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A killer at-home coffeehouse/coffee station is not a want but a necessity for coffee lovers everywhere. As shown in a survey conducted by the National Coffee Association, 79 percent of those polled claiming to have brewed their coffee at home (sorry, Starbucks), and 64 percent of Americans drink coffee daily.

So, where to start in regards to designing the perfect coffee station? We have put together fabulous coffee station ideas that will make your at-home brewing experience all the more luxurious, whether you are a long-time coffee fan going for an upgrade or someone missing their daily trips to the local café.

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Coffeehouse Chic

Hang Wooden Shelves

Wood is an element that comes to mind when thinking about a café. It is difficult to imagine a coffee station without at least one wood feature in its decor scheme, from countertops to tables. So what is the simplest way to incorporate some wood into your setup?- What about a lovely set of shelves? Storage+Design= a win-win situation.

Hang Wooden Shelves
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Add In a Tiny Reading Nook

Coffeehouses, where you can relax with a good book, are the best (after all, there is nothing like snuggling up with a hot cup of joe and a book). Consider adding some beautifully bound books to your station as an accent for the ultimate coffee shop feel.

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Include a Stylish Speaker

You will need a sleek Bluetooth speaker to bring it home. What is the reason for this? Of course, to listen to your favorite coffeehouse tunes! After all, what is a trip to the café without being serenaded by Jack Johnson or Norah Jones?

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Chalk it Up

A chalkboard-covered café wall has a certain effortless coziness to it. Consider hanging a chalkboard or painting your wall with chalkboard paint to add some of that coffeehouse charm to your setup. It not only instantly warms the room, but it also gives you an excuse to create your delectable daily specials.

Chalk it Up
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Bold and Colorful Station Statement

Ditch Basic Black Appliances

Colorful appliances are the simplest (and most affordable) ways to liven up a coffee station. Get rid of your black and stainless steel coffee makers! Coffee makers, grinders, and espresso cups are available in an ever-growing range of colors, allowing you to create a coordinating set—or choose contrasting colors for a more substantial visual impact.

Work in Pops of Color

Colorful furniture is another excellent way to include some color in your design. Consider aiming for a 60/30/10 mix: Perhaps your accent wall covers 60% of the station in a single color, making it your primary color. Then work in a secondary color for 30% of the items and the third color for 10%. Finding that 30 percent can be as simple as adding statement shelves, a bold set of chairs, or maybe a funky cake stand or set of mugs. Then there is the final 10%…

Paint an Accent Wall

While most people think of warm, neutral colors when designing their coffee stations, consider an accent wall if you have a more colorful palette. It is the ideal way to personalize your station, and it is also a good choice for indecisive designers. After all, if you decide you are no longer a millennial-blue person next year, you can easily paint it differently.

Stock Up On Appliances

Top Things Off With a Tea Kettle

While you may be constructing a coffee station, you or someone in your household likely enjoys a cup of tea now and then. With a stylish electric tea kettle, brewing a traditional cup of tea is a breeze.

Top Things Off With a Tea Kettle
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Upgrade Your Skills With an Espresso Maker

Do you prefer your coffee to be a little stronger? Go and invest in a high-end espresso machine. An expertly crafted espresso maker is a must-have for any true coffee aficionado and will also serve as a great focal point.

Upgrade Your Skills With an Espresso Maker
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Get Creative With Cup Storage

Display Mugs Front and Center

If you only have a few cups—say, ten or fewer—consider arranging them in rows on an open shelf, with each cup turned upside down (to avoid dust). It will give off a real coffeehouse vibe, especially if your mugs are all the same color and style.

Stack Your Mugs

When you stack your mugs one on top of each other, you can impart a decorative, easy-to-maintain look to any coffee setup.

Hang Your Mugs

How do we keep our mugs organized? They should be hung! Hanging your mugs, whether directly on a set of wall hooks or beneath some shelving, will not only create an authentic coffeehouse ambiance but will also free up valuable counter space.

Consider a Concealed Coffee Station

Cover Your Appliances

If you do not want your coffee tools and appliances on display, you can hide them with some handy appliance covers. This is an exceptional tip for anyone trying to keep a design scheme together, even if the appliances are not all the same color.

Hide Your Station in a Cabinet

So you want a coffee station but want to keep your kitchen’s appearance simple. It is no problem! Place your coffee station inside a cabinet to create a hidden gem. Whether it is as simple as stuffing all of your essentials into an existing cabinet or refinishing one with, say, a pull-down door, this hidden station will keep your design flowing without sacrificing your caffeine.

Get Funky With Furniture

Repurpose a Dresser or Armoire

Consider repurposing an old piece of furniture for the super-crafty. Perhaps it is an old armoire you have been considering donating or a dresser that does not quite fit your style. You can instantly give your old furniture a new lease on life with a simple paint job, new hardware, and some rearranging.

Use a Kitchen Cart

Kitchen carts are where some people keep their pans, baking supplies, and even some appliances. However, they can also be used for more than just storage; they also make excellent coffee stations. Kitchen carts are great to keep your coffee essentials organized because they keep all of your machinery and coffee essentials in one place. Best of all, you can move your station around with a mobile kitchen cart, making for a fun party trick when serving table-side.

Add Some Storage

Organize Those Pods

If you use Nespresso or K-Cups, you understand how inconvenient it can be to store extra pods. You do, however, have some options. While holding them in a cabinet (out of sight, out of mind) is the most convenient option, consider a spinning pod stand to keep them close at hand. In this way your pods will never be out of reach, and your counter space will gain a stylish new element.

Pick Up Some Decorative Storage Containers

Keeping things like coffee, tea, sugar, and espresso in the containers, created a cluttered appearance, making the area appear more chaotic. Instead, use stylish ceramic containers or clear jars to display your items.

Buy an Accessory Holder

It is a way to go if you want your coffee station to feel authentic. So you are fully stocked, look for an organizer that can hold anything from straws and napkins to sugar packets and stirrers. We hope you have been inspired to start your own coffee shop right away! It takes a little time to set up at first, but it is well worth it in the end, especially considering how much money you will save on Starbucks!

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