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When it comes to coffee, one of the most important things about it is the water you use to make it. You might be thinking it’s the temperature or amount of water, but it is so much more than that! The water that you use to make your coffee should be quality water, which even clean water does not always mean quality water. Quality comes down to more than spring water versus purified water, and that’s where Third Wave Water comes in to play.

Third Wave Water was founded in September 2016 in Ohio. Just one month later, they presented their product at The Barista Guild in Chicago. Founders Taylor and Charles both have impressive resumes, most importantly, with experience in the coffee industry. Check out Charles’ amazing creation called The Wright Cup to see what kind of what he has been doing. Taylor knew what it took to have a “perfect water blend” for coffee, which later came to be known as “dehydrated water.” That knowledge allowed them to create a unique powder to improve the quality of water.

A lot of money was needed to get the company where it needed to be. They started a Kickstarter fundraiser, with $15,000 raised in the first 36 hours. They could have stopped there, but they kept going! It was about a year after their start that they got a chance to showcase their product to a broader audience…

From Shark Tank to Your Home

Third-wave water got a lot of publicity just from presenting their product on the popular show Shark Tank—and they left their episode with an investment! All of the investors agreed that the products improved their coffee. The show had us on our toes when Third Wave Water was not the hottest commodity in some of the investors’ eyes.

After some passes from other investors on the show, Barbara Corcoran offered $100,000 for 33.3 percent, plus a royalty of $1 per box. Taylor and Charles bartered on the deal a bit, but luckily for us all, they came to a happy conclusion for both sides. This gave Third Wave Water what they needed to sell on a bigger scale and put more money into marketing. On top of the financial investment, the exposure provided by Shark Tank also gave Third Wave Water a stronger reputation. From there, the product could better speak for itself.

What Third Wave Water Does

It’s evident that people love this product, but now it’s time to get into why they love it. It starts with water.

Water naturally has things in it. More specifically, water has dissolved minerals, chemicals, and gases. Water is entirely safe to drink when it contains such things, and the EPA makes sure that is so. It is just that water for brewing coffee is a bit different. The Specialty Coffee Association holds standards for water that point out characteristics in water that help it enhance coffee. Third Wave Water helps meet those standards.

Ingredients in Third Wave water:

  1. Magnesium Sulfate
  2. Calcium Citrate
  3. Sodium Chloride (which are fancy words for calcium, magnesium, and sodium).

Those ingredients interact with water to address the following things:

One crucial element of water that Third Wave Water pays attention to is hardness. This signifies the minerals in the water, so harder water = more mineral-dense water. Specifically, the amount of calcium and magnesium. A lot of Total Dissolved Solids contributes to hard water as well. Water should be hard, but not too hard (according to Discover Magazine). Third Wave Water boasts of its “permanent hardness” that allowed “minerals to remain in your water and not your coffee maker.” Certain minerals can improve the taste of your coffee.

Third-wave water also addresses alkalinity in water, which “allows the coffee to breathe.” Too much alkalinity, according to the SCAA, “can affect extraction and coffee flavor.” There is a lot of science behind this conclusion, including what this means for the pH of the water. However, all you need to pay attention to is the amount of it overall. Third Wave Water boasts to prove no alkalinity, making for a better flavor and safer coffee.

Even with all that it does, Third Wave Water is all-natural and free of chemicals. Whether you are more interested in the science of water or not, the main thing to realize is that it will improve the quality and taste of the water that you use in your coffee.

The Two Types of Third Wave Water

The temperature and pressure difference between espresso and other coffees is important to consider how the above aspects are different within the two. The water used is going to be affected differently from those aspects, and Third Wave Water knew that. There are two different versions of their product offered based on where it will be used. The products have the same contents in them, so it must be the balance and quantity of the products that are the main differences.

1. Espresso machine water profile

It only makes sense that there is a different version of Third Wave Water for espresso machines. Such a small amount of water is used to a very flavorful drink, so even more attention needs to be paid to the water.

2. Classic water profile

Fit for a manual brew or a coffee maker, this will be a product applicable to most people. Anything that is not espresso will need this product! The most straightforward brewing techniques can make for excellent quality, but Third Wave Coffee is the only thing that is missing.

They recommend using the products with empty water, which the following qualify as Distilled Water, Reverse Osmosis Water, De-ionized Water, and Zero Water. These start with zero minerals in them.

From there, you can decide on the size that you need. They offer one gallon or five-gallon options. It is as easy as mixing the packet into your water, shaking it (thoroughly), and then brewing it. They also offer wholesale on their site, providing a step-by-step list for what to do for that.

Why Third Wave Coffee is Worth It

As Third Wave water likes to remind us, coffee is 98% water. We spend so much time perfecting that other 2% of coffee, but enhancing your water is essential for the flavor of the coffee overall. Coffee shops often have ways of getting their water to be of a higher standard, but you don’t necessarily have those same connections at home. The ease of Third Wave Coffee, and how it can ultimately change your coffee for the best, is amazing!

Make sure you also go check out “What’s Third Wave Coffee?” to see all about Third Wave Coffee as well!

Thanks for reading about how to enhance your coffee with Third Wave Water. Maybe even try brewing some coffee with and without Third Wave Water, one right after the other, to compare the taste first hand! We hope you see its potential to take the coffee world by storm—and pick up some for yourself once you do! Once you have the best water out there, check out these organic coffee beans to pair them with!

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We’ll brew ya later! ☕️

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