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Love for Coffee

Do you make your own cup of coffee? How do you make it? Do you like it black? With cream and sugar? Do you like it hot or iced? Some even add cinnamon, hazelnut, caramel, etc., as their signature add-ons in their cup of coffee. We all have our preferences for making our own coffee. It is our added boost to an already energetic drink. It is said that a day is not complete without making one. So are you into an instant coffee, french press coffee, coffee drip bag/machine, or coffee maker?

French Press Coffee and Other Alternatives

French press coffee is said to have more caffeine compared to your regular espresso. That could be a perfect reason to choose this option as we all know the importance of fully loaded coffee.

However, a study shows that 5-6 cups of french press coffee a day may increase your “bad” cholesterol level. This is due to the unfiltered cafestol, a diterpenoid molecule found in coffee beans. Another thing about french press coffee, it is perfect for those who don’t like froth on their coffee. Drip coffee is said to filter more cafestol than french press coffee, but a disadvantage of using it is the longer preparation time. And admittedly, in our daily hustle and bustle, preparing your own coffee is a luxury by itself already.

The last alternative to preparing your own cup of coffee is having your own coffee maker. Maybe you are wondering why having your own coffee maker is an option for you? To simply put it, having your own coffee machine will definitely change the way you see preparing and drinking coffee.

DeLonghi Brand

DeLonghi is an appliance brand based in Treviso, Italy. It was started in 1902 by the De’Longhi family. Among its first products are heaters and air conditioners, and then eventually expanded to the domestic kitchen and household appliances. As early as the year 2000s, DeLonghi was known for the designs of the appliances. They were recognized among known designers around the world.

As an Italian brand, DeLonghi wasn’t just known for its external beauty but also for the internal engines they are using for their products. It is also known to follow all safety standards and had no safety issues from its consumers. It is, therefore, a brand that possesses high quality and superior aesthetic compared to its competitors.

Features of DeLonghi EC702

It’s high-quality stainless steel with two thermostats allowing for water and pressure to be controlled separately. It also has self-priming technology. This feature ensures you have a cup of coffee that has the perfect temperature.

Second, it has a removable tank that can hold 44 ounces of water, indicator light, and drip tray, making it easy to clean and maintain. For this model, you can either use freshly ground coffee or convenient pods.

DeLonghi EC702 also comes with two (2) pressurized portafilters for single and double shots. An important fact about this model is it also very affordable while producing high-end quality coffee.

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Pros of DeLonghi EC702

  • It is considered an easy-to-use machine. This allows the new coffee enthusiast to prepare their own coffee without the hassle as it has adjustable controls
  • No need for you to be a professional to add froth to your coffee as the Pannarello steam wand requires no expert skill in order to use. Ensuring that you have your frothy coffee just in minutes
  • Since the entire hardware is made of stainless steel it is very durable and sturdy
  • Like all other DeLonghi models, it has a very compact, lightweight, and elegant built
  • Prepares the perfect hot coffee

Cons DeLonghi EC702

  • It has no auto-off feature; therefore, the user must be very cautious about turning the machine off after using it
  • Heating up time takes longer than usual at 5 – 15 minutes

How to Use DeLonghi EC702

As mentioned, this model is considered to be an easy-to-use machine. You can just either use a pod or ground coffee, and it will instantly produce a cafe-like coffee at a cheaper cost.

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In order to add water to the model, you just have to move the tank sideways without having to detach it from the actual model. DeLonghi EC702 has a water indicator allowing the user to easily monitor the machine’s water level and when it needs a refill.


In heating the machine, as mentioned also, it takes a little longer than usual. Wait 10 minutes to preheat the machine with mater. For a frother coffee, you might need to wait an extra 5 minutes for the desired result.

Tamping of Ground Coffee

For the tamping of ground coffee, the machine comes with two (2) ground coffee filters. This allows you to make a single or double-shot espresso. Simply put the ground beans into the portafilter, make sure that it is evenly flattened out, and press it firmly with a built-in tamper.

Coffee connoisseurs would know that proper tampering is important. Too much pressing down might produce dark and unusually bitter coffee, and worst it might slow down the drip of the water. Light tampering, on the other hand, might result in light or blunt coffee and excessive water flow. It was also recommended that this model could be used with fine and extra-fine ground coffee.

Extracting the Coffee

Now in order to extract the coffee, position the portafilter under the brew head with the handle towards the left, make sure it is locked. Click the power button and wait for the recommended preheating time of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, put your cup under the sprouts. Press the button to allow the coffee to flow. The suggested amount per serving is 2-3 oz. or 60-90 ml of coffee.

Your Own Coffee Maker

Through this article, we hope that you now have a clearer idea of what to keep in mind in deciding if having your own coffee machine is for you. Aside from the features of the machine, it is important to also take note of your personal coffee requirements. It is important as no matter how affordable your machine is, it still an investment to complete your perfect cup of joe.

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