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It is hard to figure out where to start from the many features each coffee machine model comes with prices ranging from budget-friendly to expensive machines. In your coffee experiences, you need to begin off on the proper foot. That’s why in our De’Longhi EC155 Coffee and Cappuccino coffee maker review, we make sure beyond any doubt you don’t lose a buck in deciding if this machine is the correct one for you. Anyone who wishes to have an easy-to-use cappuccino or espresso machine at home should check this out. The De’Longhi EC155 is perfect for a beginner with limited knowledge or anyone with limited counter space – this is an excellent and compact product! But if you want more options, not just a standard espresso or cappuccino in your stock, or have a family with more coffee lovers, this product might not be right for you.

Let’s first see what to consider when searching for an espresso/cappuccino maker to decide whether a De’Longhi EC155m can be part of your toolkit or not.

De'Longhi EC155-CS

Points to consider before purchasing an Espresso maker:

The espresso world is enormous, and the types of features should be a critical part of your calculations before you buy a model. While choosing the perfect brewer for your household, here are some main things worth keeping in mind.

How many cups will you be brewing?

How much coffee you would need at a time is the first question you can ask. Do you drink alone, or will you be getting a gang of coffee guzzlers every day?

It takes some machines a while to heat up, while others are known for heating up quickly, such as the Gaggia Baby Class. Some devices are fitted with a double boiler to simultaneously make steaming milk by pulling a shot and keeping it warm at the same time.

The amount a machine can handle is a significant concern because factors like the time it takes to heat the water can make a big difference between steaming hot cups for all or a line of grumpy sleeping heads stretching out the door from the coffee maker.


Do you want a machine for a lifetime or a deal of a lifetime?

We all heard the old saying, ‘You get what you’re paying for.’ This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase inexpensive stuff. This does, however, suggest that there is generally a strong connection between having something “on the cheap” and not lasting too long.

Take into account the amount of money in the first place you are ready to spend on your unit, taking into consideration factors such as the longevity of your equipment and the number of upgrades or substitutes you have to get over the years.

Delonghi Espresso machines are well designed and robust.


The brand is another thing to consider while making a purchase. Even if you pick a used one, anything like De’Longhi or Breville will work well.

Consistency: De’Longhi EC155

If you want to opt for consistency, that doesn’t mean at some stage; your device won’t need maintenance. Ensure that your manual is kept with the cleaning instructions from De’Longhi EC155 and De’Longhi pieces so that you are never left without any help or resources.

The War of Competence vs. Comfort: Auto vs. Manual 

Finally, how much influence would you like overall the process? 

If you like the brewing experience as much as the coffee itself or if pulling shots is an incredibly tedious task for you, then you might want to consider a manual machine that gives you more control.

An automated unit like this De’Longhi model can be the answer if, on the other hand, you love convenience.

De’Longhi EC155 is not suitable for you if…

You want to get your cup of coffee by touch – try Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker for a single-touch brewing.

All the manual features of the De’Longhi are automated by this coffee unit, making espresso more straightforward than you thought was possible.

You want a fast espresso, take a look at the Breville Barista Express, an intricate espresso and cappuccino machine that can be ready for brewing in less than 1 minute.

Characteristics to look out for in De’Longhi EC155:

  • It has no premium finishing and aesthetic appeal that doesn’t mean, however, that it is fragile. The plastic case with a bit of stainless steel feels resistant and well-crafted.
  • The 35 oz water tank is sufficiently tall to draw around 8-10 Espresso shots, adequately for you to get ready for the day. The tank is removable and easy to clean.
  • This little unit has dual thermostats that allow you to regulate water and steam pressure, making the taste buds feel like they hit the jackpot by brewing espresso and cappuccino at an exact temperature.
  • The double-action filter holder is one of the highlights of this module. Thanks to a smart interface, you can choose to use ground coffee or go for pods to simplify your life. The filter holder weighs well but can be damaged easily by twisting over tightly in the filter head.
  • The machine has a self-priming feature which readies it without making you break a sweat.
  • The machine produces a coffee with rich and excellent cream.
  • It has an effective 15 bar pump, which works amazingly.
  • Water level indicator helps you know when the machine needs a refill.

Some shortcomings:

  • The filter is somewhat delicate and may break if too much force is applied.
  • The frothing wand is short in length.
  • The machine can be a little messy to clean up.

Conclusion: De’Longhi EC155

To conclude, for those who want ease to make Espresso, Cappuccinos, and lattes but are not looking forward to a significant investment, De’Longhi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino machine function well.

This espresso and cappuccino maker is a fantastic espresso tricycle and is listing at a great price, with regular functionality and some extra features.

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