Coffee or Wine? You Can Get Both With Wine Infused Coffee


A lot of people like both coffee and wine, but these two aren’t recommended to drink together. You shouldn’t mix alcohol with caffeine after all (although, in this post, we will advise you to, as this drink is oh-so-worth-it). But today, we are going to talk about a product that will eliminate this problem and provide you with a new outlook on your drinks. A relatively new trend that got its’ popularity for a very good reason.

What is Wine-infused Coffee?

The most common process of making this special beverage is by letting the beans sit in wine right after being picked. This way they soak in some alcohol and a ton of fruity flavours. After that, they are dried and roasted the same way as regular coffee beans.

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The end result is a creamy coffee that smells like wine and tastes of fruits. It also has some alcohol content, so it can have a pretty good effect on your overall mood, especially combined with the caffeine.

But the most interesting part about this drink is that it will mostly taste like coffee. Until you start adding milk. The more of it is in your cup the more it will taste like wine. Yes, it’s weird, but exciting as well.

What Wine-Infused Coffees Should You Try?

Very good question. There are a lot of brands nowadays that produce these beans, but only a few of them have good quality. So let’s talk about which ones are worth trying and why.

Coffee or Wine You Can Get Both With Wine Infused Coffee
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JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters – Wine Infused Chocolate Gourmet Ground Coffee

If you want to buy something on Amazon then this should be it.

JumpinGoat infuses the coffee beans with Merlot. But that’s not the only thing that gets into your beverage, but chocolate as well. This results in a very creamy coffee that is quite sweet and can easily get you addicted to itself.

They don’t contain any alcohol, so if you are worried about mixing alcohol and caffeine then this is your best bet. Because of the lack of alcohol, it can also work as a morning coffee and you don’t have to worry about not being able to drive for the next couple of hours. These are all factors you should take into account, as alcohol-free wine-infused coffees might be better if you want to switch to them completely.

Although, the price is quite hefty. An 8 oz. bag will cost you $14.95. You have to pay for quality though, and this is as good as it gets to be honest.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee LLC – Wine Barrel Aged Whole Coffee Bean Box Set

This is quite a luxury if we may say so. This box set is really exquisite and contains all the flavours you could ask for. Not to mention the great quality it has.

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There are 3 kinds in this set. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet. All of them are matched up with coffee beans that perfectly complement their flavours. Although, you will end up with a similar result with each one. Honey. It’s the most powerful taste and it can disappoint those who expected way different coffees.

But the body of them is the key here. The Pinot Noir is heavy, not easy to consume and can overwhelm your tongue with ease. Chardonnay is much different. It’s much lighter and welcoming. The tastes are exquisite and easy to process. It has a sweet note at the end. And finally, the Cabernet. The wine itself is quite popular among wine lovers, but in this case, it produces an even better product. This coffee tastes of hazelnut and chocolate after covering your tongue with the flavour of honey.

This set offers you a pretty good deal for such products. These are samples, so you get 4 oz. bags of each flavour, which accumulates to 12 oz. The final price is $32.95. We know that it seems like a lot, but for these flavours, it really isn’t.

Coffee or Wine You Can Get Both With Wine Infused Coffee
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Molinari Private Reserve – Wine infused coffee

The one and only, the first and best. Molinari coffee.

This brand has dominated the field of wine-infused coffees ever since it appeared and most people like it better than any other kind. But the truth is: this popularity is there for a very good reason.

It is artisan roasted by hand, which means that it is done with great precision and a lot of care. You can tell these by the end result as well.

What you end up with is a coffee that smells of sweet, sweet wine and tastes of blueberries. The aroma mostly hints at red wine, although Molinari Private Reserve doesn’t talk about the exact wine they use. It’s also full-bodied but has a light and sweet finish.

You can even get this kind of wine-infused coffee decaf, so your needs will definitely be met if that’s what you’re looking for.

The price isn’t bad at all either, a bag has 1/2 pounds of coffee beans and costs $19.95. Although, you can even save if you subscribe, as Molinari offers their customers a great deal for their brand loyalty.

Coffee or Wine You Can Get Both With Wine Infused Coffee
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Wine infused coffees are generally hard to find and might not work for everyone. Because of this, think about the matter and order when you’re completely sure of your choice as their price can be a bit too much for some.

But once you have made up your mind then there’s no stopping, as wine-infused coffee will surely make its’ magic on you as well.

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Will you try wine-infused coffees? If so, will you choose one from our list? Tell us down in the comments below!

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