the coffee grounds to the very bottom of the pot, allowing you to pour the coffee out of the pot without almost no grounds getting in the way. 

When you are making steeped coffee through a French Press, you use coarse coffee grounds that go directly into the pot. Hot water is then poured-over these grounds, after which you need to let the coffee rest or steep for 4-5 minutes. 

Once the steeping period is over, you turn the plunger or press down towards the coffee grounds. That is it. Your French Press coffee would be ready, with the steeped coffee flavor shining through. 

The ease and simplicity of the process make it imperative for you to learn about French Press while choosing steeped coffee vs Bripe coffee. But with that being said, French Press is not the only method of steeped coffee that you can enjoy. Since the technique needs special equipment and sometimes transfers some coffee grounds into your cup, those who don’t want to deal with these disadvantages turn to another option in steep brewing.

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 Let’s Shed Some Light on Bripe Coffee

Now that you have not only learned what is steeped coffee but also understood how to make it, it is time to gain the same level of knowledge on Bripe coffee. 

Having come to the surface a few years ago, Bripe refers to a portable device that lets you brew your coffee in outdoor settings. Instead of a fancy looking pot, Bripe is just a pipe on the surface. But at the same time, it holds the ability to make a delicious cup of coffee that you could relish in even if you are away from home, have no coffee pots insight, or cannot spare the time to make a cold
brew in the woods. 

That is where the need to choose one option between steeped coffee vs bripe coffee becomes evident. Where steeped coffee in a French press or cold brew asks for intensive requirements to be met, Bripe coffee doesn’t ask much from you if you have the equipment at hand. 

Instead, it offers a fun way to brew premium quality coffee that you enjoy wherever you are. You need to be mindful of the kind of coffee you want to take with you on the trip, and to learn how to make Bripe coffee.

At three minutes of required brewing time, it doesn’t differ much from what a French Press asks of you in terms of time. With that being said, it is easier than a press coffee in terms of method and execution. 

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 How to Make Bripe Coffee

While brewing Bripe coffee, you can use any coffee beans. But you need to make sure that you are not using whole coffee beans in your brew. Instead, you can use ground coffee to make your cup of joe using this apparatus. 

When you are making coffee through the Bripe pipe, you will need to get acclimated with the peculiar yet straightforward structure of the equipment. Made mainly out of copper, Bripe looks like a slim watering can that has a burnished metal finish to it. The whole Bripe set comprises a copper brew pipe, a cork handle, a coffee tube; a metal filter; a base plate; a torch lighter; and a thermometer. It is all wrapped into a pretty neat carrying case.

Steeped Coffee vs Bripe Coffee? Which One To Go With

Selecting between steeped coffee vs Bripe coffee is entirely dependent upon your taste and your comfort level with the way the coffee is prepared. 

Steeped coffee asks for some patience, with methods such as French Press requiring some additional equipment to boot. On the other hand, Bripe needs you to be handy with a few pieces of equipment at once while also learning how to properly make the coffee using this specific method. 

But while steeped coffee is perfect for home brewing, Bripe with its unconventional design and fun-yet-intricate steps is often out of touch with the hustle and bustle of an average American’s morning

If you can’t go through the additional steps every morning and don’t trust yourself in handling a blow torch every so often, you can turn to a French press or cold brew to make your premium-tasting coffee with minimal hassles. 

But if you don’t mind preparing fresh coffee on the spot manually and without a coffee maker, then the Bripe brewing method might be suitable for you for everyday use. Remember, whether you choose steeped coffee or Bripe coffee, the most important part is for you to be comfortable
with your choice. As long as that requirement is being met, you shouldn’t care
about the pros and cons on paper and focus on what allows you to make your
ideal cup of coffee with the taste that you prefer.

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