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Where you have your coffee might as well be as important as what kind of coffee you have. It’s all an experience- flavor, and aroma are not the only things that matter. A good table can make all the difference between normal coffee and great coffee. 

There are a lot of coffee tables out there, and their types and subtypes are a whole world by themselves. We’re focusing on three of the most popular ones: the square coffee table, the farmhouse coffee table, and the live edge coffee table. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about farmhouse coffee tables. We know this is a big favorite of many because of their look. So we’ll be by talking about some advantages as well as disadvantages of farmhouse coffee tables. It’s always good to look at the negative reviews, too!- and then we’ll go on to talking about a few different styles of farmhouse tables. 

Coffe on the table
Coffe on the table

Farmhouse coffee table: Pros and cons

Pro: There are tons of different designs  

One of the best things about farmhouse coffee tables is that they come in a thousand different presentations. That means you can keep the “farmhouse” look -which is a combination of rustic and quaint while still getting a style of table that fits your needs. With storage? Done. Without? Done, too. With two or even three different levels? Done. 

Con: Chunky

What does not change, however, is that most farmhouse coffee tables are quite chunky. Their shape is usually rectangular- which is by nature a little uncomfortable to go around. Since these are usually made of wood and with thick legs, it makes farmhouse coffee tables in general chunky and heavy- even the small ones. There, of course, exceptions- but a great majority of farmhouse coffee tables will be chunky.

Pro: Sturdy 

Farmhouse coffee tables are the sturdiest tables you’ll ever come across. 

It’s not news that tables, particularly wooden ones, are prone to breaking. Farmhouse coffee tables’ design is usually chunky in the legs and rectangular. That means it’s very balanced. We’re able to enjoy farmhouse coffee tables for decades before they start showing cracks. 

Because of their chunkiness, even after heavy use and accidents, these trusty tables will stay strong.

Con: Rectangular shape

Yes, we know we said that there are tons of different designs. But unfortunately, all of these are rectangular- or at least 90% of them. And even then, a lot of tables are labeled “farmhouse” that really shouldn’t be: rectangular farmhouse coffee tables are the original coffee tables. 

The problem is that the rectangular shape isn’t really such a convenient shape for drinking coffee. In many cases, we look for compact and small tables when shopping for a coffee table- rectangular tables are not necessarily neither of those things. 

Farmhouse table styles

French or “Chunky X” Farmhouse coffee table

Arguably the most popular type of farmhouse table is this one- the French farmhouse table. It is characterized by the X that supports it on both sides. Interestingly enough, the benches also have the same X shape.

While this makes them more chunky than they already might be, farmhouse tables that use this X design are following a very ancient design- old european make that has been proven to work and keep tables in business for a very long time. So yes: you will be getting a chunkier table, but also, on the other hand, it’s going to be a sturdier table that will stay strong for probably many more years. 

There’s also the question that the X is quite cool looking, particularly when you look at designs that are either black or white. At first glance, it might not look like it, but it can actually be a positive thing in the overall look of your coffee table- it’s all a question of going through different designs and finding one that pops out. 

french farmhouse table
Photo by @foxydiamondhouse

Old/Classic farmhouse coffee table

We’ve established that farmhouse tables are some of the oldest ones around- and yet they are also one of the most popular out there. Why do you think that is? 

It’s probably because even their old designs are so much more aesthetic and good-looking than other tables of that time. Classic farmhouse tables have this charm that you just can’t find in more modern designs. The combination of simplicity and elegant features that this style offers is really, really hard to beat. 

All in all, classic farmhouse tables are some of the most beautiful ones by themselves, although the catch is that they can stand out too much by themselves or simply be a weird fit in most modern homes.

classic farmhouse coffee table
Photo by @mmcc_woodshop

Modern farmhouse coffee table

At long last, we’ve reached the modern era. Took long enough. 

Modern farmhouse coffee tables might be difficult to tell apart from other styles, although it’s really simple if we consider these two rules: if it has any sort of material that isn’t wood, it’s modern. And: if it’s got processed, shiny, or colored wood, it’s modern. 

Modern farmhouse tables are quite fun because they are a blend of a lot of different designs and styles in one. You can find a million different modern farmhouse tables that are barely farmhouse style. They’re so fun because it’s very hard to put them under one single category. 

Modern farmhouse tables are one of the most popular nowadays because they can easily fit in the style of most modern decoration while still bringing a farmhouse, old-timey, quaint element to the whole room. They can easily become the heart and soul of the room they inhabit. 

modern farmhouse coffee table
photo by @choicecustomhome

And with that, we reach the end of our farmhouse journey. It’s easy to fall in love with farmhouse coffee tables because they’ve got such innate charm- and we find ourselves ready to call them our favorite type of coffee table, even though we have sworn to remain neutral! 

Whatever the type of home, we think that a farmhouse coffee table is bound to be a great addition to your home. Simply follow your instincts- and with a bit of luck, you’ll find the right one for you! 

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