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Intro to Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee is an American company with a reputation for providing high-grade coffee. Other than that, it’s a leading learning institution where people wishing to be Baristas enroll and gain skills. The Counter Culture Coffee is one of the top coffee beverages and an excellent choice for your daily picks. Here, you’ll get a comprehensive review of Counter Culture Coffee. Keep reading.

History of Counter Culture Coffee

As earlier stated, Counter Culture Coffee is an American company that produces different varieties of coffee. It opened its doors to coffee production over two decades ago and has gained popularity in the coffee industry.

Fred Houk and Bret Smith are the brains behind this company and have a long-lasting drive to provide the market with the best coffee. The firm has won accolades as a top brand and industry leader. Through its transparency report, the company leads the pack on many fronts. It relentlessly pursues perfection by intending to offer high-quality coffee.

The establishment is constantly developing innovative ways to roast the best coffee. Other notable areas of interest include environmental sustainability and fiscal measures.

Another thing to note is that the business has some of the best equipment and uses technologically advanced techniques to produce coffee. Counter Culture Coffee also provides easy-to-understand coffee brew guides, learning centers, and home DIY classes.

Coffee Brew Guides

Coffee brew guides are guidelines or basic steps of how to make the best coffee. The company provides this information via videos and also other literary materials. By reading this guide, you’ll get to learn how to brew coffee, the temperature requirements, and how to store coffee.

The information also has other sub-topics on preparing cold brew, pour-over techniques, and how to refine your coffee grinds. That’s not all since it also recommends the best practices, French press, and how to make single-serve coffee.

Counter Culture Coffee Learning Centers

The learning centers are quite innovative since you get all the information in interactive sessions. The coffee hub has other trainees, local teams, and coffee partners. Here, you get to learn and explore how to make the best coffee. You’ll also train on the best equipment to use when brewing coffee.

Besides training, the center also accommodates other groups in other events such as catalog cupping, tasting at ten, and homebrew sessions, which are public participation. Anybody can attend the events in different hubs located across the United States.

Home Brew Sessions

Worry not if you can’t attend the classes at the regional hubs. The company has an enthusiastic team that conducts homebrew sessions with prospective Baristas at their respective homes. These are online classes, and the home-based Baristas can enroll and perfect their art of making coffee right at their homes.

The Resource Center

The resource center is packed with a rich history of the company and also emerges as a top player in the coffee-brewing industry. The information is deep and reveals the experiments, innovations, and partnerships with professionals, producers, and other stakeholders to succeed.

The center is packed with videos that educate viewers on how to brew the best coffee. When you visit their website, you’ll find these video series that are educative. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn from the experts.

Counter Culture Coffee Core Values

The company is committed and has notable achievements with sustainability. It follows a well-detailed core value when it comes to sourcing its coffee beans. Without a doubt, these values have made the company the giant it is today.

Transparency is an essential aspect of coffee production and marketing. The company released a transparency report in 2019, which revealed different aspects of the firm. For example, it has 55 suppliers who are loyal partners and other data relating to carbon emissions and the use of plastics.

CSR Initiatives

The company has a solid partnership with the local communities through the seeds program. This initiative helps communities have better facilities and also supports the farmers with crop diversification for better income.

The company also supports different initiatives to promote food security through sustainable farming. Sometimes, they may donate to community-based organizations, and employees take part in voluntary programs. Therefore, the team can learn about the communities, their way of life, farming, which is essential for bonding.

Variety of Coffee Brands Offered by Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee has some of the most popular coffee blends in the American market.

  • The Apollo brand is one of the major highlights and consists of Ethiopian beans. Coffee enthusiasts describe it as a sweet and lyrical taste with tinges of citrus as well as floral.
  • Big trouble is yet another popular brand from this company. It’s a blend of Puente, Elena, and Cueva coffee beans with availability throughout the year. The coffee has a milky taste, nutty, and caramel flavor. Therefore, it’s a great addition to your morning boost.
  • Fast forward is also another popular coffee product from Counter Culture Coffee. It’s a mixture of Uganda coffee beans and Guatemala coffee varieties. It’s a light coffee with a nutty taste and sweetness.
  • Forty-six is dark coffee with a rich body and tinges of chocolate and smoky notes. The roast is a blend of Kosher, Ugandan beans, Kabeywa, Cenaprop, and Ethiopian beans.
  • Hologram roast consists of Dambi Udo, Halobariti and Concepcion-Huista beans. One more thing to note is that it has a milky chocolate flavor and a fruity, syrupy body.
  • Slow Motion Decaf is a decaffeinated roast comprising Guatemala beans. It has a cocoa aroma, molasses sweetness, and a smooth body.
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Counter Culture Coffee Membership

The Counter Culture Coffee community is vibrant, and one can join through subscriptions. After booking, your favorite blend is delivered to your location.

Deciding on the Right Blend

With lots of coffee producing and marketing companies globally, it cannot be easy deciding on the right blend. However, you can make it right by picking products from top brands and industry players. From the discussion, it’s evident that Counter Culture Coffee is a top brand, and you can never go wrong by trying their coffee varieties.

Over two decades, the company has earned its place in the heart of coffee enthusiasts. The most remarkable thing about Counter Culture Coffee is the collaboration with the local community and also their effort in sustainable farming.

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