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Introdustion to Essenza Nespresso Machines

Are you tired of not getting that perfect shot of your Espresso? Don’t want to go through pages of instructions while handling your coffee maker? It may be challenging to make the perfect cup of Espresso; therefore, Let’s look at what Nespresso offers.

Essenza Mini

Nespresso introduced the Essenza Mini, the little beast which helps you to make that splendid Espresso easily.

The lightweight and affordable Essenza Mini was released in 2017, and it aims to save you time and tension without sacrificing flavor while crafting Espresso. The simple, one-touch operation and the use of user-friendly capsules make this espresso machine worth considering, although such a simple approach to coffee making has some disadvantages. Let’s look at the Nespresso Essenza Mini in more detail.

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Nespresso Essenza is very simple

The Nespresso Essenza is made for novice coffee drinkers who are yet to learn about coffee drinks’ nuances. The ease of use of the machine becomes primary for beginners while deciding to buy the coffee machine they want to use to fulfill their desire for caffeine without going through pages of instructions of expensive coffee machines.

Since Essenza Mini uses capsules, it is as simple to make Espresso put a capsule and press a button. To make the method even more comfortable, there are two programmable settings.

Though the machine is of low capacity, it can still produce a powerful and rich taste in the coffee cup. This machine is not suitable for you if you like having multiple coffee cups daily. It is ideal for people who like having coffee a few times a day.

A lightweight single-serve expresso unit, the Nespresso Essenza Mini uses capsules for brewing espresso. It has an elegant minimalist design and offers easy operation, which provides full taste, a strong aroma, and rich cream in every cup.

The machine is available to buy as a standalone unit or with a package that will also include the milk frother.

Nespresso Pixie

The Nespresso Pixie is currently the most popular single-serve Espresso coffee machine on the market. Like Essenza Mini, Pixie is used for brewing Espresso or lungo only with Nespresso capsules. However, the Pixie’s water tank has a higher capacity than the Essenza Mini, which is 20% bigger and brews more cups with one tank fill.

Differences between Essenza Mini and Pixie

The Essenza Mini is portable and the most versatile expresso machine of Nespresso. It’s acrylic(plastic), making it less durable but lighter than the aluminum-made Pixie. The Mini Essenza has a smaller waste storage container, and the drip tray is much less flexible.

Features of the Nespresso Essenza Mini

The Essenza Mini is a quick click. You do not need to think about the modification of the grinder or maintenance like a semi-automatic unit. You need to insert a Nespresso capsule, choose a setting and look for your Espresso. This machine’s simplicity also means that it lacks flexibility. You can use it for coffee beverages, like lattes or Espresso, but it isn’t the best machine if your Espresso is to be tried.

Programmable settings

The machine has a pre-programmed setting to choose between Espresso and lungo, which saves time. Programmable settings are ideal for early in the morning coffee when you don’t have the energy or time to operate a complicated system.

Not for larger drinks

If you try to make a larger drink than the standard size of Espresso or lungo, it may have a bland taste with more water.

Great pressure pump

The 19-bar pressure pump of this system gives the power to punch and release the grinds and aroma. It is a lot of power for a little machine and allows water to flow uniformly through the capsule, giving it a rich smell and an intense taste.

Very fast

In less than 30 seconds, the Essenza Mini becomes ready for brewing, saving you precious time when you are on the run.

The machine only for capsules

The Nespresso Essenza Mini has compatibility with the capsules only and cannot use grounded coffee. The capsules used are less messy than the other traditional methods used to brew coffee. The capsules are, however, very restrictive. Although 24 Nespresso capsule flavors are available to try, you still have to pick them from the catalog. You can’t try various brewing techniques, such as fresher-taste grinding beans.

Very reliable

The machine is reliable as there are not many settings to play with, so every time you make a coffee, it has the same taste with the same characteristics of crema, aroma, flavor, etc.

It’s super small

The Essenza Mini is super small weighs just five pounds; therefore, it can be stored anywhere.

Small water tank

The water tank is also compact because the machine is small, and you can brew a small number of drinks once you fill the tank.


This is an eco-friendly machine and has an eco mode, which conserves energy and cuts down on the power expenses. The device turns off after nine minutes when not in use to save power. Nespresso even has a service to recycle the capsule, so you don’t have to feel bad for tossing used capsules constantly. These factors make consumers feel good about reducing their environmental footprint and save their money on energy charges.


The Nespresso Essenza Mini is a very cost-effective product and produces quality coffee at a fair price. This is suitable for coffee lovers with a tight budget.

Little cups of coffee

The little machine does not have enough room to fit full-sized coffee mugs. The drip tray must be removed if you want a brew a larger cup of coffee.

For who is Nespresso Essenza Mini?

Nespresso Essenza Mini is not for you if you are interested in learning the craft of creating barista-style drinks. While certain settings can be changed, it does not allow you to play with gauges and buttons.

More caracteristics of Essenza Mini

The Essenza Mini offers a rich taste, good fragrance, and golden cream with every espresso shot. Although with the Nespresso Essenza Mini, you do not have much control over grinding, dosing, or tamping, it does produce a decent espresso, especially for a capsule machine. The cream is light and fluffy all the time.

To store used capsules, the Essenza Mini has a built-in waste container, so you don’t have to remove each one individually every time you brew a cup. However, because of this unit’s small size, the waste container is small and can only contain about six capsules, meaning you still must empty it regularly.

The lungo of Essenza Mini is bitter and smokier than the usual Espresso. You can also make espresso-based cafés if you buy the milk frother. But because Essenza Mini uses capsules, you miss out on the fresher coffee offered by grinding coffee beans, which give a fresher taste and aroma.

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