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Apple, but for coffee. That is, in short, what Fellow Coffee aims to be. They’ve got many very useful products, yet, instead of being satisfied putting out useful and high-quality products, their design is beautiful. All Fellow Coffee products have very stylish, minimalist designs that remind you a lot of apple products.

For coffee lovers, this is quite a breath of fresh air. While there are a lot of very good products out there, very rarely do we get to have them all in the same style- instead, we have a stainless steel coffee maker, a glass decanter, a plastic coffee canister, and so on. It’s like pieces of different puzzles put together: not very aesthetic. Fellow coffee gives us the chance to have all our coffee gear matches without sacrificing quality or flavor!

Let us go over some of the best Fellow Coffee products. Here are our Fellow Coffee reviews so you can see what all the hype is about!

Stagg Coffee Maker

The Stagg is a coffee dripper, meaning it works similarly to a pour-over, except there’s not an angle, so the coffee takes longer to extract, making a more concentrated brew. 

There are three sets for you to choose from – two different sizes with a glass/decanter and a set that includes only the dripper.

Fellow Coffee [XF] Stagg Dripper

The [XF] Stagg dripper is the biggest one- though that is still very small by most standards. It has a taller body than the [X]. In total, you can brew up to 600ml (20 ounces) of coffee in the [XF]’s carafe.

The double-walled carafe is made of borosilicate glass -the best you can ask for-and has two marks in its body – the first dot indicates one cup (300ml), and the two dots indicate two cups (600m). It also comes with a black silicone lid to keep coffee hot for longer!

This set also comes with 30 filters for the Stagg dripper.

fellow coffee xf
Photo from Amazon

Fellow Coffee [X] Stagg Dripper

The [X], slightly smaller than the previous model, works just as well, only for smaller quantities.

The carafe can’t really be called such because it’s half the size, so Fellow Coffee goes ahead and calls it a “tasting glass”. It’s the perfect size for brewing, and it also doubles as a glass that you can drink out from.

The glass is made of the same materials -borosilicate glass, double-walled- and makes up to 300ml of coffee in one go.

The reason why it can accurately be called a “tasting glass” is that it has a flared lip- and outward lip that is perfect for reaching the whole of your tongue when drinking. It’s really a very different experience that lets you take in the full flavor profile of your coffee and we can’t recommend it enough.

fellow coffee x
Photo by William Moreland on Unsplash

Stagg Dripper

These sets, the [XF] and the [X], comes with the Stagg dripper and filters. Both models are exactly the same except for size; they are made of stainless steel and double-walled to preserve temperature.

Both models are top-of-the-line coffee drippers and, dare we say, the best coffee drippers as of right now.


The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder- that’s the whole name. But for now, let’s call it the Ode grinder.

The Ode shakes things up right from the start with an unorthodox design: when you first lay eyes on it, you actually wonder whether it’s a grinder, a coffee maker, or both. The design resembles that of many drip coffee makers or even single-serve coffee machines in the most positive way possible, as this alone makes it more good-looking than 90% of all coffee grinders out there. And more ergonomic!

Besides its minimalist, cool all-black design, the Ode has incredible functionality. To start with, this may just very well be the easiest-to-use coffee gadget you’ll ever own. Why? Because the dial to adjust grind sizes is super big and super easy to operate. There are two clear levels between each number. Meaning that you get 11 sizes with 2 more sizes between every single number. 

That’s 31 different grind sizes for you to play with! This is a metal-cast dial that feels smooth to use and much fancier and higher in quality than other dials we’ve used before. 

Why is it called the “Ode Brew Grinder”, though? The word brew is the key here. You see, most grinders have big hoppers that are meant for leaving coffee beans there- completely understandable as we don’t want to be refilling the hopper every single time we’re brewing coffee. Or do we?

By reducing the size of the hopper, not only does the Ode achieves compactness never before seen in a grinder of this caliber, but it also forces you to use it to use only the exact amount of coffee beans you need for the brew. This is great.

We think because it means you’ll be drinking fresher coffee! Hoppers are far from ideal, and beans tend to lose flavor while sitting there waiting for you to grind them. This modus operandi is much better for aroma and flavor!

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fellow coffee grinder
Photo by Battlecreek Coffee Roasters on Unsplash


Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

The absolute peak of aesthetics and functionality: the Stagg EKG gooseneck. A favorite of professional baristas all around the world (already a common sight in tournaments and competitions) and one of the best options for brewing coffee at home.

The electric kettle has a stand that is operated via a dial on the right corner. And on the opposite side, we’ve got a sleek digital display that lets us set our desired temperature (135°F to 212°F). It’s incredibly easy to use and to read.

It has a capacity of 0.9 liters (900ml). And you can get the regular electric kettle or the one that is Bluetooth enabled. You can operate it via an app on your smartphone. Available for iPhone and Android!

This kettle comes in six different designs. With the copper exterior being possibly one of the most beautiful designs out there. Check them all out, and you’ll see that the Stagg EKG gooseneck kettle is on another level!

Stagg EKG Electric Kettle
Photo by Jacob Campbell on Unsplash

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