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What’s even better than a great product that’s super practical for carrying your coffee around at the perfect temperature? The answer is simple: a product that is also good for the environment and gives back. And that’s what EcoVessel is.

Essentially an enhanced travel mug -more stylish and in some cases better at retaining temperature- the EcoVessel brand has made it its mission to ensure that buying and using an EcoVessel product is a win for everybody. How do they do this?

  • Instead of using plastic, which is bad for the environment, all EcoVessel bottles are made from stainless steel, thus making them reusable for decades.
  • 5% of each purchase goes towards a nonprofit. The consumer can actually choose between different nonprofits that work alongside EcoVessel for a greener Earth. These are: Leave No Trace, Protect Our Winters, Surfrider Foundation, and Water for People.

Stay hydrated, drink your coffee hot, AND do good for the planet. EcoVessel is one of the best options out there to contribute to a good cause while drinking coffee!

However, all this means nothing if the products themselves don’t appeal to us. In this article, we’ll be reviewing five of EcoVessel’s most popular products so you can get a sense of what using these is like and whether they’re right for you.

Top 5 EcoVessel Bottles

The Boulder

The Boulder is one of EcoVessel’s most popular bottles, and it’s easy to see why. It’s got a double layer of stainless steel before you even get to the actual chamber, helping this compact bottle keep your coffee hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to three days. They call this the TriMax Triple Insulation, which is honestly a super cool name.

But that’s not all. The Boulder also has a built-in, removable strainer made of stainless steel that will let you infuse drinks. This can mean flavored coffee, flavored tea, or simply infusing water with things like fruits, ginger, and so on. This is one of our favorite feature on a thermos- ever!

It comes in 3 sizes (20, 24, and 32 ounces) and in ten different colors ranging from Galactic Blue to Stainless Steel to Black Shadow.

the ecovessel boulder
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What if you don’t want an actual thermos? Something smaller. Something easy to drink out of… the kind of thing you can keep around in your work environment. How about this amazing EcoVessel combination of a thermos and a coffee mug?

So small yet still featuring TriMax Triple Insulation, this mug is your friend during the day and night, keeping coffee hot for up to four hours and things such as beer cold for up to forty hours! 

The lid covers up the whole top of the mug, and you simply slide open the mouth to drink out of it. This means that you can brew yourself a whole mug of coffee and patiently sip on it the whole morning, as it will keep as hot as freshly brewed! 

The Transit travel mug comes in one size (12 ounces) and in four different models: White Pearl, Black Shadow, Blue Moon, Grey Smoke.

ecovessel transit
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Super portable, super practical: EcoVessel challenges the traditional thermos’ design with this thermos that is incredibly compact and easy to use.

In essence, the Perk is very similar to The Boulder: the design looks similar, and also you get a strainer so you can give flavor to your drinks on the go. They both have TriMax Triple Insulation and are made of stainless steel.

The main difference is that Perk is much more compact, making it better for outdoor occasions such as hiking or biking. It has a push-to-drink mechanism that makes it super easy to use- drink with just one hand!

The Perk comes in +10 different designs!

ecovessel perk
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The perfect blend of The Boulder and Transit: the Metro features a bigger design and a slide-open lid that lets you easily drink from your vessel without having to unscrew it open, which can be annoying at times. Keep it hot and fresh thanks to this feature!

The Metro, of course, has TriMax Triple Insulation and a leak-proof lid that will keep your coffee – or any other drink of your choice – inside your mug. Don’t worry about leaks any more!

The Metro can keep coffee hot for six hours and cold for up to a whole day. It comes in 10 different designs!

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The Boss. As soon as you see it, you totally understand why it’s called the Boss.

First of all, it holds 64 ounces of liquid inside. That’s a whole lotta coffee! (ten cups and a third, to be exact). But of course, it’s not just a simple bottle… The Boss has the most power in terms of how long it can keep coffee hot. For hot coffee (or any other drink for that matter, but we care most about coffee), it will keep hot for a whole day or 24 hours. Cold coffee, on the other hand, can keep cold for up to 150 hours!

Besides being able to hold four pounds of liquid, you can also infuse your drink thanks to an infuser that is much like the one we see in other models but sturdier and significantly bigger.

While this EcoVessel model is usually associated with things such as beer, it’s a great vessel for coffee, too. Particularly cold brew coffee: you can take the whole batch you made and take it wherever you want in the Boss without fear of it getting warm.

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Which One Stands Out?

And that’s our top 5 most amazing, practical bottles and thermoses from EcoVessel. We can’t really pick a favorite because they are all so fantastic, but we do have to admit that the Boss just stands out. It’s so practical and great for sharing coffee with your coworkers and friends!

But in all seriousness, any of these products will leave you completely satisfied. EcoVessel even offers a one-hundred-year warranty! That really, really inspires confidence in a product! So get yours now- and be at ease that if anything should happen to it in the next hundred years, you’re covered. 

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