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When planning to upgrade your furniture or moving out, one of the main items should be the coffee table.

The coffee table has gained more significance today, given its diversification of purpose. Apart from holding your favorite beverage, the coffee table is used to store valuables such as books and other personal effects.

coffee table with storage
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Coffee tables with storage have seen further modifications to accommodate the needs of their users. Some of the tables are used as discreet storage spaces where you can keep your treasures safe.

Apart from accentuating your home decor, a coffee table with storage offers the much-needed extra space for you. 

Let’s look at,

Factors to Consider When Buying Coffee Table with Storage


The thumb rule has always been to have a coffee table that is the same height as your sofa. If there has to be a variation, it should not exceed 5cm. It helps avoid having to strain as you access your beverage from the tabletop.

The height of the coffee table is vital as it determines your level of comfort and the amount of storage space you will have underneath.

Check out for the length, too, while buying a coffee table. Ideally, the length shouldn’t be more than ⅔ the size of your couch.

The size of the coffee table is dependent on the size of your sofa. However, this should not hinder you from exploring the different sizes in the market. 

Mainly, your comfort and function should always come fast. You may even prefer a low-level table that you access while sitting on the floor, then go for it. Allow enough room for the sitting area.


Coffee tables with storage come in all shapes. Your preference and style inform the shape. Some of the common shapes include:

  • Oval– This shape works well where you have long sofas as it helps utilize available space maximally. It’s also recommended in homes with toddlers as it doesn’t have sharp edges that could hurt them.
  • Square– Works well with L-shaped sofas or the lovers’ arrangement. The square shape offers a balanced appearance for your room. Preferable where you have plenty of space.
  • Rectangle– It’s the most common in most homesteads and works well where you have long sofas.
  • Circular– Ideal for smaller spaces as they help create a warm feeling. Like the oval ones, they work well in homes with kids as you don’t have to worry about sharp corners.

The shape of the coffee table boils down to your personal preference and style.


The material composition of your coffee table matters as it determines how durable the coffee table is and how you will maintain it. 

Today, the market is filled with tables from a range of materials, but the most common are:

  • Wood- These are the most common coffee tables. They are easy to modify and durable. They can also accommodate more storage spaces beneath, and they offer a great finishing for your living room. However, they are heavy to lift around, especially the ones made from expensive hardwood like rattan.
  • Glass- The market has shifted towards glass coffee tables. To accommodate a storage space, the lower part of the coffee table will have to be either of a different material or ensure the glass is thick enough to accommodate your storage items. 

Glass coffee tables offer a great finishing for your room. However, you have to keep dusting and wiping the spills as they are more visible on a glass top.

  • Marble- These coffee tables are beautiful and always portray an elegant conventional look. Modify the marble tables to offer strong, discreet storage spaces beneath.
  • Leather- Often strengthened with wood, leather coffee tables offer an elegant feel in your room. Most of these tables are fitted with trays to offer you enough storage space.

You can have your coffee table customized and use different materials. Again this boils down to form and function.

Features of a Coffee Table with Storage

In addition to these factors, ensure you have all the features of the coffee table right. Check out for:

Movable Top

For coffee tables with storage, you can lift the top to provide more storage space beneath. It is fitted with hinges that allow easy opening and closing.


Most of these coffee tables will have rollers on their legs for easy mobility. Given that you intend to store some items on the coffee tables, the rollers come in handy when moving it to clean.


The coffee tables will feature shelves and drawers to allow you to store extra items in the compartments.

These features are differently modified from one manufacturer to the other. You can even have your customized design.

Talking of design, coffee tables with storage fall under different designs depending on the features and modifications. Some of the most common styles include:

  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Coastal
  • Country
  • Industrial
  • Rustic
  • Parsons
  • Mid-century modern

Under each of these styles offer a wide range of shapes and forms. Whichever style fits your room depends on your taste and preference.

Given that you will constantly use your coffee table, it’s important to serve you for a longer duration. But how do you maintain a coffee table?

How to Take Care of a Coffee Table

Taking care of a coffee table with storage is highly dependent on the material composition. How you take care of marble is different from how you care for wood.

  • Granite– Make use of granite-specific detergent to clean the table.
  • Wood- Use coasters, mats, and trays to avoid spillage rings
  • Glass- Use trays to avoid the rings or wipe with a damp cloth then a dry one.
  • Marble- Apply marble polish and have a protective sealant on top to retain the shiny, soft texture. Clean the table regularly with warm soapy water to extend its life

Besides regular dusting and cleaning, ensure that you don’t overload the compartments within the coffee table that you use as storage spaces. Overloading will damage the table before it serves you long enough.

Avoid using sharp objects to scratch drinks or food spillage on your coffee table. Instead, soak the area with soapy water, then wipe with a damp cloth.

Finally, consider the color of your coffee table. You don’t want it to color crush your other already existing furniture. All in all, get a coffee table that uplifts your mood and serves the purpose.

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