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The majority of coffee devotees prefer different brewing styles to create an exciting coffee lifestyle. On the same note, some would stick to their single mix of coffee preferences. It can get tricky for people living in the same house and with varying tastes for their favorite coffee brew. Dual coffee makers are lifesavers in such kind of a scenario.

They are convenient and offer a wide variety of choices to brew coffee depending on individual preferences. Here we have a comprehensive review of dual coffee makers, including some examples to help you decide on the best option. Let’s jump straight into the discussion.

What is a dual coffee maker?

A dual coffee maker, also known as a two-way coffee maker, is an appliance that brews or makes two different brewers inside a single machine. The brewers available within a device vary among machines. However, the majority come as a batch brewer to brew large quantities of coffee into a decanter and a single-cup brewer.

The batch brewer compartment is suitable for making a whole pot of coffee, while the single compartment is suitable for a quick single cup of coffee.

What to consider when buying a dual coffee maker

Before you buy a dual coffee maker, it’s vital to take time and understand what you are exactly looking for in such an appliance. We recommend you select a dual coffee maker with the best features to serve your purpose. Here is a set of questions to help you choose the best model.

What type of dual coffee brewer are you looking for?

Some dual coffee makers can brew large pots of coffee and single servings. Some may brew carafes or filter coffee and espresso, while others come packed with a hot water dispenser that can make tea or a mix of instant coffee or chocolate.

Are you using k-cups or ground coffee?

Some models are designed to brew ground coffee, while others are for blending k-cups. If you are a coffee lover, it would be best to consider those meant for ground coffee since you’ll have more control of your coffee outcome. On the other hand, coffee capsules are expensive and may contain stale coffee.

Do you want a thermal or a glass carafe?

Most coffee users would opt for a thermal carafe because it’s more durable than a glass carafe. Therefore, it keeps your coffee warmer for a long time. But others don’t care about the coffee temperature and can settle for the glass carafe, which is more appealing and economical.

Here are some of the best dual coffee makers you can find near you

Hamilton Beach-49976 coffee maker

hamilton beach
Hamilton Beach-49976 coffee maker @Amazon

This moldel is one of the best coffee makers on the market. We picked this machine for several reasons. First of all, you get more coffee than you need since it has two reservoirs to serve the single-serve side and the ground coffee side.

The reservoirs come in a unique design that minimizes spillage and thus economical. Secondly, they have a transparent body that enables you to track your water levels and refill them appropriately.

Another thing we need to mention is that the carafe allows you to brew coffee from freshly ground coffee. Better yet, you can use coffee pods, with its 12 mug espresso pot alongside the incredible blending side that works with any amount of coffee.

Even though the model is a slow machine to a certain extent compared to other choices, it compensates by making the best coffee. Finally, it has a usable and intuitive control panel that makes it easy to use.


  • It is convenient for use
  • It can be programmed in two-hour spurts
  • The reservoirs are independent


  • It is considered slow.
  • Pricey

Ninja 4-brew coffee maker

ninja 4 brew coffee maker
Ninja 4-brew coffee maker @Amazon

The name Ninja entails high capabilities and broad credentials. As you may expect, this coffee maker has several desirable features, such as re-usable filters, including five extra paper filters. It has five different brew styles: classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, and specialty making it versatile.

We love the carafe, which is a double-walled stainless steel ideal for insulation, maintaining your coffee at hot or cold temperatures as you desire.

On a positive note, this machine is easy to maintain because it comes packed with a self-cleaning mechanism. Likewise, the drip-stop function reduces messes and sticky coffee stains.

One of the most notable features is the auto IQ function that performs the guesswork as you make your coffee. Without a doubt, the four brew ninja gives you more variants that give you an option between simple to complex coffee styles.


  • It can brew hot and cold drinks in four different sizes
  • You get a variety of brewing styles, from the milk frothier
  • The tumbler that comes with the machine can withstand higher temperatures


  • It takes up much counter space.
  • It does not take k-cups, so it cannot be considered a real deal in brewing.

Cuisinart CHW-12P-1 coffee maker

cuisinart chw 12p 1 coffee maker
Cuisinart CHW-12P-1 coffee maker @Amazon

The main reason we chose the Cuisinart coffee maker is the versatility that makes it possible to efficiently brew coffee and other drinks.

We are a fan because it meets all your dual brewing expectations, thanks to the programmable auto-brewing setting. In addition, it has a pause and pours setting that allows you to make coffee when you need it.

Operating this machine is a breeze since it has a user-friendly interface that incorporates temperature control, pause, and pour. Also, it has simple-to-use indicator lights that notify you when the water becomes hot, so you can choose between making some tea or soup.

You’ll enjoy using this machine since it doesn’t alter the taste of your coffee, even in low temperatures. Finally, the auto-off setting between 1 and 4 hours makes it reliable and secure because you can relax if you forget to shut down the device.


  • Its indicator lights notify you when the water is hot
  • It has an automatic off switch setting between 1-4 hours
  • It has a hot water dispenser, heating up to 185 degrees


  • Filling the water reservoir is complicated


Dual coffee makers can be a suitable solution to a problem every coffee lover has, brewing different styles of coffee using varying brewing methods. Plus, it’s a stylish appliance with several functions within a single machine. Hence, you can sample different coffee styles whenever you like. Hopefully, you can grab the best dual coffee makers on the market hassle-free.

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