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What is Dutch Bros Coffee?

Starbucks has been around for many years, but Dutch Bros Coffee is getting too much attention, but for obvious reasons. Dutch Bros Coffee has over 300 outlets in different states of the US. It has been around since 1992, and the chain is popular with a large following.

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The hype is about the quality of their drinks and the varieties. Whether you want a taste of Rebels, smoothies, teas, freezes, or frosts, there’s a flavor for everyone. Even better, Dutch Bros offers you the freedom to choose between blended, hot, or cold beverage. Here is why Dutch Bros Coffee is one of the javas around.

Excellent Offers

There is no doubt that Dutch Bros is one of the greatest outlets where you’re bound to find your favorite obsession. The coffee varieties deliver the best boost to keep you energized during the day. Best of all, you can choose what you want, be it iced or hot, to quench your craving. Whether it’s early morning, mid-day, or late at night, the choice is yours.

The Dutch Bros is a favorite pick for many people since there are many coffee varieties. You can choose Iced Tea or Rebel, some of the most popular blends at Dutch Bros Coffee. For instance, Rebel is fully energized with a coffee blend and delicious flavors. Even though it lacks pineapple flavor, it’s a sweet indulgence. If you’re into caffeine, you can choose the iced version, which quenches your thirst in the summer heat.

Another incredible offer is BOMB, which contains an authentic mango flavor and coconut milk. It’s more like a premium tropical beverage without the tangy feel. Nevertheless, most people will choose Rebel anytime. Iced tea is another blend that comes at an affordable price tag. The options are Green and Black, and you can also choose any flavor depending on your preference.

Another cool thing about the Dutch Bros is the Surprise drinks that are favorite picks for indecisive shoppers. If you are a last-minute person and not sure what to buy, Dutch Bros got you covered. Further, the surprise drinks offer you the chance to experiment with new brands. In some outlets, you can find some of the best-iced tea or Rebels drinks. Some top Baristas can prepare some of the best surprise drinks.

Eye-catching Stickers

If you love graphics, the Dutch Bros Coffee stickers will mesmerize them. You can search for one that pleases your eyes and make it your favorite. 

The best part about it is you can put these stickers on your fridge, computer, water bottle, car, and any other place. The stickers are part of their customer service and strengthen the bond between the chain and coffee lovers.

Outstanding Customer Service

The customer deserves royal treatment, and Dutch Bros Coffee is well aware of that. A pop-in into an outlet delivers some warmth and an air of satisfaction. You can feel it right from the door after being welcomed by happy customers. The greetings and personalized, and you’ll feel right at home. 

Also, the Baristas attend to your needs without wasting your precious time. The customer reviews are impressive, and you can always go back for your favorite pick again.

Dutch Clothing

Dutch Bros Coffee has some uniformity that is present in all the outlets. However, the most fantastic thing is the clothing line popularly known as Dutch. It’s the best thing and a complete hook-up. When you become a loyal customer, you’ll want to show off Dutch wear. 

Whether you want baby accessories, clothes, hats, or handbags, there’s something for everyone. Therefore, you get to enjoy delicious coffee and superb offerings. Other than that, you can also have branded items with the Dutch logo. These include air fresheners, mugs, thermoses, earrings, and more. If you have some spare coins, these items will be your latest additions.

The Young Love It

Several reasons explain why the outlet is popular with young people. Most people love hanging out at Dutch Bros for loud music and sugary coffee. It’s more like a convergence of Abercrombie & Fitch and Starbucks. The brand is unapologetic in having a youthful workforce, and that could be the secret why it’s popular with young people.

What’s in Dutch Bros

  • White Coffee Cookie is a popular indulgence which you’re bound to find in a Dutch Bros Coffee. It comprises chocolate macadamia, white chocolate sauce, breve, and white espresso. It’s a sweet drink with a nutty taste. It works best with coffee syrups to deliver a rich, creamy and earthy drink.
  • The Dutch Canyon has all the ingredients in the right proportions. It consists of dark chocolate, white chocolate sauce, and macadamia syrup. You’ll submerge in the deepest layer of this drink, which will tickle your mouth with a nutty flavor and a faint taste of traditional mocha.
  • The Nutty Irishman is a cold brew and a hip drink with a deep and foamy base. It’s a blend of cream and cold brew and the best choice if you want to spin off ice-cold caffeine.
  • Double Rainbow has coconut, strawberry, and peach syrups alongside the iced Rebel drink. If you have ever taken Monster Energy, then the Double Rainbow is the cousin.
  • Horchata Chai comprises white chocolate sauces, caramel, cinnamon syrup, and Oregon chai with an infusion of milk. It’s doubled spicy and is the best choice for someone looking for a non-caffeinated drink in a coffee shop.
  • The Black Forest Freeze is made of Vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate sauce. It has a homey feeling and the best to cool you off in summer.
  • You will love the 911, a unique blend of breve, six shots, and Irish cream syrup. As the name suggests, 911 is a secret menu and an instant hit.

The Bottom Line

The above list of what Dutch Bros Coffee offers is not exhaustive. You can get your favorite drink at the chain at the best price. If you’re looking for some quest and trying something different, then this is the best place to be. With close to thirty years on the market, Dutch Bros has evolved into everybody’s favorite.  

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